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Panasonic NV-SJ230AM Operating Instructions Manual

Video cassette recorder
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Before attempting to connect, operate or adjust this
product, please read these instructions completely.
Video Cassette Recorder
Operating Instructions



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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic NV-SJ230AM

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Video Cassette Recorder NV-SJ230AM Operating Instructions Contents Page Warning and Important Information Controls and Components Connections Tuning the TV to Your VCR Storing TV Broadcasts in Your VCR Language Setting of the On Screen Display Setting the Clock of Your VCR...
  • Page 2: Warning And Important Information

    Plus, [Alumina] Head Cleaner further enhanced cleaning equipment in a confined space such as a book efficiency. case or similar unit. – Based on in-house tests with Panasonic video cassettes. Actual head life may vary according to conditions of use, WARNING: tape type, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Page 3: Controls And Components

  • Page 4: Vcr Operation

    RF IN socket DATE button RF OUT socket CH button ON button TV Operation Only Panasonic TVs can be operated with the provided OFF button remote control. DIRECT REC button The settings for operating the TV with the remote control TIMER(REC) button have already been made.
  • Page 5: Connections

    Connections Tuning the TV to Your VCR This section shows you how to connect the VCR to an aerial, The VCR supplies a signal to the TV via the RF coaxial cable TV, etc. on channel E21-E69. It is possible to view the video picture on your TV in the same When the VCR is turned on after unpacking and way that you watch TV broadcasts.
  • Page 6: Storing Tv Broadcasts In Your Vcr

    When the VCR is turned on after connecting the aerial cable VCR picture on the TV displays this pattern. and the mains lead, Auto Tuning starts. On Screen Display VCR display Panasonic VCR AUTO TUNING IN PROGRESS, PLEASE WAIT. RF SELECT ≥...
  • Page 7 Auto Tuning Using the On Screen Display Manual Tuning Procedure Introduction 1 Press the MENU button to display the Main menu on The VCR is tuned automatically by Plug in Auto Tuning. the TV screen. However, Auto Tuning using the On Screen Display should be performed according to the following method if necessary.
  • Page 8: To Add And Delete The Channel

    Blanking of Unused Programme Positions Example: If you want to delete Channel 6, Follow steps 1 to 3 of Manual Tuning Procedure. 1 Press the MENU button to display the Main menu on the TV screen. 4 Press the Cursor buttons (34) to select [CLEAR] then MENU press the Cursor buttons (21)
  • Page 9: Language Setting Of The On Screen Display

    Language Setting of the Setting the Clock of Your VCR On Screen Display The clock will operate for at least 3 years in total after it has been set, - in the event of a power failure, it will operate on its Select one of the 2 languages displayed: English, and Arabic.
  • Page 10: Settings Using The On Screen Display

    3 Present time/Tape counter/Remaining tape time/ Index Settings Using the On Screen Search/OTR indication/Play-Off Timer Display Information Display Present time 17:24 Preparations Tape counter –2:35.47 – Confirm that the TV is on and the VCR viewing channel is Remaining tape time REMAIN 2:34 selected.
  • Page 11: Option Setting

    DELETE NAVIDATA: To delete all the Jet Navigator Option Setting data stored in the VCR’s memory. – Press the Cursor buttons (21) to select [OK] then press the OK button to do the deletion. 1 Press the MENU button to display MENU the Main menu on the TV screen.
  • Page 12: Playback

    Notes: Playback – JET SEARCH, Cue, review or slow playback will be automatically cancelled after 10 minutes, and still playback after 5 minutes. Preparations – During playback function other than normal playback, – Confirm that the VCR is on. horizontal noise bars may appear in the picture, the colour –...
  • Page 13: Ntsc Playback

    NTSC Playback Convenient Automatic Functions Tapes recorded in the NTSC system can be played back with VCR Auto Power On this VCR via a PAL system TV. When you insert a video cassette, the VCR switches on – Select [NTSC PB SELECT] from the on screen display automatically.
  • Page 14: Recording

    To Display the Approximate Remaining Recording Tape Time The remaining tape time can be displayed in the VCR display. 1 Select [TAPE SELECT] from the on screen display and Preparations – Confirm that the VCR is on. select the corresponding video cassette tape length. See page 11.
  • Page 15 To Immediately Record the Same Scenes To Select the Recording Duration and of Programme That You Are Viewing on the Perform Timer Recording (OTR Recording) OTR means One-Touch Recording and is called this way, TV (Direct TV Recording) because you can start recording and select the recording This function allows you to immediately start recording the duration by repeatedly pressing a single button.
  • Page 16: Recording From An External Source

    Recording from an external source To delete all of a cassette’s contents This function can be used to make up an edited tape from (Tape Refresh Function) other recordings or video sources. You can delete all of a cassette’s contents (the picture, the A new scene can be added to the end of previous one.
  • Page 17: Timer Recording

    7 Press the Cursor button (1) to select the Category. Timer Recording Then, select the desired category by pressing the Cursor buttons (3421) 4-Key Programming CATEGORY SETTING CATEGORY SETTING Up to 16 timer programmes, including weekly and daily ≥MOVIE ≥SPORT ≥MOVIE ≥SPORT programmes, can be recorded up to one month in advance by...
  • Page 18 Timer Recording from an External Signal Checking a Timer Programme – The VCR must be turned on, or in timer recording standby Source mode. If timer recording is performed by a unit connected to the – Confirm that the TV is on and the VCR viewing channel is Audio/Video input sockets, select the AV indicator in step 3 of selected.
  • Page 19: Search Functions

    To Set the Category Search Functions The category setting allows you to find what kind of programmes are recorded by the character and the icon indications. Jet Navigator This VCR can display a list of the recorded programmes on Press the Cursor button (1) while CATEGORY SETTING the inserted video cassette on the TV screen.
  • Page 20: Vhs Index Search System

    When Recording Over the Same Location on a Tape: To Find the Beginning of Each Recording – The originally recorded programme is deleted from the list. (VHS Index Search System) – Programme contents starting near the start and end of the This VCR automatically records special index signals on the newly recorded programme (within 10 minutes before the tape every time a recording is started.
  • Page 21: Before Requesting Service

    Searching while Checking the Video Before Requesting Service Cassette Contents (Intro-Jet Scan) This VCR automatically records special index signals on the Message of On Screen Display tape every time a recording starts. The Intro-Jet Scan The error message is indicated in brackets [ function makes use of these index signals to play back the [PLEASE PUT IN A VIDEO CASSETTE.] beginning of each programme recorded on the cassette one...
  • Page 22: Adjusting The Playback Picture

    Recording will not operate correctly Adjusting the Playback Picture The symptom description is indicated in brackets [ Under normal conditions, the VCR automatically adjusts the [The 1 indication flashes whenever recording is attempted.] playback picture for optimum quality. However, in some cases it may be necessary to adjust it manually.
  • Page 23: Specifications

    Specifications NV-SJ230AMM Power Source: 110–240 V AC 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 11 W Video Recording System: 2 rotary heads, helical scanning system Video Heads: 2 heads Tape Speed: SP; 23.39 mm/s LP; 11.7 mm/s EP; 7.8mm/s NTSC SP; 33.3 mm/s EP;...
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