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Asus DH Remote User Manual page 6

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AP Launch Button and AP Launch Menu
Navigate with the media control zone.
Select Application Profile
After you press
application profile will be displayed on the
screen. Use the remote control to navigate
and initiate a desired application.
Select Application Path
If the software fails to locate the executable
file of the applicaton at the first-time use, the
Select Application Path screen will appear.
Specify the correct path on screen.
Select File
After selecting the correct path, you should
select the correct executable file (.exe) of
the application for launching the application.
If the executable file is located by the
software successfully or you have already
set up correctly in advance, this screen will
show up directly when the application is
chosen. After selecting a desired file, folder
or CD ROM, use
OK/Cancel and then press
on the remote control, an
to choose Back/
to confirm.
For music listening, making playlists beforehand is suggested.
again to close the application and again to re-launch the
profile menu



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