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Instruction Manual
VIDEO Plus + and PlusCode are registered
trademark of Gemstar Development Corporation.
The VIDEO Plus + system is manufactured
under licence from Gemstar Development Corporation.
registered trademark of TeleVentions, LLC.
Iggulden invention licensed in association
with TeleVentions, LLC."
is a
is a Jerry
DV-DS161E (UK)
Model No.
Dear customer
T h a n k y o u f o r p u r c h a s i n g t h i s p r o d u c t . F o r
optimum performance and safety, please read
these instructions carefully.
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this
product, please read these instructions completely.
Please keep this manual for future reference.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 COMMERCIAL ADVANCE is a Jerry Iggulden invention licensed in association with TeleVentions, LLC.” DV-DS161E (UK) Model No. DV-DS81E (UK) Dear customer T h a n k y o u f o r p u r c h a s i n g t h i s p r o d u c t . F o r optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully.
  • Page 3 Important for United Kingdom The mains lead on this equipment is supplied with a moulded plug incorporating a fuse, the value of which is indicated on the pin face of the plug. Should the fuse need to be replaced, an ASTA or BSI approved BS1362 fuse must be used of the same rating.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Remote Control Operation ....9 Card useable on this unit (DV-DS161E only) ..10 Disc-related terms ..... .11 Front Panel .
  • Page 5 Recording ......44-52 About DVD recording ....44 About HDD recording .
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction To ensure proper use of this product, please read this owner’s manual carefully and retain for future refer- ence. This manual provides information on the operation and maintenance of your recorder. Should the unit require service, contact an authorized service location. Symbol Used in this Manual The lightning flash symbol alerts you to the presence of dangerous voltage within the prod-...
  • Page 7: Accessories

    Accessories Check for the supplied accessories below. • Video and Audio Cables • RF Cable for TV • Batteries for Remote Control (AAA Size) Dispose of batteries according to local environmental regulations. Do not put them in the household rubbish. Recordable and Playable Discs DVD-RW •...
  • Page 8: Playable Discs

    The recordable DVD discs (Example) DVD-R DVD+R Maxell (4x, 8x) Maxell (4x, 8x) SONY (8x, 16x) SONY (2.4x, 4x, 8x, 16x) TDK (4x, 8x) TDK (4x) Verbatim (4x, 8x) Mitsubishi (4x, 8x) Panasonic (2x, 4x) Ricoh (2x, 4x, 8x) Note: If a DVD-RW/DVD+RW disc is recorded using a personal computer or other DVD recorder, you cannot format the disc using this recorder.
  • Page 9: About The Internal Hard Disk Drive

    If the recorder fails to record or play back because of a fault, Hitachi will not accept any responsibil- ity for compensation for HDD contents (recorded program data, etc.) or loss of them, or any direct or indirect damage.
  • Page 10: Card Useable On This Unit (Dv-Ds161E Only)

    Card useable on this unit (DV-DS161E only) • Compact Flash Card (CF) • Micro Drive (MD) • Secure Digital Card (SD) • Multi Media Card (MMC) • SmartMedia Card (SMC) • xD-Picture Card (xD) • Compatible with: FAT 12, FAT 16, or FAT 32 •...
  • Page 11: Disc-Related Terms

    Disc-related terms DVD-RAM DVD-RAM disc can be formatted in DVD-Video Recording format (VR mode). This type of disc is able to be rewritten and edited. DVD +R (Double Layer) Double layer recording technology offers two record- able layers on a single DVD disc, providing nearly dou- ble the capacity of 4.7GB single layer DVDs.
  • Page 12: Front Panel

    Connect the DV output of a digital camcorder. o PROG. (V/v) Scans up or down through memorized channels. p MEMORY CARD Slot 1 (DV-DS161E only) Insert a memory card (CF/MD). q MEMORY CARD Slot 2 (DV-DS161E only) (page 10, 37, 40) Insert a memory card (SD/MMC/SMC/xD).
  • Page 13: Remote Control

