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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZDCB47209W

  • Page 1 User manual Tumble Dryer ZDCB47209W...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents
  • Page 3 Chil- air to circulate freely under the appliance. dren should be supervised to ensure that • Make sure not to cause damage to the they do not play with the appliance. mains plug and to the mains cable
  • Page 4: Environment

    • Air must be able to circulate freely all round • The feet must never be removed. Do not re- the appliance. Do not obstruct the front ven- strict the floor clearance through deeppile
  • Page 5 «E» or by the earth symbol or coloured green and yellow. 3. Remove foil hose and polystyrene padding The wire coloured blue must be connected to from the machine. the terminal «N» or coloured black.
  • Page 6 (e.g. laun- reversed by an authorised service dry). engineer. Read carefully the instructions supplied with Please contact your local Service Force Cen- the kit. tre. The engineer will carry out the door rever- sal at your cost.
  • Page 7: Product Description

    Product description Description of the appliance Worktop Control panel Water reservoir Fluff filters Rating Plate Loading door Heat exchanger Ventilation grille Heat exchanger door Adjustable feet Control panel Programme knob and OFF switch Function status led
  • Page 8: Before First Use

    For thin fabrics which are also to be ironed, e.g. 7 kg ZER , DELAY knitwear, cotton shirts. START DELICATE , ANTI- SYNTHETICS EX- CREASE , BUZ- Thorough drying of thick or multi-layered fab- 3 kg TRA DRY ZER , DELAY rics, e.g. pullovers, bedding, table linen. START
  • Page 9: Sorting And Preparing Laundry

    Sorting and preparing laundry Sorting laundry – Mixtures and synthetics for programmes in SYNTHETICS programme group. • Sort by fabric type: • Sort by care label: The care labels mean: – Cotton/linen for programmes in COT- TONS programme group.
  • Page 10: Daily Use

    • Turn items with double-layered fabrics inside out (e.g. with cotton-lined anoraks, the cot- Daily use Switching machine on Turn the programme selector to any pro- gramme. The machine switches on. When the loading door is open, the internal lamp illumi- nates the drum.
  • Page 11 Indicator lights BUZZER These lights indicate the following functions: • Drying light: This light indicates that the appliance is in the drying phase. • End/Anti-crease light: This light is on at the end of the cooling phase, during the
  • Page 12: Cleaning And Maintenance

    To ensure that the dryer works perfectly, the fluff filters (fine filters and fluff filters) must be cleaned after each drying cycle. Caution! Never operate the dryer without fluff filters or with damaged or blocked fluff filters. 1) Only dryers with buzzer button
  • Page 13 Caution! Do not use furniture cleaners or a result of the water reservoir being full: aggressive cleaning agents to clean the Press the START/PAUSE button to continue machine. the drying cycle. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the control panel and housing.
  • Page 14: What To Do If

    2) follow program recommendation - see Programme overview chapter 3) see Care and cleaningchapter 4) see Machine settings chapter 5) only dryers with the LCD 6) Note: After around 5 hours the drying cycle ends automatically (see Drying cycle complete section).
  • Page 15: Machine Settings

    2350 W Drum volume 108 l Weight of the appliance 40 kg Laundry: max. weight 7 kg Type of use Household Ambient temperature Min. 5 °C Max. 35 °C kWh/cycle 4,71 kWh Energy consumption 557 kWh Annual energy consumption
  • Page 16 2) Energy consumption per year in kWh, based on 160 drying cycles of the standard cotton programme at full and partial load, and the consumption of the low-power modes. Actual energy consumption per cycle will depend on how the appliance is used (REGULATION (EU) No 392/2012).
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