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PANASONIC SC-BTT100 Operating Instructions Manual

Blu-ray disc home theater sound system.
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Blu-ray Disc
Thank you for purchasing this product.
Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use.
Model number suffix "EB" denotes UK model.
Home Theater Sound System
Firmware updates
Panasonic is constantly improving the unit's firmware to ensure that our
customers are enjoying the latest technology.
Panasonic recommends updating your firmware as soon as you are
For details, refer to "Firmware updates" ( (This site is in English only.)

Operating Instructions

Model No. SC-BTT100
16) or


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   Summary of Contents for PANASONIC SC-BTT100

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Sound System Model No. SC-BTT100 Firmware updates Panasonic is constantly improving the unit’s firmware to ensure that our customers are enjoying the latest technology. Panasonic recommends updating your firmware as soon as you are notified. For details, refer to “Firmware updates” ( 16) or (This site is in English only.)
  • Page 2: Precautions

    Precautions Speaker ≥ Use only supplied speakers The main unit and supplied speakers are to be used only as WARNING indicated in these operating instructions. Failure to do so may lead to damage to the amplifier and/or the speakers, and may result in the risk of fire.
  • Page 3: Caution For Ac Mains Lead

    To dispose or transfer this unit Restriction on use of unauthorized copied content The unit may keep the user settings information in the unit. If you discard this unit either by disposal or transfer, then follow the This unit adopts the following technology for copyright protection. procedure to return all the settings to the factory presets to delete the user settings.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Precautions ......2 Caution for AC Mains Lead....3 Getting started Package contents and accessories .
  • Page 5: Package Contents And Accessories

    Package contents and accessories Getting started Check the package contents and supplied accessories before using this unit. Package contents Main unit (SA-BTT100) FRONT SUBWOOFER (SB-HF4000) (SB-HW190) (Speaker cables) ∫ Parts number Parts Parts number REEX1266A: RED Speaker cables REEX1267A: WHITE VQT4R78...
  • Page 6: Unit And Media Care

    ≥ This lens cleaner may not be available for ∏ 1 AC mains lead sale in all countries, e.g. not available in (K2CT2YY00097) Germany, please consult your Panasonic dealer for advice. ≥ This lens cleaner is sold as specific for DIGA, ∏ 1 FM indoor antenna but can be used on this unit as well.
  • Page 7: Playable Media

    Playable media Device Disc markings Device types Contents format BD-Video Video BD-RE Video, JPEG, MPO BD-R Video, MKV DVD-Video Video DVD-R Video, AVCHD, MKV, JPEG, MPO, FLAC, MP3, WAV DVD-R DL DVD-RW Video, AVCHD — +R/+RW/+R DL Music CD Music [CD-DA] MKV, JPEG, MPO, CD-R —...
  • Page 8: This Unit

    Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio) ∫ BD-RE, BD-R adopted in BD-Video. Discs recorded in DR mode using Panasonic ≥ If “Dolby D/Dolby D +/Dolby TrueHD” is set to Blu-ray Disc recorders may not play back the “PCM”, the maximum possible number of Dolby audio etc., correctly.
  • Page 9: Control Reference Guide

    Control reference guide Turn the unit on and off Remote control Select title numbers, etc./Enter numbers or characters [CANCEL]: Cancel Select the source Basic playback control buttons ( Select preset radio stations ( Show status messages ( Show the Home screen of the VIERA Connect ( [3, 4, 2, 1] : Move the highlight for selection [OK] : Confirm the selection...
  • Page 10 Main unit (Front) Standby/on switch (Í/I) ( SD card slot ( Press to switch the unit from on to standby USB port ( 17, 22) mode or vice versa. In standby mode, the unit Remote control signal sensor is still consuming a small amount of power. Distance: within approx.
  • Page 11: Step 1: Positioning

    STEP 1: Positioning For optimum position Place the front speakers at approximately the same distance from the seating position. 60° A Front speakers B Subwoofer ≥ Keep your speakers at least 10 mm away from the system to avoid noise generated by resonance. ≥...
  • Page 12: Step 3: Connections

    ∫ HDMI ≥ Use the ARC compatible High Speed HDMI cables. Non-HDMI-compliant cables cannot be utilized. It is recommended that you use Panasonic’s HDMI cable. When outputting 1080p signal, please use HDMI cables 5.0 meters or less. ≥ Audio will be output through the system’s speakers when “Off” is selected in “HDMI Audio Output”. ( ∫...
  • Page 13: Fm Antenna Connection

    FM antenna connection Affix this end of the antenna to a wall or pillar where the reception is best. FM indoor antenna (supplied) ≥ Use an FM outdoor antenna if radio reception is poor. Other device connection e.g., OPTICAL Set Top Box, etc. Optical digital audio cable (not supplied) VQT4R78...
  • Page 14: Step 4: Connecting The Ac Mains Lead