    Remote Control 0-9 numerical buttons: (page 31, 58) Selects numbered options in a menu. b / B / v / V (left/right/up/down): Selects an option in the menu. v / V (up/down): Scans up or down through memorized chan- nels. A-B: (page 32) Repeat sequence.
  • Page 14: Hookup And Settings

    Hookup and Settings Rear Panel a AERIAL Connect the aerial to this terminal. b AUDIO OUT (Left/Right) Connect to a TV with audio inputs. c VIDEO OUT Connect to a TV with video inputs. d COMPONENT VIDEO OUT/PROGRESSIVE SCAN (Y Pb Pr) Connect to a TV with Y Pb Pr inputs.
  • Page 15: Connections To Your Tv

    Connections to Your TV • Make one of the following connections, depending on the capabilities of your existing equipment. • When using the COMPONENT VIDEO OUT/ PRO- GRESSIVE SCAN jacks, set the VIDEO OUTPUT switch to COMPONENT. When using the SCART jack, set the VIDEO OUTPUT switch to RGB.
  • Page 16: Connecting To An Amplifier

    Connecting to an Amplifier Connecting to an amplifier equipped with two channel analog stereo or Dolby Pro Logic ll/ Pro Logic Connect the Left and Right AUDIO OUT jacks on the recorder to the audio left and right in jacks on your amplifier, receiver, or stereo system, using the audio cables (A).
  • Page 17: Accessory Audio/Video Connections

    Accessory Audio/Video Connections Connecting a PAY-TV/Canal Plus Decoder You can watch or record PAY-TV/Canal Plus pro- grammes if you connect a decoder (not supplied) to the recorder. Disconnect the recorder’s mains lead from the mains when connecting the decoder. To watch or record PAY-TV/Canal Plus programmes, set the program’s [Decoder On/Off] option to [On] on the Setup menu.
  • Page 18: Connecting A Digital Camcorder

    Connecting to the INPUT 3 or INPUT 4 Jacks Connect the input jacks (AV3, AV4) on the recorder to the audio/video out jacks on your accessory compo- nent, using audio/video cables. Note: If you use the S-VIDEO IN jack on the front panel, the VIDEO IN jack on the front panel is not available.
  • Page 19: Using The Home Menu

    Using the Home Menu From the Home Menu screen you can access all the Media (HDD, DISC, MEMORY CARD) for playback and recording of the recorder. 1. Press HOME to display the Home Menu screen. 2. Use the v / V and ENTER buttons to select a media you want.
  • Page 20: Program Edit

    Program Edit You can edit a channel manually (add, delete, name, move, etc.). 1. Select [Program Edit] option then press B. 2. Press ENTER while [Edit] is selected. The Program List menu appears. 3. Use v / V to select a PR number then press ENTER.
  • Page 21: Auto Clock Set

    Auto Clock Set When Channel auto search is completed the actual Time and Date are also set automatically. If the time in the recorder display is not correct, the clock must be set manually. 1. Select [Clock set] option then press B. 2.
  • Page 22: Progressive Scan

    (Rating, Password, and Area Code) • [HDD format] Initializes the HDD (Hard Disk Drive): everything recorded on the HDD will be erased. • [M/C format] (DV-DS161E only) Initializes the M/C (Memory Card): everything recorded on the Memory Card will be erased.
  • Page 23: Disc Menu/Audio/Subtitle

    Disc Menu/Audio/Subtitle • [Original]Refers to the original language in which the disc was recorded. • [Other] To select another language, press number buttons then ENTER to enter the corresponding 4-digit number according to the language code list in the reference chapter (see page 66). If you enter the wrong language code, press CLEAR.
  • Page 24: Lock (Parental Control) Settings

