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Peavey AAM 2443 User Manual

Reference quality recording and sound reinforcement console
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  Summary of Contents for Peavey AAM 2443

  • Page 1 2443/3243 ™ User Manual ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS ®...
  • Page 2 ATTENTION: Afin de réduire le risque de choc électrique, ne pas enlever le couvercle. Il ne se trouve à l’intérieur aucune pièce pouvant être reparée par l’utilisateur. Confiez I’entretien et la réparation de l’appareil à un réparateur Peavey agréé. AVERTISSEMENT: Afin de prévenir les risques de décharge électrique ou de feu, n’exposez pas cet appareil à la pluie ou à...
  • Page 3 SUB mix, or can be patched to any channel INSERT. Compact package design and rugged construction make the AAM ideal for a variety of installations. Covering both the AAM 2443 and the AAM 3243, this guide describes the features and controls found on your new mixer including: •...
  • Page 4 Inspect the console carefully during unpacking. If you find any damage, notify your dealer immediately. Be sure to save the carton and all packing materials. Should you ever need to ship the unit back to Peavey Electronics, one of its service centers, or the dealer; use only the original factory packing.
  • Page 5: Channel Strip Controls

    STANDARD CHANNELS [CHANNELS 1 — 20 (AAM 2443) AND 1 — 28 (AAM 3243)] ™ REAR PANEL CONNECTIONS INSERT This jack is a 1/4" Tip/Ring/Sleeve (TRS) connection that allows a pre-EQ, pre-fader TIP=SEND RING=RETURN SLEEVE=GROUND) signal to be taken from and returned to the channel.
  • Page 6 2.5K NOTE: AUX SENDS 1-4 are factory set to deliver signal pre-EQ, but can be modified (internally) to deliver signal post-EQ. Contact (dB) Peavey Electronics’ Service Dept. for information. AUX SENDS 5-6 are always post-EQ. (11) AUX 5 – 6 These controls adjust the level of the channel’s post-fader signal...
  • Page 7: Stereo Channels

    GAIN control (4), and is the optimum setting for this control. If the level is too quiet or too loud at unity gain on the FADER, the channel GAIN (4) may need to be adjusted. SUPER CHANNELS [CHANNELS 21–22 (AAM 2443) AND 29–30 (AAM 3243)] 0 dB 0 dB...
  • Page 8: Master Section

    (20) STEREO RCA LINE INPUTS These RCA (phono) inputs are unbalanced line-level inputs for stereo (L/R) signals. They are connected in parallel with the STEREO 1/4" LINE INPUTS (19). MASTER SECTION...
  • Page 9 MASTER SECTION FEATURES AND CONTROLS AUX SENDS (21) LEVEL This control sets the output level of the various AUX mixes and is adjustable from no output (– ∞) to +10 dB. (22) MUTE SWITCH/MUTE-CLIP LED This switch mutes the output signal from the respective AUX SEND. Illumination of the corresponding red LED signifies this status.
  • Page 10 NOTE: While linked, the gain reduction meter in the second group may show gain reduction, although it is not a true representation of the compressor activity. (27) GAIN REDUCTION LEDs These LEDs graphically show the amount of gain being reduced through compression (-1 to - 12 dB).
  • Page 11 These switches apply power (+48 V DC) to the MIC inputs (6) on CHANNELS 1–16 and 17–24 respectively (1–24 on the AAM 2443 and 25–32 on the AAM 3243). This feature provides power to microphones that need an external power source. These switches are recessed into the console and require a small “tool”...
  • Page 12: Rear Panel Connections

    (46) MONO MASTER FADER This control determines the level of the output signal sent to the MONO output. An adjacent switch allows a post-fader signal to be sent to the HEADPHONE OUTPUT (42) and the AFL/PFL LEVEL DISPLAY (45). A yellow LED above the switch indicates AFL (post-fader) engagement.
  • Page 13 (52) RETURN INPUTS These 1/4" balanced (TRS) high-impedance inputs can be used as stereo or individual returns. Designed for effects return, they can also be used as additional stereo inputs. The MONO/LEFT input provides signal to both inputs if no connector is attached to the RIGHT jack.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    2443 and 3243 Sound Reinforcement Mixer ™ Specifications: Input Specifications: Function Input Z Input Input Levels Bal./ Connector (Ohms) Gain Min.** Nominal Max. Unbal. Min. Setting Microphone Max. Gain -74 dBu -54 dBu -38 dBu Bal. XLR Pin: (150 Ohms) (58 dB) Pin 1 (Ground) Pin 2 (+)
  • Page 16: Frequency Response

    Output Specifications: Function Minimum Output Levels Bal./ Connector Load Z Nominal Max. Unbal. (Ohms) Main L/R +4 dBu +22 dBu Unbal. 1/4" Phono (Unbal); Bal. XLR: Pin 1 Ground Pin 2 (+) Pin 3 (-) (Bal.) Mono +4 dBu +22 dBu Unbal.
  • Page 17 Hum and Noise: Output Residual Noise S/N Ratio Test Conditions Ref: 0 dBu Master L/R -105 dBu 109 dB All Faders Down Mono -90 dBu 94 dB Master Fader Nominal, Channel Faders Down, All Channels Assigned Submaster -98 dBu 102 dB All Faders Down -88 dBu 92 dB...
  • Page 18: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: When using electric products, basic cautions should always be followed, including the following: Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. For example, near or in a bathtub, swimming pool, sink, wet basement, etc. Clean only with a damp cloth.
  • Page 19 What Peavey Will Do We will repair or replace (at Peavey's discretion) products covered by warranty at no charge for labor or materials. If the product or component must be shipped to Peavey for warranty service, the consumer must pay initial shipping charges. If the repairs are covered by warranty, Peavey will pay the return shipping charges.
  • Page 20 ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS ® Features and specifications subject to change without notice. Peavey Electronics Corporation • 711 A Street • Meridian • MS • 39301 (601) 483-5376 • FAX (601) 486-1678 • ©2001 Printed in the U.S.A. 7/01 80304868...

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