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Displaying Disc Information - LG RC388P Owner's Manual

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Before finalizing, check the characteristics between the disc type in the table
The finalized DVD-RW discs can be unfinalized
so that the disc can edit or record again.
Once you finalize a disc, you can not edit or
record anything on the disc.
Discs are automatically finalized when removed from
the unit. The edited contents are playable on DVD+RW
compatible players only after finalization
Disc Label – This function allow you to change the default disc name to some-
thing more descriptive. This name appears when you load a disc and when you
display disc information on-screen. The keyboard menu appears by pressing
ENTER while [Edit] is selected.
Disc Protect – This function allow you to protect discs from accidental record,
erasure and editing by setting this option to [ON]. The DVD-R and Video mode
formatted DVD-RW are not available to protect.
About DivX(R) – We provide you with the DivX® VOD (Video On Demand) reg-
istration code that allows you to rent and purchase videos using the DivX® VOD
service. For more information, visit
Press ENTER when [Enter] icon is highlighted and you can view the registration
code of the unit.
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Displaying disc information

1 Play the disc loaded on the unit
2 Displays current status of playback:
3 Displays the playback menu:
4 Select an item:
5 Adjust the playback menu settings:
6 Exit the disc playback menu
Displaying disc Information - more you can do
Adjusting playback menu item
You can select an item by pressing vV and change or select the setting by
pressing b B.
Current title/track / Total number of titles/tracks
Current chapter / total number of chapters
Elapsed playing time
Selected audio language or audio channel
Selected subtitle
Selected angle / Total number of angles
Selected sound mode
v v V V
b b B B



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