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Control Panel; Convection System - Frigidaire FPTO06D7MS Use & Care Manual

Toaster oven
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toaSter oven FeatureS
toaster oven cooking racks
The convenient Cooking rack provides optimal cooking
positions for up to 6 slices of toast, and the rack is
reversible for optimal cooking heights.
rack-Positioning Slots
Using the reversible Cooking Rack, the oven can
accommodate up to 6 rack positions. There are upper,
middle, and lower rack slots along the sides of the oven
interior. The middle rack position slot contains a rack
removable crumb tray
The Crumb Tray can be accessed by opening the oven
door, and is located at the bottom, inside the oven. The
tray can be easily removed for cleaning. Hand washing
is recommended. Allow oven to cool prior to removal.

convection System

Convection fan system that circulates air around the
food for faster and more even cooking. It is activated
by default for the bake, cookies, pizza, and reheat
cooking functions. It can also be turned on during
the warm cycle. The fan icon to the right of the
temperature display will indicate when the convection
fan is activated. Most recipes recommend reducing the
temperature by 25°F when cooking with convection.
Always check the food 10 minutes before the suggested
cooking time is reached to avoid overcooking. For
optimum results, maximize airflow by placing items in the
center of the rack, leaving the food uncovered, and using
bakeware with lower sides when possible.
advanced cooking technology
The heating elements utilize halogen and quartz infrared
technology with a total power output of 1500 watts.
These elements use infrared light waves to preheat the
oven and cook foods faster than conventional ovens. The
elements will cycle on and off during normal operation to
cook food more evenly.
Due to the rapid heating of the infrared elements,
preheat times are much shorter than toaster ovens with
conventional heating elements. For example, the preheat
phase for the bake function to reach 325°F with the
convection fan on takes approximately 3 minutes. The
preheat phase is indicated by the flashing up arrow to the
right of the temperature display on the LCD.

control Panel

The large, easy to read LCD display indicates the cooking
functions and settings selected. The large knobs and
control buttons provide easy navigation of the different
cooking functions and settings.
time control
For toast and bagels, the timer will display the time
remaining based on which of the 5 darkness levels
was selected. For pizza, the timer will display the time
remaining based on which size pizza was selected.
Alternatively, the cook time for pizza can also be
adjusted. For all other functions, the timer will allow the
user to set the cook time and, during cooking operation,
see the time remaining.
non-Stick toaster oven Interior
The non-stick interior provides an easy to clean interior
surface. The 0.6 cubic foot interior is large enough to
cook a 12" pizza or make 6 slices of toast.

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