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Asus DH Remote User Manual page 5

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ASUS DH Remote Settings
After the installation of the ASUS DH Remote software, the utility screen will
show up and allows you to configure the ASUS DH Remote settings. Set up
the function keys step by step.
1. Power On / Off Key
Setting this item to Hibernate allows you to lead your PC to the Windows
S4 mode, which enables your PC to enter Hibernate faster and return to full
power much more quickly.
Multimedia Keys
2. Profile
There are nine default applications in the Profile drop-down menu and five
sets of User Define.
3. Path
The software will help locate the executable (.exe) file of the nine default
applications. If the .exe file is not located, click Browse to direct the correct
path. The .exe files of the User Define applications need to be located
manually before you using the ASUS DH Remote.

You have to check the box of Enable Power Key before using the
ASUS DH Remote to turn on and off your PC or to have it hibernate.
Visit for details about Hibernate.
Power On/Off button does not support MS-DOS Mode.
Check the box of Enable power on after power loss Function
Switch. Whenever the power cord of your PC is removed from the
outlet or there is a power failure, your PC will auto-boot and shut down
around few seconds to enable Power On Function of DH Remote after
the power supply is back.
Default applications are Media Player, iTunes, PowerDVD, WinDVD,
QuickTime, Real Player, DivX Player, WinAmp and Power Point. (Default
applications in the ASUS DH Remote software may change without
Save after the .exe file path is directed.
If the executable file is relocated or the application is re-installed, you
have to redirect the file path for a correct ASUS DH Remote operation.



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