    Lock (Parental Control) Settings Rating Some movies contain scenes that may not be suitable for children to view. Many of these discs contain parental control information that applies to the com- plete disc or to certain scenes on the disc. Movies and scenes are rated from 1 to 8, depending on the area.
  • Page 25: Divx Registration Code

    DivX ® Registration Code DivX We provide you the DivX ® VOD (Video On Demand) registration code that allows you to rent and purchase videos using the DivX ® VOD service. For more infor- mation, visit 1. Select [DivX Reg. Code] option then press B. 2.
  • Page 26: Dv Recording Audio

    DV Recording Audio You need to set this if you have a camcorder using 32kHz/12-bit sound connected to the front panel DV IN jack. Some digital camcorders have two stereo tracks for audio. One is recorded at the time of shooting; the other is for overdubbing after shooting.
  • Page 27: Finalize

    Finalize Finalizing ‘fixes’ the recordings in place so that the disc can be played on a regular DVD player or com- puter equipped with a suitable DVD-ROM drive. Finalizing a Video mode disc creates a menu screen for navigating the disc. This is accessed by pressing DISC MENU/LIST or TITLE MENU.
  • Page 28: Playback

    Playback General Explanation of On-Screen Display This manual gives basic instructions for operating the recorder. Some DVDs require specific operation or allow only limited operation during playback. When this occurs, the symbol appears on the TV screen, indi- cating that the operation is not permitted by the recorder or is not available on the disc.
  • Page 29 “COMMERCIAL ADVANCE is a registered trademark ® of TeleVentions, LLC. COMMERCIAL ADVANCE Jerry Iggulden invention licensed in association with TeleVentions, LLC.” About COMMERCIAL ADVANCE COMMERCIAL ADVANCE ® is a feature in video recorders that automatically skips or scans most com- mercial messages during replay of a recorded televi- sion broadcast.
  • Page 30: Commercial Advance

    Setting CA PLAYBACK This setting tells the recorder whether or not to auto- matically start skipping or scanning when a commer- cial group start point is reached during playback. Perform the following setting while the recorder is in the stop mode: 1.
  • Page 31: Hdd, Dvd, Divx

    HDD, DVD, DivX ® file or Video CD Playback Setup • Turn the TV on and select the video input source connected to the recorder. • Audio system: Turn the audio system on and select the input source connected to the recorder. 1.
  • Page 32: Slow Motion

    Slow Motion 1. Press X (PAUSE/STEP) during playback. The DVD player will now go into PAUSE mode. 2. Use the m / M (SCAN) to select the required speed. DVD, HDD; 4 steps (forward and backward) Video CD; 3 steps (forward only) 3.
  • Page 33: Marker Search

    Marker Search Video To enter a Marker You can start playback from up to six memorized points. To enter a marker, press MARKER at the desired point on the disc. The Marker icon appears on the TV screen briefly. Repeat to enter up to six mark- ers.
  • Page 34: Changing The Audio Channel

    Changing the Audio Channel DivX Press AUDIO then press b / B repeatedly during play- back to hear a different audio channel (STEREO, LEFT or RIGHT). With DVD-RW discs recorded in VR mode and HDD that have both main and Bilingual audio channels, you can switch among Main (L), Sub (R), or Main+sub (L+R) by pressing AUDIO.
  • Page 35: Playing A Divx Movie File

    Playing a DivX ® Movie File The recorder can play Divx ® files on HDD, CD-R/RW, DVD-RAM or DVD±R/RW discs. Before playing DivX files, read “About DivX ® movie files” on page 36. Note: This recorder cannot play back the DivX Memory Card.
  • Page 36: About Divx Movie Files

    About DivX ® movie files DivX ® disc compatibility with this recorder is limit- ed as follows: • Available resolution size of the DivX 720x576 (W x H) pixel. • This recorder cannot play back the DivX the Memory Card. •...
  • Page 37: Playing An Audio Cd Or Mp3/Wma File

