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Haier LCD258 Instruction Manual page 2

Portable 2.5" tft lcd color television set
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3. Basic Characteristics and Functions
1. TV system:
2. Full Menu OSD on Screen Display
3. Auto Scan for TV VHF/UHF Channel
4. VCD/DVD AV Equipment Connection Port
5. Br ightness Adju stment
. He adphone jack
7. Built-in Battery Compartment
8. Built-in TV stand
9. Thi s unit support s to OSD Language in Engli sh \
German\ Spanish\ Italian
11. Power Sou rce: AC adap tor normal: DC 6V)
11. Measurem ent: 3
(W)X 1 (D)X5
12. Weight: A pprox. 0.39LBS (not includ ed batteries)
13. Connectio n terminals:
. Ante nna Jack
. Headphone Jack
. AV Input Jack
. Exte rnal Power So urce Input Jack
4. Connection
1 . Connection to the Power Source
(1) Connec t one round en d of attached A C adaptor to the
power source input jac k (14 ) and the other end to the
wall out let at a suitable voltage.
(2) Before s et the recharg able or unrech argable batte ries,
make su re that the bat teries are in th e correct pole s
and the adaptor has be en unplugged . If plug in the
adaptor before pulling out the batteries ,the batter ies
will be c harged the moment the set is turned on or
turned o ff.
2 . Use of Head phone
Connect the Headphone to
at (10) fo r private listen ing.
Listening at high power for a long time
may damage user s ears.
8. General Troubleshooting
Che ck the followi ng points before assuming malfunctions
of the TV set:
Improper connection of AC adaptor.
No picture & sound
The batteries are run down or the poles of the
batteries are set adversely.
TV reception channel is not right and try to
reset the unit. Relocate the TV set to the place
No picture
where reception is better or select the sound
Sound volume is too low.
The headphone has been plugged in or the
No sound
signal is too weak .
TV rod antenna is not correctly adjusted or
Poor reception
TV channel is not right.
The brightness & contrast are too low.
Dark or blurred picture
The battery voltage is too low.
Part No.: 605-01GA
3. Connection of the External AV Equipment
Plug the AV cable i nto the AV IN jack (Screen d isplays at
AV st atus) (11) to e nable the conn ection of exte rnal audio
and v ideo equipme nt.
AV Input
5. Operation instructions
1. Connect t he power adap tor (DC 6V)o r batteries to t he unit.
2. Select Me nu for Auto Scan and storag e the TV chan nels.
3. Press CH+ or CH- to se lect the desire d TV channel; Keep
pressing V + and V- to s et the sound to a suitable lev el.
4. To receiv e clearer pictu res
Adjust the length and di rection of the built-in TV
rod anten na (7) to get an excellent pic ture.
If signal is too weak, you may not get the reception or receive
unclear picture, noisy sound , twisted picture etc., even you
have adjusted the rod antenna. In this case, you should plug
the external antenna adaptor into the antenna jack (8) or relocate
the TV set to the place where reception is better.
Unclear or unstable picture
Picture moves up &
blurs or folds over
Interfered snow picture
No colour
External Antenna Adaptor
To Video Jack (In Yellow Color)
To Audio Jack (In Red Color)
TV rod antenna is not properly adjusted or in
weak signal
TV rod antenna is not rightly adjusted. The
signal reception is too weak or caused by
signal reflection from the buildings nearby
or mountains.
The signal is interferred by car s engine,
railway, high tension wires,neon signs or
radio frequency.
Colour is not set properly.
9. Accessories List
AC Adaptor
1 piece
1 piece
AV Cable
1 piece
Instruction Manual
1 piece
1 piece
H eadphone
W h en ba t t e r ie s a re i nst a ll ed i ns id e th e ba t te ry
c om p a rt me nt and t h e A C a d a pt or i s p l ugg e d i n,
i f you u n p l ug t he A C a da p to r o r t he s u pp l y b y
ba tt e ri e s, t he se t w il l tur n o ff . T
ph e n om en on , b
ec a u s e it n ee d so m e ti m e to
re su me t o w o r k . Tur n t h e se t o ff th e n t ur n i t on,
i t w i ll w o r k nor ma l ly.
Printed in China
6. Reset TV Channel
1.Pre ss MENU at first ,then pres s CH+/CH- knob then
the unit will sear ch automatic ally from VH F-L,
VH F-Hand UHF.
2. The channe l searching ba r disappears a fter AUTO
scan is finis hed.
3. Press Menu to release the Auto Scan for TV channel i f
you need.
4. Press CH- o r CH+ to sele ct the desired program.
7. General Specification
Description: Portable 2.5
TV System: N TSC-M Syst em
VHF: CH 2 - CH 6
VHF: CH 7 - CH 13
UHF: CH 14 - CH 69
Display devi ce: Colour TFT-LCD
Display Scree n Size: 2.5 inches ( Diagon al: 2.45inches)
Video Input: 1Vp-p
Audio Output :
Input Resista nce : 75
Power Consu mption:
Resolution: 480 (H)*234 (V )
Dots Distanc e: 0.1035(W) X 0.160(H)m m
Visible Rang e: 49.68(H) X 37.44(V)mm
hi s is a n or m a l
250mW ( MAX)
2.8 w