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Troubleshooting - Hitachi MMP-401 User Manual

Multi player with gps
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If you experience any of the following difficulties while using the player, use this troubleshooting guide to
help you remedy the problem. Should any problem persist, consult your nearest service center.
The player does not start.
The player does not have
The touch screen is too dark.
The player does not receive
GPS signals.
The player has lost GPS
MMP-401 IM.indd 13
Possible Cause
The battery may be exhausted.
The AC power plug or the car
power adaptor may be loose or
not plugged in.
The volume is set to minimum.
The touch screen is not bright
The GPS antenna is unable to
receive signal.
The player is experiencing poor
GPS coverage.
Recharge the battery.
Ensure the AC power plug is
secured into the wall outlet
or the car power adaptor is
secured into the car cigarette
lighter socket.
Increase the volume level.
Increase the brightness level.
Check the position of the
player in the vehicle. The GPS
antenna requires a clear view of
sky to receive information from
the GPS satellites.
Ensure the GPS antenna is
in the horizontal position. If
the player is used in a vehicle
with heated or heat-reflecting
windscreen, connect it with an
external antenna in order to
receive the GPS signals.
The GPS signal is interrupted
due to tunnels, tall buildings,
snowing, etc. When the
obstruction is cleared, the
player should re-acquire
satellite signals in a few
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