    Wireless router, etc. Internet ≥ For up-to-date compatibility information on your wireless router, refer to (This site is in English only.) ≥ The unit is not compatible with public wireless LAN services (Hotspot etc.) provided in airports, stations, cafes, etc.
  • Page 15: Step 5: Settings

    WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup ) is Setting” in the Setup menu. ( ≥ If this unit is connected to a Panasonic TV (VIERA) a standard that facilitates settings relating to the supporting HDAVI Control 2 or later via an HDMI cable, connection and security of wireless LAN devices.
  • Page 16: Remote Control

    ≥ You can perform this setup anytime by selecting “Easy Network Setting” in the Setup menu. ( If you have more than one Panasonic products ≥ You can redo these settings individually using “Network Settings”. ( and the remote control operates both products at once, you will need to change the remote control ≥...
  • Page 17: Inserting Or Removing Media

    ≥ When removing the SD card, press the centre of the card and pull it straight out. ≥ If you connect a Panasonic product with a USB ≥ You cannot change the audio type when the TV is connected to this unit via the AUX terminal.
  • Page 18: Home Menu

    HOME menu Major functions of this unit can be operated from FM Radio the HOME menu. Preparation Turn on the television and select the appropriate Videos/Photos/Music video input on the television. Play back the contents. Disc Press [Í] to turn on the unit. SD Card ≥...
  • Page 19: Multi User Mode

    For more details, refer to HOME menu. the following website. Select ≥ Other than prepared (This site is in English only.) Wallpaper wallpapers, you can also select a photo in recording media as a wallpaper. ( 28, “Wallpaper”)
  • Page 20: Playback

    Playback Playback Skip While playing or paused, press [:] or [9]. Insert the media. Skip to the title, chapter or track. Playback starts depending on the media. Select the item to play and press [OK]. Frame-by-frame Repeat this procedure if necessary. While paused, press [2] (2;) or [1] (;1).
  • Page 21 Enjoying 3D video and photos Slideshow Preparation Play a slideshow of photos and make various Connect 3D compatible TV to an HDMI AV OUT settings during the playback. terminal of this unit using a High Speed HDMI Cable. ( Insert the media. ≥...
  • Page 22: Using The Ipod/iphone

    Using the iPod/iPhone iPod/iPhone Connection Compatible iPod/iPhone (as of December 2012) ≥ Update your iPod/iPhone with the latest Preparation software before using this unit. ≥ Turn the main unit off or reduce the volume of ≥ Compatibility depends on the software version the main unit to its minimum.
  • Page 23: Viera Link "hdavi Control

    Panasonic When the unit is connected to a Panasonic TV TV (VIERA) under “HDAVI Control”. (VIERA) that supports HDAVI Control 2 or later. You can use this function by connecting Select “Video”...
  • Page 24: Enjoying Tv And Stb With Unit's Speakers

    Select the STB audio Enjoying TV and STB with unit’s speakers When the STB power is turned on, this unit and the TV will automatically turn on. The video is You can select whether audio is output from the output from the TV, and the audio is output from unit’s speakers or the TV speakers by using the the speakers of this unit.
  • Page 25: Listening To The Radio

    Listening to the Radio ∫ Manual tuning and presetting Select a radio broadcast. You can preset up to 30 channels. 1 Press [RADIO] to select “FM”. Preparation 2 Press [SEARCH6] or [SEARCH5] to Make sure that the FM antenna is connected. ( select the frequency.
  • Page 26: Viera Connect (enjoying Internet Service)

    ≥ The services through VIERA Connect are operated by their respective service providers, and service may be discontinued either temporarily or permanently without notice. Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the content or the continuity of the services. * Images are for illustration purposes, contents may change ≥...
  • Page 27: Home Network Feature

    You can also enjoy viewing the video and photos recorded Server in Panasonic DLNA compatible recorders (DIGA). Renderer Refer to our website about the sales area, etc. ( right)
  • Page 28: Option Menu

    Option menu ∫ Repeat Play (Only when the elapsed time is being displayed A variety of playback operations and settings can on the unit’s display.) be performed from this menu. Select the item that you want to repeat. Available options differ depending on the playing ≥...
  • Page 29: Picture Settings

    ∫ Playback Information Window Picture Settings Displays the following. ∫ Picture Mode Audio/video attribute information of disc. Select the picture quality mode during play. Settings status of “Digital Audio Output” ≥ If you select “User”, you can change settings in 33).
  • Page 30: Sound Settings

    All: Sound Settings You can select sound quality “Surround Effects” and “Sound Effects” can also Equalizer settings. be set by using the [SURROUND] and [SOUND] Flat/Heavy/Clear/Soft on the remote control. ( You can adjust the amount ∫ Surround Effects of bass. BD/DVD (Multi-ch Source): Subwoofer Level 1 (Weakest effect) to...
  • Page 31 3D Settings ∫ Signal Format Original Keep original picture format. 3D picture format comprising of Side by side left and right screens. Converts 2D pictures to 3D 2D to 3D effect. ∫ 3D Picture Mode Play back pictures with normal Normal 3D effects.
  • Page 32: Setup Menu

