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Making Cost-Effective Calls; Linking Call-By-Call Numbers With One Number; Automatic Network Provider Code (Preselection) - Siemens Gigaset S445 User Manual

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Making cost-effective calls

Making cost-effective calls
Sign up with a network provider who
offers particularly low-cost call rates (call-
by-call). You can manage the numbers in
the call-by-call list.
Linking call-by-call numbers
with one number
You can insert the dialling code of a net-
work provider in front of the number
Open Call-by-Call list.
Select entry (call-by-call
Press the display key.
Display Number
Select and press
Enter number or select
number from the directory
(page 17).
Press the talk key. Both num-
bers are dialled.
Automatic network provider
code (preselection)
You can specify a call-by-call number
(preselection number), which is automat-
ically placed in front of numbers accord-
ing to two lists.
The list "with preselection" contains
the "rule" for dialling code numbers or
the first digits of dialling code numbers
with which you wish the preselection
number to be used.
The list "without preselection" con-
tains the "exception to the rule".
You entered 08 for "with preselection".
Consequently, all numbers that start
with 08 are dialled with preselection.
However, if you want, for example,
that 081 is still dialled without prese-
lection, enter 081 for "without prese-
When dialling, after pressing the Talk/
Handsfree key the first digits of the dialled
number are compared with both lists:
The preselection number is not
inserted in front if the dialled number
– matches no entry in both lists
– matches an entry in the list "with-
out preselection"
The preselection number is inserted in
front if the first digits of the dialled
number match with only one entry in
the list "with preselection".