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Kenwood KMR-330 Instruction Manual

Marine cd receiver
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Kenwood Corporation
Take the time to read through this instruction manual.
Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain the best
performance from your new CD-receiver.
For your records
Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the
warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers
whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product.
Model KMR-330 Serial number
US Residence Only
864-4426-00/00 (KW)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product. Model KMR-330 Serial number US Residence Only ©...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    This document refers to AAC, MP3. and WMA data stored in CD-RlRW as "audio files". Refer to the section on "Audio Files" to control these data. See <About Audio file> (page 13) for details. The "AAC" logo is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories. KMR-330...
  • Page 3: Before Use

    To prevent injury or fire, take the following • When you purchase optional accessories, check with precautions: your Kenwood dealer to make sure that they work • To prevent a short circuit, never put or leave any with your model and in your area.
  • Page 4: Basic Operation

    ..ugit or facef:ilate with your fipgers,,/;, . . . , ' ~ \ ~ KMR-330 .
  • Page 6: General Operation

    Press a button other than the Control knob or Press the [SRC] button. button. Select the "STANDBY" display. Enter Speaker Setting mode Press the Control knob. Select the Speaker type Turn the Control knob. Exit Speaker Setting mode Press the Control knob. KMR-330...
  • Page 7: Display Switching

    Display Switching 1 Enter Switching Display mode [~II] button for at least 1 second. Press the Changes displayed information on each source "DISPLAY SEt.:' is displayed. following; Select the Display item Tuner source Push the Control knob towards right or left. ~flljl.~,pl"=II_I.1 Exit Switching Display mode Frequency...
  • Page 8: Music Disc/Audio File Operation

    "*" When file name is displayed, is added at the end. Cancelling the Multi Jog Select mode Press the [M.JOG] button. • List Select cannot be performed during Random play or scan play. KMR-330...
  • Page 9: Menu Operation

    Menu Operation Menu System Enter Menu mode Press the [MJOG] button for at least 1 second. Set up the following functions; "MENU" is displayed. Select the menu item Push the Control knob towards up or down. Set the menu item Sets the clock.
  • Page 10: Activating Security Code

    Reset button is pressed. minutes. Turn the power ON. Exit Clock adjustment mode Press the [M.JOG] button. Do the step 3 through 6 operation, and enter the Security Code. "APPROVED" is displayed. 10 I KMR-330...
  • Page 11: Auxiliary Input Display Setting

    Displ~y Auxiliary Input Setting Receive mode Setting Selects the display below when changing to Setting the receive mode as follows; Auxiliary input source; • "AUX" •"DVD" • "PORTABLE" "DIGITAl:' •"GAME" Digital •"VIDEO" Analog "ANALOG" • "TV" Select Receive mode item during Menu mode Select Auxiliary input display setting item Select the "RECEIVE MODE"...
  • Page 12 When the button is pressed again, the volume returns to the previous level. Tuner/Satellite radio: Selects the band. CD: Selects disc/folder. Tuner/Satellite radio: Selects station/channel. CD: Selects music. • Switches between pause and play each time this button is pressed. Adjusts the volume. I KMR-330...
  • Page 13 This indicator turns on when a cell-phone is An online manual about audio files is put on the connected to this unit. site, On this online T,.I: Displays the signal strength of cell-phone. manual, detailed information and notes which are not ~iJ: Displays the battery level of cell-phone.
  • Page 14 5 seconds relating to laser product safety. lapse. Kenwood Corporation 2967-3, ISHIKAWA-MACHI, HACHIOJI-SHI TOKYO, JAPAN KENWOOD CORP. CERTIFIES THIS EQUIPMENT CONFORMS TO DHHS REGULATIONS NO.21 CFR 1040. 10, CHAPTER 1, SUBCHAPTER Location: Bottom Panel I KMR-330...
  • Page 15 5. Connect the wiring harness connector to the unit. Refer to the catalog or consult your Kenwood dealer 6. Install the unit in your vessel. for connectable models of disc changers/ CD players.
  • Page 16 To rear right speaker 1 1 I ' - - - - - - ' - - - - Fuse box Ignition wire (Red) ---<1-0 II'-------"~--~---.;,------- 1,--_~B:.:a:.:tt,;.;e;..rl..,;",;w.;;,ir..;;.e..:..(Y;.;e;..ll..;;.o,;.;w.:..) ..Fuse box (Main fuse) Ground wire (Black) (To car chassis) Battery I KMR-330...
  • Page 17 Installation Sleeve install ti on Removing the hard rubber frame Engage the catch pins on the removal tool and remove the two locks on the upper level. Upper the frame and pull it forward as shown in the figure. Bend the tabs of the mounting sleeve with a screwdriver or similar utensil and attach it in place.
  • Page 18 Record the media again or use another media. 1& -------------------------------- Noise is heard when carrying out Folder Search. Noise may be produced if folders without audio files exist continuously in the playing media..Do not make folders without audio files. I KMR-330...
  • Page 19 Specifications FM tuner section Audio section Maximum output power Frequency range : 87.9 MHz - 107.9 MHz : 50 W Full Bandwidth Power (at less than 1 THD) Usable sensitivity (SIN 30 dB) ~V175 :22Wx4 : 9.3 dBf (0.8 Speaker Impedance Quieting sensitivity (SIN 50 dB) ~V/75...
  • Page 20 KENWOOD...
  • Page 21 Warranty Card Identification du produit Model number & serial number Revendeur & cachet & Dealer stamp Date d'achtat Purchase date Nom & adresse du client Name & address of customer Attention: This card and receipt (or invoice) are necessary to purchase a new panel in case of theft or damage.
  • Page 22 Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this kenwood product. As mentioned in the pages of this booklet, our warranty is only valid in the countries listed. If your country is not listed please contact your retailer for information on warranty procedure, or write to:...
  • Page 23 Kenwood sont This Kenwood product is warranted for parts and labour for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase, employes dans un but professionnel ou commercial.
  • Page 24 During the express warranty period, KENWOOD ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. will provide to any Any product which is not distributed in the U.S.A. by Kenwood orwhich is not purchased in the U.S.A. from an authorized KENWOOD Authorised Service Centre in Australia free of charge both parts and labour necessary to correct any defect in Kenwood car stereo dealer or an automobile dealer, unless the product is purchased through the U.S.A Military Exchange...