    Setup menu ∫ HDMI Output Press [OK] to show the following settings: Change the unit’s settings if necessary. The settings remain intact even if you switch the unit HDMI Video Format to standby. The items supported by the connected devices are Some items in the Setup menu are common to indicated on the screen as “¢”.
  • Page 33 ∫ Still Mode BD-Video Secondary Audio Select the type of picture shown when you pause Select whether or not to mix the primary and playback. secondary audio (including the button click sound). Automatically selects the type Automatic If “Off” is selected, the unit outputs the primary of picture shown.
  • Page 34 Network ∫ 3D BD-Video Playback ∫ Easy Network Setting ( Select the playback method of 3D compatible ∫ Network Settings video software. Perform network-related settings individually. ∫ 3D AVCHD Output Press [OK] to show the following settings: Select the output method of 3D AVCHD videos. LAN Connection Mode Select the LAN connection method.
  • Page 35 System For the setting and operation method of connected equipment, refer to the following website. ∫ Easy Setting You can execute basic settings. (This site is in English only.) ∫ TV Settings Remote Device Settings (...
  • Page 36 ∫ Remote Control automatically. Change the remote control code if other ≥ While playing and pausing, etc., this function Panasonic products react to this remote control. is not available. ∫ Firmware Update ( On-Screen Messages Press [OK] to show the following settings: Choose whether to show status messages automatically.
  • Page 37: Speaker Settings

    Changing the sound Speaker settings settings For more details on each setting, refer to “Sound Settings” on the Option menu. ( Surround Effects Complete 1 Press [SURROUND]. Test 2 While the mode is displayed Press [3, 4] to select the desired setting. Volume (Channel balance) ∫...
  • Page 38: Speaker Installation Option

    Speaker installation To prevent falling of the option speakers Consult a qualified building contractor when Front speaker attaching the speakers to a wall. Improper Thread a string to the speaker. attachment may result in damage to the wall and speakers and personal injury. ≥...
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide This unit is turned off when the input for the Reference TV is switched. Before requesting service, please perform the This is a normal phenomenon when using following checks. VIERA Link (HDAVI Control 4 or later). For If the problem remains unresolved, consult details please read the operating instructions your dealer for instructions.
  • Page 40 The system used on the disc doesn’t match The unit switches to standby mode. your television. This unit will automatically turn to standby jPAL discs cannot be correctly viewed on an mode after 30 minutes if it is inactive. ( NTSC television.
  • Page 41 Sound Playback No sound. Disc cannot be played. Low volume. The disc is dirty. ( Distorted sound. The disc is not finalized. ( Cannot hear the desired audio type. Check connections to speakers and other Still pictures (JPEG) do not play back normally.
  • Page 42: Messages

    Messages Radio The following messages or service numbers may Distorted sound or noise is heard. appear on the TV or unit’s display. Adjust the position of the antenna. On the television A beat sound is heard. Cannot play. Try to keep a certain amount of distance You inserted an incompatible disc.
  • Page 43 or F On the unit’s display (“ ” stands for a number.) Check and correct the speaker cable connections. The unit fails to operate properly. Press [Í/I] There is something unusual. on the main unit for 3 seconds to switch the Check the unit using the troubleshooting unit to standby, then switch back on.
  • Page 44: Specifications

    Specifications SPEAKER SECTION GENERAL Front Full range Cone type 6.5 cm Super Piezo type tweeter Power Approx. 80 W consumption Subwoofer Woofer Cone type 16 cm Power Approx. 0.1 W Mass Dimensions consumption in (W (mm)kH (mm)kD (mm)) (Approx. k standby mode Front 80 k143 k75...
  • Page 45 File format Supported format for DLNA ≥ File formats that are not supported by your DLNA server File format Extension Reference cannot be played. Video This unit supports ID3 tags, but only titles, Example of “.MP3”, “.mp3” artist names and album Container Video codec Audio codec file extension...
  • Page 46: Language Code List

    “AVCHD”, “AVCHD 3D”, “AVCHD Progressive” and “AVCHD 3D/ Display languages list Progressive” are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Display Language Display Language Display Language Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 47 This product incorporates the following software: (1) the software developed independently by or for Panasonic Corporation, (2) the software owned by third party and licensed to Panasonic Corporation, (3) the software licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2 (GPL v2), (4) the software licensed under the GNU LESSER General Public License, Version 2.1 (LGPL v2.1) and/or,...
  • Page 48 ≥ Or go on line through our Internet Accessory ordering application at ≥ Most major credit and debit cards accepted. ≥ All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by Panasonic UK. ≥ It couldn’t be simpler! ≥ Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a wide range of finished products. Take a browse on our website for further details.

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