Frigidaire Split Type Room Air Conditioner Use & Care Manual

Split type room air conditioner
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All about the
Use &Care
of your
Split Type Room Air Conditioner
Refer to Page 2 for table of contents.
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  Summary of Contents for Frigidaire Split Type Room Air Conditioner

  • Page 1 All about the Use &Care of your Split Type Room Air Conditioner Refer to Page 2 for table of contents. USA 1-866-942-1567 Canada 1-866-942-1567...
  • Page 2: Welcome

    Welcome to the world of simple handling and no worries Thank you for choosing Frigidaire. This manual contains all of the information required to guarantee your safety and the appropriate use of your air conditioner. Please read all of the instructions before using the air conditioner and keep this manual for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 01. Welcome...................01 02. Environmental advices................01 03. Contents....................02 04. Safety precautions...............04 05. Installation: 5.1 Choosing the installation site............07 5.2 Parts list..................09 5.3 Indoor unit installation............11 5.4 Outdoor unit installation............15 5.5 Refrigerant piping connection.............17 5.6 Electrical work..............19 Air Purge...................22 Electrical safety..............25 Gas leak check................25 5.10 Test running................26 06.
  • Page 4 How the air conditioner works........- Automatic operation - Cool/heat and fan only operation - Dry operation - Airflow direction adjustment - Sleep mode - Timer operation - Optimal operation 6.7 How to use the indoor unit............38 - Adjusting air flow direction - Adjusting the vertical air flow direction (up/down) - To set the horizontal air flow direction (left/right) - To automatically swing the air flow direction (up/down)
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions This appliance must be installed by a qualified licensed HVAC technician in accordance with all applicable codes. All electrical connections should be performed by a licensed electrician. DANGER! Avoid Serious Injury CAUTION! Avoid Injury or or Death damage to the unit or other property 1.
  • Page 6 To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed. Incorrect operation due to ignoring of instructions may cause harm or damage. The seriousness is classified by the following indications. 1. Connect with the power properly. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock or fire due to excess heat generation.
  • Page 7 11.Do not open the unit during operation. It may cause electric shock or injury. 12.Do not drink water drained from air conditioner. It contains contaminants and could make you sick. 13.Do not disassemble or modify unit. It may cause failure of appliance and electric shock.
  • Page 8: Outdoor Unit Installation

    Product description Front panel Air filter (beneath front panel ) Horizontal airflow grille Vertical airflow grille Temperature sensor (inside the indoor unit) Panel Infrared signal receiver Air inlet Refrigerant gas connector Remote control Indoor unit Connecting cable Detection valve Drain hose and refrigerant connecting pipe Air outlet Air inlet...
  • Page 9: Product Description

    Display panel (indoor unit) HEAT indicator: This indicator illuminates when the air conditioner is in Heat operation COOL indicator: This indicator illuminates when the air conditioner is in cool operation DIGITAL SCREEN: Show the present adjustments to temperature when air conditioner is operating. OPERATION indicator: This indicator illuminates red after power is on and illuminates...
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    Remote control Remote control operation 1. Operation mode: Cool, Heat (Only for models with heating function), DRY, FAN, and AUTO (Automatic). 2. 24 hrs Timer. 3. Internal temperature range selection: 61ºF - 86ºF 4. LCD REMOTE CONTROL SPECIFICATIONS Rated voltage Lowest voltage of CPU emiting signal 2.4 V Transmission distance...
  • Page 11: When Should The Batteries Be Replaced

    When should the batteries be 3. When selecting the function of timer, the remote control sends replaced (automatically) a signal to the indoor 1. There is not a "beep" anymore unit at the specific period. If the from the indoor unit when using remote control is left in a position the control remote or the signal that the signal is blocked, a 15...
  • Page 12 Remote control description ON/OFF: Press this button to start the unit operation. Push the button again to stop the unit operation. Cooling and heating model MODE: Each time you press the button, a mode is selected in a sequence that goes from AUTO, COOL, DRY, , as HEAT*...
  • Page 13: Remote Control Description

