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Using The Battery Charger - IBM i Series User Manual

Thinkpad i series
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Handbook - 128 pages
Manual - 46 pages
Cabling manual - 194 pages


2. The connector release buttons, used to connect the battery to the battery
charger or to release it
3. The power-on indicator, which turns green when you connect the ac
adapter to the battery charger
4. The charging indicator, which turns green when charging starts, and turns
off when charging is complete
5. The power jack, where the ac adapter is connected
6. The battery pack for ThinkPad i Series 1200 and 1300 (see note)
Note: For some batteries, the battery packs may look slightly different from
what you see here.

Using the battery charger

To connect the battery charger to the battery pack, do the following:
1. Place the battery pack with the label down.
2. Connect the ac adapter to the power jack of the battery charger, and then
connect the ac adapter to the electric outlet.
Make sure the power-on indicator on the battery charger is on (green).
About the External Battery Charger



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