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  • Page 1 MOBILE NAVIGATION SYSTEM User manual and service information PNA-M4310...
  • Page 3: Package Contents

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Navigation Device PNA-M4310 A detailed description on how to use the navigation software can be found on the included DVD. Package contents Navigation Device PNA-M4310 Car mount Adapter plate for car mount Stylus USB cable Earphones...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Charging the Battery ............10 Table of Contents Recharging in the Car..........11 Recharging from a Power Outlet ......... 12 Package contents ............... 1 Recharging from a Computer ........13 Car mount ............... 14 Important Safety Instructions ..........4 Connecting an External GPS Antenna ......
  • Page 5 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Navigation................ 25 Audio Output ..............48 First-Time Setup ............25 Display ................. 48 Language ..............49 The Navigation Main Menu..........27 Date and time............... 49 Speed Warning..............31 Power Status..............50 Manual Input ..............34 Factory Defaults............50 Hands-free...............
  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Always make sure that Important Safety Instructions there is free circulation of air (do not place the device on shelves, on a thick carpet, on a bed, or anywhere that Before you use this device for the first time, please read the...
  • Page 7: Power Supply

    KSAA0500100W1UK, the supplied car charger cable centre. Under very rare conditions, sparks may appear at the Silvercrest TCP10050BC or the supplied USB cable to avoid contacts causing any explosive and/or inflammable gases to overheating, deformation of housing, fire, electric shock, ignite.
  • Page 8: Maintenance And Care

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English tie it together with other cords. All cables should be If the housing is opened, your life is in danger due to electric positioned so that nobody can trip over them or be shock. Only use a clean, dry cloth for cleaning. Never use obstructed by them.
  • Page 9: Rf Interface

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English relates to CE Conformity, relevant norms and standards. Any The transmitted RF signals can cause interference with changes to the equipment other than the recommended hearing aids. changes by the manufacturer may lead to the result that Do not place the device with the wireless adapter turned these directives are not met any more.
  • Page 10: Conformity

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Conformity This device has been tested and approved for compliance with the basic and other relevant requirements of the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, the Low-voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and the R&TTE Directive 99/5/EC. Disposal of Old Devices If the product is labelled with a struck-out waste bin, it is subject to the European Guideline 2002/96/EC.
  • Page 11: Introduction

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Introduction Summary On/Off button Connector for external GPS antenna Bluetooth indicator Power indicator Display Microphone Memory card slot Earphones connector Mini-USB and charger connector Main power switch Speaker...
  • Page 12: Charging The Battery

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Thank you for choosing this high-end SilverCrest product. The navigation device features a touchscreen and therefore The navigation device PNA-M4310 enables accurate needs no further buttons or controls. You can perform any navigation to your destination and also comfortable hands-...
  • Page 13: Recharging In The Car

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English The charging process starts automatically, and the Recharging in the Car charger indicator [page 9, item 4] lights orange. Plug the Mini-USB connector of the car charger When the charging process is completed, the status cable [page 1, item 7] into the receptacle [page 9, indicator will light green.
  • Page 14: Recharging From A Power Outlet

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Recharging from a Power Outlet Plug the Mini-USB connector of the power adapter cable [page 1, item 8] into the receptacle [page 9, item 9] of your navigation device. The power adapter design varies according to the region.
  • Page 15: Recharging From A Computer

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Recharging from a Computer The charging process starts automatically, and the Plug the Mini-USB connector of the USB cable charger indicator [page 9, item 4] lights orange. At [page 1, item 5] into the receptacle [page 9, item 9] the same time the computer will detect and connect of your navigation device.
  • Page 16: Car Mount

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Car mount To install the navigation device on its car mount, first install In order to obtain good GPS signal reception the navigation the supplied adapter plate [page 1, item 3] on the car mount device must be placed so it has an obstacle-free sight to the (see figure, arrow 1).
  • Page 17 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Once the car mount has been fixed in place you can insert the navigation device into the adapter plate. The noses on the adapter plate must fit into the corresponding holes of the navigation device (see figure, arrow 3). Loosen the screws of...
  • Page 18: Connecting An External Gps Antenna

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Connecting an External GPS Antenna If required, you can connect a conventional external GPS antenna to your navigation device. This might be necessary when using the device in a vehicle with a vertical windshield (like a truck or bus) obstructing the sight to the sky. Also, some modern vehicles have a metallised windshield causing a shield effect to the GPS signals.
  • Page 19: First-Time Setup

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English First-Time Setup Upon first setup of your navigation device you can set the Prior to using the device for the first time, charge the user interface language as well as the current date and time. battery completely. To do so, you must toggle the main power switch to On.
  • Page 20: Setting The Display Language

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Setting the Display Language A dialog box for setting the user interface language will Then set the current date and time. appear. Select a language by tapping on it. The display will toggle to the new language immediately.
  • Page 21: Setting The Time

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Setting the Time To proceed tap the button: The main menu appears (for more information, see page 24 – The Main Menu). Tap the icon: Choose between the 12 Hours or 24 Hours format by tapping the corresponding button.
  • Page 22: Powering The Device On/Off