    Playing an Audio CD or MP3/WMA file The recorder can play audio CDs and MP3/WMA files on HDD, Memory Card, CD-ROM, DVD±R/RW or CD-R/RW discs. Before playing MP3/WMA files, read “About MP3/WMA audio files” on page 38. 1. Press HOME. The HOME menu appears.
  • Page 38: Repeat

    Repeat Audio CDs - Repeat Track/All/Off Press REPEAT to select a desired repeat mode. • TRACK: repeats the current track. • ALL: repeats all the tracks on the disc. • OFF (No display): does not play repeatedly. MP3/WMA - Repeat Track/Folder/Off Press REPEAT to select a desired repeat mode.
  • Page 39: Program Playback With Audio Cd/Mp3/Wma

    Program Playback with Audio CD/MP3/WMA Program Playback enables you to make custom playlists of Audio CD or MP3/WMA tracks. Programs can contain up to 99 Audio CD tracks or 256 MP3/WMA files. 1. Use v / V to select a track/file (or folder) on the Audio CD or Music menu.
  • Page 40: Viewing A Jpeg File

    Viewing a JPEG File The recorder can play JPEG files on the CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, HDD, or Memory Card (DV-DS161E only). Before playing JPEG recordings, read “About JPEG image files” on page 41. 1. Press HOME. The HOME menu appears.
  • Page 41: View Slide Shows

    View Slide Shows 1. Select [Slide Show] option on the Photo menu (Refer to “Photo menu options” on page 40). 2. Press ENTER. The Slide Show menu appears. 3. Use b / B / v / V to set the options. [Object] option: •...
  • Page 42: Editing A Mp3/Wma, Jpeg, Divx File

    The menu options appear on the menu. 3. Select [Delete] option then press ENTER. The selected file(s) is deleted from HDD or Memory Card (DV-DS161E only). Naming a file You can name MP3/WMA files on the HDD or Memory Card independently. Names can be up to 32 charac- ters long.
  • Page 43: Copying A File(S) To Another Media Or Folder

    Copying a file(s) to another media or folder You can copy a file(s)/folder(s) to another media or folder. 1. Select a file you wish to copy on the menu. You can select all files and folders on the menu by pressing CLEAR button.
  • Page 44: Recording

    Recording About DVD recording Notes: • This recorder cannot make recordings on CD-R or CD-RW discs. • Our company takes no responsibility for recording failure due to power outages, defective discs, or damage to the Recorder. • Fingerprints and small scratches on a disc can affect playback and/or recording performance.
  • Page 45: Recording Time And Picture Quality

    Notes for recording time • When recording a TV broadcast, if the reception is poor or the picture contains interference, the record- ing times may be shorter. • The recording time available may decrease if you heavily edit a disc. •...
  • Page 46: Time Shift

    Time Shift Do not miss a scene from a live broadcast. If the tele- phone rings while you are watching your favorite live broadcast, just press “TIMESHIFT” and “X (PAUSE/STEP)” before answering the phone. The timeshift function will be activated and the broadcast is then recorded for later viewing.
  • Page 47: Basic Recording From A Tv

    Basic Recording from a TV Follow the instructions below to record a TV program. Recording starts immediately and continues until the disc is full or you stop the recording. Note: When recording on DVD: You must load a recordable disc for DVD recording. 1.
  • Page 48: Timer Recording

    Timer Recording This recorder can be programmed to record up to 16 programs within a period of 1 month. For unattended recording, the timer needs to know the channels to be recorded, the starting and ending time. Note: If you use a completely blank disc for timer recording, you must format the disc before starting timer record- ing.
  • Page 49: Video Plus+ System

    VIDEO Plus+ ® System This system makes programming timer recordings very simple. Most TV guides publish VIDEO Plus+ pro- gramming numbers with their program details. If you want to make a timer recording of a program, you just input the corresponding VIDEO Plus+ programming number.
  • Page 50: Checking Timer Recording Details

