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HP Action Cam ac100 Specifications


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Action Cam ac100
The HP ac100 Action Cam is the perfect camera for capturing
your action moments on a budget. Mount the waterproof case
in a variety of configurations to get the video or pic that show
your spirit of adventure. Use the quick release case latch to
remove the ac100 from the waterproof case to point, shoot and
capture your memories. After your adventure the ac 100
becomes a car cam that records the drive home. The 120°wide
angle lens with full 1080p HD video takes exceptional videos
and pictures in any environment. The HP ac100's bright 2.4"
touch screen display allows for quick, easy camera setup and
content review.
120° Ultra-Wide Angel Lens captures adventures
including the car ride home
The HP Action Cam ac100 comes with a high quality,
ultra-wide 120° lens that delivers clear, crisp videos and
pictures from edge-to-edge. The ac100 is the perfect a
great camera to capture the entire family, all the
mountains or that grand city scape. After taking full
1080p HD videos review them on the 2.4" touch display
and enjoy the fun filled memories you've captured. The
HP Action Cam can also be mounted in your car for the
drive home. Record what goes on outside the car. Catch
the wild life or that once in a lifetime moment with the HP
Action Cam ac100.
Full HD 1080P & 5MP Sensor
You only need one camera for high quality pictures and
video with crisp audio. Video recorded on the HP Action
Remote Control
The infrared remote control and the ultra-wide 120° lens
pair up to capture the family at the family reunion, you in
the mountain vista. Or use the remote to impress your
boss with your quality presentations, recorded in 1080p
for viewing at their convenience.
Cam is in full 1080p. The HP
ac100's built in microphone
captures real time sound with
your video.
Easy to mount, extremely durable, flexible camera
with a clam shell waterproof enclosure
The included waterproof clam shell case is ready to go
out of the box. Use the mounts for the dive mask, bike
handlebars, or the flexible gooseneck for endless position
configurations. The waterproof case has integrated
buttons providing access to all the video features. This
camera is small and light weight, perfect to keep with
your adventure gear ensuring you never miss a video
Bright 2.4" LCD Touch Display
With the bright 2.4" touch display and the easily
accessible buttons configure the ac100 to get your best
video or pictures. In auto mode the HP ac100 calibrates
the settings for you. Either way it's a quick easy setup and
an amusing content review time.



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  • Page 1 HP Action Cam can also be mounted in your car for the opportunity. drive home. Record what goes on outside the car. Catch the wild life or that once in a lifetime moment with the HP Bright 2.4” LCD Touch Display Action Cam ac100.
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