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Black plate (1,1)
Owner's Manual
Mode d'emploi

Manual de instrucciones

Important (Serial number)
The serial number is located on the bottom of this unit. For your own security and
convenience, be sure to record this number on the enclosed warranty card.
Important (Numéro de série)
Le numéro de série se trouve au bas de cet appareil. Pour votre sécurité et votre
commodité, veillez à noter ce numéro sur la carte de garantie fournie.
Importante (Número de serie)
El número de serie se encuentra en la parte inferior de esta unidad. Por su
propia seguridad y comodidad, asegúrese de anotar este número en la tarjeta de
garantía que se adjunta.


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   Summary of Contents for Pioneer MVH-X360BT

  • Page 1: Manual De Instrucciones

    DIGITAL MEDIA RECEIVER RECEPTEUR NUMERIQUE MULTIMEDIA RECEPTOR DE MEDIOS DIGITALES MVH-X360BT Owner’s Manual Mode d’emploi Manual de instrucciones Important (Serial number) The serial number is located on the bottom of this unit. For your own security and convenience, be sure to record this number on the enclosed warranty card.
  • Page 2: Before You Start

    Section Before you start Before you start Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER Information to User The Safety of Your Ears is in WARNING product Your Hands ! Do not attempt to install or service this To ensure proper use, please read through this Alteration or modifications carried out with- product by yourself.
  • Page 3: If You Experience Problems

    Press and hold to turn dimmer on or off. 905-479-4411 CAUTION Press to pause or resume playback. Use an optional Pioneer USB cable (CD-U50E) For warranty information please see the Limited to connect the USB storage device as any device Warranty sheet included with this unit.
  • Page 4: Display Indication

    Section Using this unit Using this unit ! Keep the front panel out of direct sunlight Display indication Turn M.C. to switch to YES. Selecting a source # If you do not use the unit for 30 seconds, the set and high temperatures.
  • Page 5 Section Using this unit Using this unit ! Batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) Frequently used menu Note Turn M.C. to select the function. must not be exposed to excessive heat such Once selected, the following functions can be For details about SEEK, refer to SEEK (left/right operations as sunshine, fire or the like.
  • Page 6 Section Using this unit Using this unit ! This function is not compatible with WAV. Operations using the MIXTRAX Viewing a list of the files (or folders) in the se- S.RTRV (sound retriever) button lected folder Basic operations Automatically enhances compressed audio and 1 When a folder is selected, press M.C.
  • Page 7: Streaming Pandora

    ! The following operations are still accessible Requirements to access Pandora using the from the unit even if the control mode is set Pioneer car audio/video products: ! Please update the firmware of the Pandora appli- Press and hold to switch to link play to CTRL iPod.
  • Page 8 8 or Starting procedure for smart- created Pandora internet radio is a music service not af- phone users on page 8. filiated with Pioneer. More information is avail- Turn M.C. to select the function. Changing Shuffle or stations Skipping tracks able at
  • Page 9 ALL THIRD PARTY APPS ARE THE SOLE RE- for this unit. Pausing playback 3 Press M.C. ! Pioneer is not liable for any issues that may SPONSIBILITY OF THE PROVIDERS, INCLUD- 1 Press BAND/ to pause or resume. A new station is created.
  • Page 10: Using Bluetooth Wireless Technology

    Section Using this unit Using this unit Using Bluetooth wireless Using voice recognition Switching between callers on hold DEVICELIST (connecting or disconnecting a de- This feature can be used on an iPhone equipped technology 1 Press M.C. vice from the device list) with voice recognition that is connected by Canceling call waiting Using the Bluetooth telephone...
  • Page 11 11. 4 After inputting PIN code, press and hold M.C. 3 Press M.C. to make a call. vice name (Pioneer BT Unit) and enter the ! After inputting, pressing M.C. returns you PIN code on your device.
  • Page 12: Audio Adjustments

    Section Using this unit Using this unit Bluetooth Audio Operations using special buttons Audio adjustments 1 Connection Important Press M.C. to display the main menu. Use the Bluetooth telephone connection Selecting a repeat play range ! Depending on the Bluetooth audio player menu.
  • Page 13 Section Using this unit Using this unit Only frequencies lower than those in the selected SLA (source level adjustment) Activate this setting when using an auxiliary de- 1 Press M.C. to display the setting mode. range are outputted from the subwoofer. vice connected to this unit.
  • Page 14: Using An Aux Source