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Powering the Device On/Off Powering Off to Standby Mode Powering Off Using the Main Power Switch Press and hold the On/Off button [page 9, item 1] To power the device off completely, slide the main for approx. three seconds until the device powers power switch [page 9, item 10] into the Off position.
  • Page 23: Powering On Using The Main Power Switch

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Powering On Using the Main Power Switch Slide the main power switch [page 9, item 10] of the After powering the device on via the main power switch, only device into the On position. The status indicator the chosen user interface language and the time format (12 [page 9, item 4] lights green.
  • Page 24: Powering On From Standby Mode

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Powering On from Standby Mode Button Lock If you powered the device off by pressing the On/Off button In the factory-default configuration the button lock is enabled. [page 9, item 1] it will be in standby mode. To power it on,...
  • Page 25: Inserting A Memory Card

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Inserting a Memory Card The navigation device can read SD and MMC memory cards. Removing a Memory Card After you insert a memory card the device will detect it Carefully press against the inserted card. It will...
  • Page 26: The Main Menu

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English The Main Menu The main menu gives you access to the different functions of your navigation device. Navigation (from page 25) Navigation and route planning, Navigation options settings and saving of favourite destinations. Hands-free (from page 35) Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone and setup of the hands-free mode.
  • Page 27: Navigation

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English First-Time Setup Navigation Upon delivery the device has the required maps already In the main menu tap on Navigation to start installed. Only when launching the device for the first time navigation. will it take a few minutes for initialising. On any further use Depending on the available voices you may be this procedure will only take a few seconds.
  • Page 28 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English If only one voice is available it will be selected automatically and the selection dialogue will not pop A warning message will appear alerting you about the use of the navigation device whilst driving. Tap the checkbox that appears before the option Hide at startup to suppress the message when starting the Next select your time zone.
  • Page 29: The Navigation Main Menu

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English The Navigation Main Menu To enter a new destination, tap the Find Address option. The following screen will appear: The Navigation main menu will appear allowing you to enter all further settings and parameters. Tap Country and select the country of your destination from the list by tapping on it.
  • Page 30 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English In addition the following special buttons are available: Toggles between capital and small letters Space An on-screen keyboard will be displayed where you can select all letters and digits. While entering the Deletes the last entered character...
  • Page 31 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Next enter the street number. To do this, tap No. and enter the street number via the on-screen In the following selection you launch the navigation keyboard. by tapping Navigate. It is possible that the street number of out- of-town areas or new urbanisations is not registered in the database.
  • Page 32 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English The Navigation Window Icons for GPS signal strength and the battery level. Zoom out (larger scale of the map) Distance to the next manoeuvre Route Current speed Present position with driving direction indication Estimated Time of Arrival...
  • Page 33: Speed Warning

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Speed Warning The map of your navigation device includes information about road speed limits. This allows the device to alert you when exceeding the maximum allowed speed on a specific road section. Please note that this function has been designed as a helping feature.
  • Page 34 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English To enable the speed limit warning: Triggers the warning when exceeding the speed limit by 5 km/h. Tap the Enable Warner checkbox. A checkmark will appear in the checkbox. Triggers the warning when exceeding In addition to the optical warning you can also the speed limit by 10 km/h.
  • Page 35 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English While the speed limit warning is enabled, an icon If you have enabled the acoustic warning too, a repeated representing a traffic sign appears in the lower right corner of warning signal will sound when exceeding the speed limit.
  • Page 36: Manual Input

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Manual Input From the Speed Limits menu (see figure on page 31), tap the following button: Use the numeric keypad to enter a tolerance value for the speed limit warning. If you make a mistake, tap...
  • Page 37: Hands-Free

    The message Please start pairing from your bluetooth phone. The passkey is: 0000 is displayed on the screen. Your mobile phone should detect and display your navigation device as PNA-M4310. When prompted, enter the passkey 0000 on your mobile phone.
  • Page 38 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English The following options are available: If your mobile phone supports automatic connection restore, you can enable it. In this case, both devices will interconnect automatically when they are within Accept call their reception range with the Bluetooth component Tap this button to accept the incoming call.
  • Page 39: Dial

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Dial From the Hands-free menu tap the Dial option to open the The paired mobile phone will start calling and the call can be following menu: controlled from your navigation device. Controlling a call is made in the same way as for an incoming call (see previous page).
  • Page 40: Last Calls

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Last Calls Paired List This menu gives you an overview on any dialled, accepted The paired devices list shows all devices that have been and missed calls. If required you can highlight a number from paired with their name and the corresponding hardware one of the phonebooks by tapping on it and start the calls by address.
  • Page 41: Travel Kit

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Travel Kit From this menu you can playback audio, video and picture Tap on a title to start playback. files. To do this, insert a memory card containing the to return to the Travel Kit selection.
  • Page 42 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Music Playback Current title/total number of Return (playback continues, titles see also page 45, Simultaneous Use) File name of current title Increase Volume Artist of current title Volume display The album Reduce Volume Status bar and playback time...
  • Page 43: Video

