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   Summary of Contents for SIEMENS VIVA

  • Page 1 I N S T R U C T I O N S F O R U S E...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    en Index Information concerning disposal ..Fast freezing ..... . Safety information ....Max.
  • Page 3: Information Concerning Disposal

    Information concerning disposal x Disposal of packaging Safety information Before you switch ON the appliance Warnings! Risk of suffocation! x Disposal of your old In an emergency appliance Danger of death!
  • Page 4 Important information when using the appliance Risk of burns S Risk of explosion! General requirements...
  • Page 5: Getting To Know Your Appliance

    Getting to know your appliance To set the temperature, turn the temperature selector with a coin. Please fold out the illustrated last page. The green pilot light indicates that fast These operating instructions refer to freeze is ON. several models. The illustrations may differ.
  • Page 6: Note Ambient Temperature And Ventilation

    Note ambient Connecting the temperature and appliance ventilation After installing the appliance, wait at least 1/2 hour until the appliance starts up. The climatic class can be found on the During transportation the oil in the rating plate. It specifies the ambient compressor may have flowed into the temperatures at which the appliance may refrigeration system.
  • Page 7: Switching On The Appliance

    Switching ON the Fittings appliance not on all models Press the master switch Fig. 2/2, the Freezer calendar green and red pilot lights switch ON (not all models). Fig. 4 The figures next to the symbols indicate Setting the temperature the permitted storage period in months of the produce.
  • Page 8: Freezing And Storing Frozen Food

    Freezing and storing Freezing fresh food frozen food Freezing food yourself Buying frozen food If you are freezing food yourself, use only fresh, undamaged food. The packaging must not be damaged. The following foods are suitable for Note the sell by date. freezing: The temperature in the supermarket Meat and sausage products, poultry and...
  • Page 9: Fast Freezing

    Storing food in the Suitable for sealing are: appliance Food Fig. 2/4 Fast freezing Packing the food Figure 2/3 After inserting fresh produce into the Suitable for packing are: freezer compartment, switch OFF fast freezing. Unsuitable are:...
  • Page 10: Max. Freezer Capacity

    Max. freezer capacity Defrosting frozen produce Food should be frozen right through as quickly as possible. Only in this way are Depending on the type of food and vitamins, nutritional values, appearance intended use, frozen produce can be and taste retained. Therefore, you should defrosted: not exceed the maximum freezing capacity of your appliance.
  • Page 11: Tips For Saving Energy

    Tips for saving energy Operating noises S Install the appliance in a dry, well Completely normal noises ventilated room, but not in direct sunlight and not near a heat source Humming noise - refrigerating unit is (e.g. radiator, cooker, etc.). If required, running.
  • Page 12: Eliminating Minor Faults Yourself

    ... the temperature warning lamp (red) Eliminating minor is glowing. The freezer compartment is too warm faults yourself because: Before you call customer service, please S The door was opened frequently or check whether you can eliminate the fault large quantities of fresh food were yourself based on the following frozen.
  • Page 14 E-Nr. FD-Nr.
  • Page 15 Subject to alterations. BSH Hausgeräte Vertriebs GmbH Carl Wery Straße 34, 81739 München 9000 083 933 (8504) en...

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