    Checking Timer Recording Details Programming can be checked whenever the recorder is turned on. Press TIMER REC twice. • Use v / V to select a timer recording. • Press ENTER to edit the selected program. Timer Record menu appears. •...
  • Page 51: Recording From Dv Input

    Recording from DV Input Before DV dubbing You can connect a DV-equipped camcorder to this recorder using a single DV cable for input and output of audio, video, data and control signals. • This recorder is only compatible with DV-format (DVC-SD, DV25) camcorders.
  • Page 52: Simultaneous Recording And Playback

    Simultaneous recording and playback Playback another title during recording Playback and recording for both DVD and built in hard disk drive (HDD) are completely independent. For example, you can record to either the DVD or HDD source and play back video from the other source at the same time.
  • Page 53: Title List And Editing

    Title List and Editing Title List and Chapter List Menu Overview Using the Title List menu, you can search for recorded titles and edit them. The editing features available in the Title List menu depend on whether you are editing video on DVD, or the HDD, and whether you’re editing Original content, or a Playlist.
  • Page 54 1 2 3 1. Menu options: To display menu option, select a title or chapter then press ENTER. The options dis- played differ depending on the disc type. • [Combine] Combines two titles or chapters into one (page 59, 60). •...
  • Page 55: Original And Playlist Editing (Vr Mode)

    Original and Playlist Editing (VR Mode) Is editing a DVD like editing a video tape? No. When you edit a video tape you need one video deck to play the original tape and another to record the edits. With DVD, you edit by making a ‘Playlist’ of what to play and when to play it.
  • Page 56: Making A New Playlist

    Making a New Playlist Use this function to add an Original title or chapter to the Playlist. When you do this, the whole title is put into the Playlist (you can delete bits you don’t need later — see Deleting an Original or Playlist title/chap- ter on page 57).
  • Page 57: Deleting An Original Or Playlist Title/Chapter

    Deleting an Original or Playlist Title/Chapter Video When you erase a title or chapter from the Playlist menu, you only remove it from the Playlist; the title/chapter remains in the Original menu. If you choose to delete a title or chapter from the Original (title/chapter) menu, the title or chapter is actually deleted from the disc and the remaining time available for recording increases.
  • Page 58: Naming A Title

    Naming a Title Video You can name Original and Playlist titles independent- ly. Names can be up to 32 characters long. 1. Choose the title you want to name on the Title List menu, then press ENTER. The menu options appear on the left side of the menu.
  • Page 59: Sort

    Sort This function allows you to access show listings organized by Date, Title, or Category on the Title List- HDD menu. So you can find title you want to watch easily. 1. Choose any title on the Title List-HDD menu, then press ENTER.
  • Page 60: Divide

    Divide Use this command to split a title up into two new titles. 1. On the Title List menu, select a title you want to divide then press ENTER. The menu options appear on the left side of the screen. 2.
  • Page 61: Moving A Playlist Chapter

    Moving a Playlist Chapter Use this function to re-arrange the playing order of Playlist chapters on the Title List-Playlist menu. Note: This function is not available if there is only one chap- ter. 1. Select a chapter on the Chapter List-Playlist menu. 2.
  • Page 62: Dubbing

    Dubbing Before Dubbing Use the copying features of this recorder to: • Back up important recordings stored on the HDD to a DVD. • Make a DVD copy of a recording on the HDD to play in another player. • Transfer video from a DVD to the HDD for editing. •...
  • Page 63: Dubbing From Hdd To Dvd

    Dubbing from HDD to DVD 1. On the Title List-HDD menu, select a title you want to dub then press ENTER. The menu options appears on the left side of the screen. 2. Use v / V to select [Dubbing] option then press ENTER.
  • Page 64: One Touch Copy (Hdd To Dvd)

