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Door Cooling; Fresh Zone; Defrosting; Deodorizer (Option) - LG Refrigerator Owner's Manual

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Twist 'N' Serve Type
To make ice cubes, fill the ice tray with water and
insert in its position.
To remove ice cubes, hold the knob of the tray and
turn gently. Then, ice cubes drop in the Bank Ice.
In case of a steel shelf
To place a shelf at a higher position, remo ve the ice
cube box, and place the shelf, and then replace the
ice cube box.
Instruction for Bank Ice
Use Bank Ice Only To Store Ice Cubes. Do Not Make
Ice In It, As It May Break.

3. Door Cooling

Cool air vent is placed on the refrigerator door to provide Door
Shelves with cool air.
If foreign substances enter the cool air vent while cleaning,
efficiency will be lowered. In addition, if gasket is damaged,
efficiency may be lowered due to the escape of cool air. So care
should be taken during cleaning.

4. Fresh Zone

When the door is opened, the warmer air doesn't influence the
cooling of Fresh Zone. So you can keep food fresher in it.

5. Defrosting

Defrosting takes place automatically
The defrosted water flows down to the evaporating tray which is
located in the lower back side of the refrigerator and is evaporated
6. Deodorizer
By using a catalyst, deodorizing performance is guaranteed.
Unpleasant odor of food in fresh food compartment is deodorized
with no harm to you and the food.
How to use
As the catalyst is located in cooling air outlet f or circulating air in
fresh food compartment, there is no need for any handling.
Do not prick the cooling air outlet with a sharp tip because the
deodorizing catalyst may be damaged.
When storing food with a strong odor, wrap it or store it in a container with a
lid because odor may be passed on to other foods.
Don't try to remove the deodorizer cover, as you may break the catalyst.
7. F.I.R Lamp
Far Infrared Rays emitted from Far Infrared Ray Lamp restrains the dryness
of the foods and keeps its Moisture without deteriorating nutrition valu e.
By increasing the nucleic acid, Far Infrared Rays also keeps the aroma and
the smell of the food for a longer time.
When the refrigerator begins to operate, F.I.R Lamp turns on.
During the refrigerator's operating, the on and off of the
F.I. R Lamp is automatically controlled by the refrigerator inner
temperature. Therefore it is not necessary to handle F.I.R Lamp.
If you store the foods wrapped in the vinyl or wrapper, not in the
vessel with lid, the foods will get more effective F.I.R results.
Ice Trays
Bank Ice
Cool air vent



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