Sharp CD-BK260V Operation Manual

Video cd mini system
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CD-BK260V/CD-BK2700V Video CD Mini System consisting of CD-BK260V/CD-
BK2700V (main unit) and CP-BK260/CP-BK2700 (speaker system).
Please refer to pages E-1 to E-46.
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  • Page 1 CD-BK260V/CD-BK2700V CD-BK260V/CD-BK2700V CP-BK260/CP-BK2700 CD-BK260V/CD-BK2700V Video CD Mini System consisting of CD-BK260V/CD- BK2700V (main unit) and CP-BK260/CP-BK2700 (speaker system). VIDEO CD MINI SYSTEM MODEL CD-BK260V CD-BK2700V OPERATION MANUAL NTSC/PAL ENGLISH Please refer to pages E-1 to E-46. CD-BK260V(FRONT) 01.7.18, 15:32...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ENGLISH Introduction Thank you for purchasing this SHARP product. To obtain the best performance from this product, please read this manual carefully. It will guide you in operating your SHARP product. Contents Page Page ! Important Instruction ! CD Playback Accessories .
  • Page 3: Accessories

    Please refer to the rel- evant laws in your country. Warning: To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose this appliance to dripping or splashing. No objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus. ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 4: Precautions

    SHARP will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of this unit with a voltage other than that which is specified.
  • Page 5: Controls And Indicators

    34.Microphone Socket ........36 ENGLISH Description of remote control (See page 6.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 6: Speaker System

    9. AC Voltage Selector ........10 ! Speaker system 1. Tweeter 2. Woofer 3. Bass Reflex Duct 4. Speaker Wire ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Buttons with " " mark in the illustration can be operated on the remote control only. Other buttons can be operated both on the main unit and the remote control. ENGLISH Battery installation for remote control (See page 11.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 8: System Connections

    System Connections AM loop aerial FM aerial Left speaker Right speaker Wall socket (See page 10.) ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 9: Aerial Connection

    " Do not stand or sit on the speakers. You may be injured. External FM aerial 75 ohm Incorrect coaxial cable Note: When an external FM aerial is used, disconnect the supplied FM aerial wire. ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 10 VCR with a video input, which in turn should be connected to the TV/monitor through the TV ANTENNA/CABLE input. (Be sure to turn on the VCR, and set the VCR's input mode to "Auxiliary".) ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 11 X-BASS/DEMO button, press the ON/ STAND-BY button until "CLEAR AL" appears. Caution: This operation will erase all data stored in memory including clock, timer settings, tuner preset, and CD programme. ENGLISH E-10 Demonstration mode (See page 12.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 12: Remote Control

    " Exposing the sensor on the unit to strong light may interfere with operation. Change the lighting or the direction of the unit. " Keep the remote control away from moisture, heat, shock, and vibrations. E-11 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 13: General Control

    Press the ON/STAND-BY button to turn the power on. To set the unit to stand-by mode: Press the ON/STAND-BY button again. ! To change the display brightness (2 levels) You can switch the display brightness by pressing the DIMMER button. Dimmed Brightened ENGLISH E-12 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 14: Sound Control

    (EQUALIZER MODE) button repeatedly until the desired sound mode appears. The sound is not modified. Bass and treble are emphasised. Bass and treble are slightly emphasised. Treble is cut a little. Treble is reduced a lot. Vocals (midrange tones) are emphasised. E-13 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 15: Setting The Clock

    Note that this can only be set when the unit is first installed or it has been reset. Perform "Setting the Clock" from the beginning. [Refer to "Clearing all the memory (reset)" on page 45 for details.] ENGLISH E-14 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 16: Video Cd

    (menu playback). You can also display high resolution or normal still pictures. Notes: " Video CDs are recorded in PAL or NTSC format. " Analogue system CDVs (12 cm) cannot be played. " Photo CDs and CD-ROMs cannot be played. E-15 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 17: Preparation For Video Cd Playback