    BLOW : When in cool or dry mode, INTRODUCTION FOR SPECIAL press "BLOW" button to active FUNCTION or deactive blow function ,the icon will display and the indoor 1. ABOUT LOCK fan will continuely run for 10 Press "+ + " and "- - " buttons simultaneously minutes in order to dry the indoor to lock or unlock the keypad.
  • Page 14: How The Air Conditioner Works

    How the air conditioner works Automatic operation When the Air Conditioner is ready for use, switch on the power and the OPERATION indicator lamp on the display panel of the indoor unit starts illuminating. 1. Use the MODE button to select AUTO. 2.
  • Page 15: Dry Operation

    DRY operation Attention The dry mode will automatically Due to the difference between the set select the drying operation based on temperature of the unit and the actual the difference between the set indoor temperature, the Air Conditioner temperature and the actual room in DRY mode will automatically switch temperature.
  • Page 16: Sleep Mode

    SLEEP mode(Only for >12000 Btu's) Press the sleep button to activate the sleep mode. To deactivate, press the button again. 2 °F In cooling mode: 2 °F 1 hour 1 hour 7 hours SLEEP FUNCTION (Cooling mode) In heating mode (only for models with heating function): 2 °F 2 °F...
  • Page 17: Optimal Operation

    To set the stopping time Press the " " button to activate the auto start timer function. TIMER OFF The method of setting is the same as above of "TIMER ON". Exemples: (Timer On) (Timer Off) (Timer Off) (Timer On) (Timer On) (Timer Off) Optimal operation...
  • Page 18: How To Use The Indoor Unit

    How to use the indoor unit Adjusting air flow direction Adjust the air flow direction properly otherwise, it might cause discomfort or cause uneven room temperatures. Adjust the horizontal louver using the remote controller. Adjust the vertical louver manually. To set the horizontal air flow direction (left/ right) Adjust the vertical louver manually using the lever on the left or right side...
  • Page 19 Press to lock louver in desired position. button will be disabled when the air conditioner is not in operation (including when the TIMER ON is set). Do not operate the air conditioner for long periods with the air flow direction set downward in cooling or dry mode.
  • Page 20: Manual Operation

    Manual operation (without remote control) Manual operation can be used temporarily in case you can not find the remote controller or its batteries are exhausted. 1. Open and lift the front panel up to an angle until it remains fixed with a clicking sound.
  • Page 21 Maintenance Cleaning the indoor unit and remote controller 1. It is necessary to stop the air conditioner and disconnect the power supply before cleaning. 2. Use a dry cloth to wipe the indoor unit and remote controller. 3. A cloth dampened with cold water may be used on the indoor unit if it is very dirty.
  • Page 22: Maintenance

    for a couple of hours. Fresh air Bracket filter(if so 7. Insert the fresh air filter(if so equipped) equipped) in its original place. Fresh air filter(if so 8. Insert the upper part of the air filter equipped) (Fresh air filter if so equipped + support frame) back into the unit Fig.1 Support...
  • Page 23 Operation tips The following events may occur during normal operation. Protection of the air conditioner. Compressor protection The compressor can't restart for 3 minutes after it stops. Anti-cold air (Only for models with heating function) The unit is designed not to blow cold air in HEAT mode, when the indoor heat exchanger is in one of the following three situations and the set temperature has not been reached.
  • Page 24: Operation Tips

    long time or during first use of the unit. A peculiar smell comes out from the indoor unit. This is because the indoor unit gives off smells permeated from building material, furniture or smoke. The air conditioner turns to FAN only mode from COOL or HEAT (Only for models with heating function) mode.
  • Page 25: Solutions For Problems

    Solutions for problems If your air conditioner malfunctions, check the following information to find solutions or probable causes of the failure. Do not try to repair the unit by yourself, if these solutions do not solve the failures, call your local service repair team.
  • Page 26: Major Appliance 5 Year Parts Only Limited Warranty

    Major Appliance 5 Year Parts Only Limited Warranty Your appliance is covered by a five year parts only limited warranty. For five years from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay for the cost of replacement parts used in the repair of the appliance if the original parts prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.

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