    One Touch Copy (HDD to DVD) The One Touch Copy feature copies the currently playing title from the HDD to DVD. The whole title is copied, regardless of where in the title you start copy- ing. The recorder copies at the maximum speed possi- ble.
  • Page 65: Reference

    Reference Additional Information Overwriting Recording To overwrite a new video recording on a previously recorded title, follow these steps. This feature is not available for DVD+Rs, that always record at the end of the Disc. 1. Select input source you want to record (TV chan- nel, AV1-4, DV).
  • Page 66: Language Codes

    Language Codes Use this list to input your desired language for the following initial settings: Disc Audio, Disc Subtitle, Disc Menu. Language Code Abkhazian 6566 Afar 6565 Afrikaans 6570 Albanian 8381 Ameharic 6577 Arabic 6582 Armenian 7289 Assamese 6583 Aymara 6588 Azerbaijani 6590...
  • Page 67: Controlling Tv With Remote Control

    Controlling other TVs with the remote You can control the sound level, input source, and power switch of non-Hitachi TVs as well. If your TV is listed in the table below, set the appropriate manufac- turer code.
  • Page 68 Manufacturer Code Number CS-ELECTRONICS 064 DAEWOO 051 108 120 127 170 DANSAI 010 219 DE GRAAF 108 134 DECCA 070 108 159 161 162 184 189 190 206 DECCAVIDEO DUAL DUMONT ELBE 058 144 157 160 192 246 ELBIT 108 248 ELECTROVENDA ELEKTRONIKA ELIN...
  • Page 69 Manufacturer Code Number OSAKE OTTO-VERSAND 002 005 009 014 059 060 081 082 083 085 092 097 098 100 101 108 109 111 PAEL PANASONIC 002 003 005 167 168 229 PATHE CINEMA PATHE MARCONI 173 179 225 239 PHILCO 090 108 139 144 148 165 204 PHILIPS 065 066 067 068 069 092 108 109 111...
  • Page 70: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Check the following guide for the possible cause of a problem before contacting service. Symptom No power. • The power cord is disconnected. No picture. • TV/DVD mode for the recorder is set to • [Progressive Scan: ON] is specified. •...
  • Page 71: Resetting The Recorder

    Symptom • The disc was recorded in Video mode. Cannot play a disc recorded using this • Some players will not play even a final- recorder on another ized disc recorded in Video mode. player. • The disc was recorded in VR mode, •...
  • Page 72: Specifications

    DVD+R DL (8.5GB): Approx. 1 hour 50 minutes (XP mode), 3 hours 40 minutes (SP mode), 7 hours 10 minutes (LP mode), 10 hours 30 minutes (EP mode) DV-DS161E HDD (160GB): Approx. 48 hours (XP mode), 84 hours (SP mode), 156 hours (LP mode), 233 hours (EP mode) DV-DS81E HDD (80GB): Approx.
  • Page 73 BATTERY SAFETY GUIDELINES ALWAYS Store unused batteries in their packaging and away from metal objects which may cause a short- circuit resulting in leakage or, in extreme cases, fire or even an explosion. NEVER Never attempt to recharge ordinary batteries, either in a charger or by applying heat to them.
  • Page 74 SOME DOS AND DON’TS ON THE SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but like any elec- trical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured. DO read the operating instructions before you attempt to use the equipment.
  • Page 75 Please note that evidence of the date of purchase will be required before service under guarantee is carried out. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. In all cases of difficulty consult your Hitachi dealer. HITACHI EUROPE LTD. Consumer Affairs Department...
  • Page 76 HITACHI EUROPE LTD. Consumer Affairs Department PO Box 3007 Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 8ZE UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 0870 405 4405 Email: HITACHI EUROPE GmbH Munich Office Dornacher Strasse 3 D-85622 Feldkirchen bei München GERMANY Tel: 089-991 80 - 0 Fax: 089 - 991 80 - 224 Hotline: 0180 - 551 25 51 (12ct/min.)

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