    " A few hours after the unit is unplugged, the setting will change back to the state at the factory shipment (default setting). The setting details vary depending on areas. Set the input selector to AUX. Set the TV/VCR selector to VCR. Set the input selector to VCR. ENGLISH E-16 01/10/12 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 18: Playback Of A Video Cd (Cds) With P. B. C. (Version 2.0)

    To select the video CD you want to listen to first, press the DISC SKIP button. Press the /SELECT/RESUME) button. <TV screen> A menu will appear on the TV and playback will be paused. E-17 ENGLISH Sound Control (See page 13.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 19 " When track numbers are selected using the direct search, the " See pages 19 - 26 to perform various playback functions without activating the PRESET (NEXT ) or PRESET PREV.) button, and playback begins. P.B.C. function. ENGLISH E-18 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 20: Playback Of A Video Cd (Cds) Without P. B. C. (Version 1.1)

    " Whilst the disc is being read ("TOC READ" is displayed), another disc cannot be selected even if you press the DISC SKIP button or one of the 3 buttons on Press the CD/VIDEO CD (CD) button. the remote control. E-19 ENGLISH Sound Control (See page 13.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 21 Beginning of track 10 Notes: " You can skip to the beginning of a track on a single disc only. " The PREV. or NEXT button on the remote control allows you to locate the beginning of a track. ENGLISH E-20 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 22: Direct Search System

    ! During random play, direct search system is not possible. ! After performing repeat or random play, be sure to press the ( /RETURN) but- ton. Otherwise, the disc(s) will play continuously. ! During P.B.C. play, repeat or random play is not possible. E-21 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 23: Programmed Play

    ! During programme operation, random play is not possible. ! The programme function will not work in the P .B.C. mode. Whilst the programme function is active, the P .B.C. function will be cancelled automatically. ENGLISH E-22 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 24: Digest Selection Of Discs And Tracks

    To cancel the disc digest: Press the ( /RETURN) button. Notes: ! The disc digest function is available only in the stop mode. ! This function is not available with an audio CD. E-23 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 25: Time Search Selection

    ! This operation is not accepted by still pictures (menu display, photo, etc.). Digest function of discs and tracks will not work during P.B.C. and programme play. Cancel the P .B.C. mode before using this function on a video CD with P .B.C. ENGLISH E-24 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 26: Bookmark Function

    ! Every marked scene will be erased automatically when the programme is memo- rised. Repeat step 3. ! Up to 9 scenes can be marked. ! If more than 9 bookmarks are created, bookmarks will be erased in the order they were created. E-25 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 27: Resume Play

    Note: VCD AUTO The displays may differ depending on the discs. Notes: ! This setting will be cancelled when you change the discs. ! Whilst in the "VCD ON" state, you cannot play back audio CDs. ENGLISH E-26 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 28: Listening To A Cd (Cds)

    ! When the last track on the third disc has finished playing, the CD player will stop automatically. ! When there is no CD in one of the disc 1 - 3 positions, that position will be skipped and the next CD will be played. E-27 ENGLISH Sound Control (See page 13.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 29 ! The the TV or radio. button on the remote control allows you to locate the desired por- ! If a disc is damaged, dirty, or loaded upside down, the disc will be skipped. tion. ENGLISH E-28 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 30: Listening To Mp3 Disc

    SKIP button on the main unit to select Note: the desired disc. Due to the structure of its disc information, it takes longer to read an MP3 disc than a normal CD (approximately 20 to 90 seconds). E-29 ENGLISH Sound Control (See page 13.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 31: Repeat Or Random Play

    ! In random play, the unit will select and play tracks automatically. (You cannot select the order of the tracks.) Caution: After performing repeat or random play, be sure to press the ( /RETURN) button. Otherwise, the disc(s) will play continuously. ENGLISH E-30 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 32: Programmed Play

    CD/VIDEO CD (CD) to another, the programmed selec- tions will not be cleared. ! During programme operation, random play is not possible. Caution: If you change the folder or track name display whilst programming, another disc can- not be selected. E-31 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 33: Listening To The Radio

    ! If the FM reception is weak, press the TUNER (BAND) button to extinguish the "ST" indicator. The reception changes to monaural, and the sound becomes clearer. After use: Press the ON/STAND-BY button to enter the power stand-by mode. ENGLISH E-32 Sound Control (See page 13.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 34: Listening To The Memorised Station