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Video From the Travel Kit menu select the Video option. A table showing all available videos stored in the flash memory will appear (see figure on the right). If there is a memory card inserted, additionally the Memory Card option will appear.
  • Page 44 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Video Playback Current and total playback time Operating status icon Return (playback stops) Tap this button to go to the beginning of the video file. Displays the volume control. Hold this button to fast reverse Mute the current video.
  • Page 45: Photo

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Photo From the Travel Kit menu select the Photo option. The following options are available: A table showing all available pictures stored in the flash Tap on a preview picture to show it in full-screen memory will appear (see figure below). If there is a memory mode (see figure on the right).
  • Page 46 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English The following options are available: Tap the ◄ or ► button to navigate through all The buttons have the following meaning: available pictures. Start slide show to return to the overview. Starts the automatic picture playback from the...
  • Page 47: Simultaneous Use

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Rotate Mute Tap this button multiple times to rotate the Disables or enables the sound (only available picture by 90 degrees each time clockwise. if the music playback has been started previously, see on the right).
  • Page 48: Settings

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Settings Volume In this menu you can perform different presets to customize the device to your individual needs. This menu is available only if you have set the Audio Output function to Speaker (see page 48 - Audio Output).
  • Page 49: Touch Lock

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Touch Lock This lock can be set either manually or automatically. The Once the button lock has been enabled the message option Manual activates an immediate button lock, the option Locked! Press the button to unlock. will appear. Then tap Auto locks the buttons when you haven’t pressed any button...
  • Page 50: Audio Output

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Display Audio Output In this menu you can set the display brightness in six levels, Select the Speaker option if you want to output the sound via enable a power-saving mode and calibrate the display. the built-in speaker. Select FM Transmitter to use the built-in FM transmitter to send the sound to you car radio.
  • Page 51: Language

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Calibration Date and time Setting the Date Tap the icon: Tap the icon: to confirm a new calibration or cancel this process by tapping Tap ▲ or ▼ to select the current year, month and day.
  • Page 52: Power Status

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Power Status System Info This option shows you the current level of the built-in battery. In this menu you will find information on version numbers, the device serial number and the memory status. Factory Defaults Devices submenu With this option you can restore the factory-default settings of your device.
  • Page 53: Upgrading The Firmware

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Upgrading the Firmware When new firmware is released you can upload it to the While the upgrade is running never remove the device. Copy the new firmware onto a memory card and memory card and do not power the device of.
  • Page 54: Advanced

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Advanced Plug the Mini-USB connector of the USB cable Connecting to a Computer [page 1, item 5] into the receptacle [page 9, item 9] You can use your computer to access the internal flash of your navigation device.
  • Page 55 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English The folders have the following meaning: The operating system will detect the flash memory of the navigation device as a removable media and will show it under My Computer. Audio To save any music files. Cities...
  • Page 56: The Dvd

    Before you can install the software on your navigation device you must connect it to the computer via the USB cable [page 1, item 5]. For more information about connecting to a computer, please see page 52. Click on “Software PNA-M4310”. Next select your language.
  • Page 57 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Click “OK”. Continue following the wizard by clicking “Next >”. A window, showing different components will appear. Select the desired components to install by placing a checkmark in the corresponding fields. If you want to remove a particular component from the device, remove the corresponding checkmark.
  • Page 58 Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Next select the desired language for the driving Select “english” to output the driving instructions in instructions. English. To do so, move the scroll bar downwards or click ▼ (see the mark) until you can see the desired Please always bear in mind that the navigation language.
  • Page 59: The User's Manual

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English The User’s Manual To be able to read the navigation software User’s Manual 10. As soon as the installation process is complete a ® you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader . If you haven’t dialog box Finished will appear. Then click the installed this free programme yet, you will have to install it “Finish”...
  • Page 60: Licensing

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Licensing In the General Settings of the navigation menu you can view A table with all installed contents will appear. Tap the serial number of the maps and map contents. the desired entry to show the serial number of the corresponding contents.
  • Page 61: Technical Specifications

    Navigation Device PNA-M4310 English Technical Specifications Navigation Device: Car charger: Model: PNA-M4310 Model: Silvercrest TCP10050BC Processor: Samsung 400 MHz processor Input: 8~24VDC, 0.9A Memory: 64MB RAM, Output: 5VDC, 1.0A max. 2GB NAND Flash drive Fuse: T2AL / 250V Card reader: SD and MMC cards up to 2GB ®...
  • Page 62: Details Of Guarantee

    36 month warranty from date of purchase IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION H o t l i n e n u m b e r : 0 2 0 7 - 3 6 5 0 7 4 4 (Please have your serial number to hand!)
  • Page 63 36 month warranty from date of purchase IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION H o t l i n e n u m b e r : 0 1 - 2 4 2 1 5 8 3 (Please have your serial number to hand!)
  • Page 64 TARGA GmbH Lange Wende 41 D-59494 Soest Germany CE declaration of conformity:

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