    Section Using this unit Using this unit Turn M.C. to select the system menu APP CONN. SET (APP connect mode setting) MIX PATTERN (mix pattern) SP-P/O MODE (rear output and preout setting) function. For details, refer to System menu on page 13. Select an appropriate option for your connected The MIXTRAX special effects display changes with The rear speaker leads output and the RCA output...
  • Page 15 Section Installation Installation ! Use this unit with a 12-volt battery and nega- Connections This unit Perform these connections when using a sub- tive grounding only. Failure to do so may re- woofer without the optional amplifier. sult in a fire or malfunction. WARNING ! To prevent a short-circuit, overheating or mal- ! Use speakers over 50 W (output value) and...
  • Page 16 Section Installation Installation j When using a subwoofer of 70 W (2 W), be ! Consult your dealer if installation requires DIN Front-mount Tighten two screws on each side. sure to connect the subwoofer to the violet drilling of holes or other modifications to the Insert the mounting sleeve into the dash- and violet/black leads of this unit.
  • Page 17: Installing The Microphone

    Section Installation Installation Pull the unit out of the dashboard. When installing the microphone on the sun visor Fit the microphone lead into the groove. Removing and re-attaching the 1 Microphone front panel 2 Microphone clip You can remove the front panel to protect your 3 Microphone base unit from theft.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    The repeat play range changes unexpectedly. When you contact your dealer or your nearest –Change to a different source. Pioneer Service Center, be sure to note the error Depending on the repeat play range, the selected Then, return to the USB source.
  • Page 19 Delete an old station to open a spot for a new Follow the instructions that appear on the performing the above action, please contact your one. screen. dealer or an authorized Pioneer Service Station. CHECK DEVICE CAN.T DELETE START UP APP Device error message displayed in Pandora applica- tion.
  • Page 20: Sequence Of Audio Files

    Incompatible text saved on the iPod will not be dis- CAUTION played by the unit. ! You cannot use this function with USB MTP. Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data lost iPod compatibility on the iPod, even if that data is lost while this Supplemental information unit is used.
  • Page 21: Specifications

    Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Phase ......Normal/Reverse not responsible for the operation of this device and any use of such marks by PIONEER or its compliance with safety and regulatory CORPORATION is under license. Other trade- standards. Please note that the use of this ac-...
  • Page 22 Appendix Additional information Maximum current supply ........1 A USB Class ....... MSC (Mass Storage Class) File system ....... FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 MP3 decoding format ..MPEG-1 & 2 Audio Layer 3 WMA decoding format ..Ver. 7, 7.1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (2 ch audio) (Windows Media Player) WAV signal format ...
  • Page 23 Blvd.Manuel Avila Camacho 138 10 piso Col.Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico, D.F. 11000 TEL: 55-9178-4270 先鋒股份有限公司 台北市內湖區瑞光路407號8樓 電話: 886-(0)2-2657-3588 先鋒電子(香港)有限公司 香港九龍長沙灣道909號5樓 電話: 852-2848-6488 ã 2013 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved. ã 2013 PIONEER CORPORATION. Tous droits de reproduction et de traduction réservés. <KOKZ13G> <QRD3221-B> UC...
  • Page 24 GARANTIE Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. (PUSA) et Pioneer'Eiectronique du Canada, Inc. (POC) garantissent que les produits distribues par PUSA aux Etats-Unis et par POC au Canada qui, a pres avoir ete installes et utilises conformement au manuel de l'utilisateur inclus avec !'unite, ne fonctionnent pas de fac;:on appropriee dans des conditions d'utilisation normales en raison d'un vice de fabrication, seront repares ourem places par une unite de valeur comparable, au choix de PUSAou de POC, sans que vous deviez payer pour les pieces ou les travaux de reparation.
  • Page 25 Within 40 days of receiving your complaint, Pioneer will investigate the dispute and will either: (1) respond to your complaint in writing informing you what action Pioneer will take, and in what time period, to resolve the dispute; or (2) respond to your complaint in writing informing you why it will not take any action.

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