    When a new station is stored in memory, the station previously memorised will be erased. Note: The backup function protects the memorised stations for a few hours should there be a power failure or the AC power lead disconnection. E-33 ENGLISH Listening to the Radio (See page 32.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 35: Listening To A Cassette Tape (Tape 1)

    Press the /SELECT/RESUME) button to start playback. To stop playback: Press the ( /RETURN) button. Note: You cannot fast-forward or rewind the cassette in the TAPE 1 compartment. ENGLISH E-34 Sound Control (See page 13.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 36: Listening To A Cassette Tape (Tape 2)

    ! If a power failure occurs during tape operation, the tape head will remain engaged Press the TAPE (1 2) button to select TAPE 2. with the tape and the cassette door will not open. Wait until power is restored. E-35 ENGLISH Sound Control (See page 13.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 37: Playing Karaoke

    ! Reduce the volume of the main unit. ! Move the microphone away from the speakers. Caution: ! When not using the microphone, remove it from the MIC socket. ! When connecting or disconnecting the microphone, set the MIC LEVEL control to MIN. ENGLISH E-36 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 38: Playing Karaoke

    R-CH V-CANCEL STEREO Sounds on the left and right channels are played. L-CH Sounds on the left channel only are played. R-CH Sounds on the right channel only are played. V-CANCEL The main vocal is lowered. E-37 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 39: Recording From The Radio

    Tune in to the desired station. (See page 32.) desired material is properly recorded. ! SHARP is not liable for damage or loss of your recording arising from malfunction Load a cassette into the TAPE 2 cassette compartment with side A of this unit.
  • Page 40: Recording From A Cd (Cds)

    If the recording side is switched from side A to B during recording, the system will record the interrupted track on side B from its beginning. The recording will be made without cutting the beginning of the track on side B. E-39 ENGLISH Programmed Play (See pages 22, 31.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 41: Dubbing From Tape To Tape

    B. To erase both sides, begin from side A. (If erasing is started from side B, the tape will not switch over to side A.) Note: Make sure that the TAPE 1 is not in use. ENGLISH E-40 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 42: Timer And Sleep Operation

    Display the white " " for timer playback and the red " " for timer recording. White Press the TUNING/TIME ( or ) button to specify the hour to start, then press the MEMORY/SET button. The illustrations show the timer playback setting. E-41 ENGLISH Setting the Clock (See page 14.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 43: Sleep Operation

    It will enter the power stand-by mode when the end of the recording tape is reached in timer recording or 1 hour after the playback starts in timer playback. However, another unit will not be turned on or off. ENGLISH E-42 Listening to the Radio (See page 32.) 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 44: Enhancing Your System

    " Be sure your headphones have a 3.5 mm (1/8") diameter plug and are between 16 ohms and 50 ohms impedance. The recommended impedance is 32 ohms. " Plugging in the headphones disconnects the speakers automatically. Adjust the volume using the VOLUME buttons. E-43 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 45: Troubleshooting Chart

    If something is wrong with this product, check the following before calling your autho- Symptom Possible cause rised SHARP dealer or service centre. " Radio makes unusual noise con- " Is the unit placed near the TV or comput- secutively.
  • Page 46: Maintenance

    Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to close the disc tray. Make sure that "NO DISC" is displayed. Press the ON/STAND-BY button to enter the stand-by mode, and then unplug the AC power lead from the wall socket. E-45 ENGLISH 01/4/26 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 47: Specifications

    Specifications ! Tuner As part of our policy of continuous improvement, SHARP reserves the right to make design and specification changes for product improvement without prior notice. The performance specification figures indicated are nominal values of production units. Frequency range FM: 88 - 108 MHz There may be some deviations from these values in individual units.
  • Page 48 /MEMO 01/4/11 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 49 /MEMO 01/4/11 CD-BK260V(S)
  • Page 50 9906 TINST0111AWZZ 1C0110.HK 01/10/12 CD-BK260V(S)

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