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LG DR7621W Owner's Manual

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Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product,
please read this instruction booklet carefully and completely.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Dvd Recorder

    DR7621NW1C_HAASLL_ENG DVD RECORDER OWNER’S MANUAL MODEL : DR7621W Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read this instruction booklet carefully and completely.
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions CAUTION concerning the Power Cord CAUTION Most appliances recommend they be placed upon a dedi- RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK cated circuit; DO NOT OPEN That is, a single outlet circuit which powers only that appliance and has no additional outlets or branch circuits. Check the CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK specification page of this owner's manual to be certain.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Disc ......26-27 • Initialize ......26 Safety Precautions.
  • Page 4: Dvd Recorder Overview

    DVD Recorder Overview Recordable and Playable Discs DVD-RW (Digital Video Disc - ReWritable): DVD-RW discs can be formatted for VR mode recording or Video mode recording. These Discs can be recorded on repeatedly. Recordings can be erased, then you can record again on the same Disc.
  • Page 5: Playable Discs

    DVD Recorder Overview Playable Discs DVD (8 cm / 12 cm disc) Discs such as movies that can be purchased or rented Video CD (VCD) (8 cm / 12 cm disc) VIDEO CDs or CD-Rs/CD-RWs in VIDEO CD/Super VIDEO CD format Audio CD (8 cm / 12 cm disc) Music CDs or CD-Rs/CD-RWs in music CD format that can be purchased CD-R/CD-RW (8 cm / 12 cm disc)
  • Page 6: Disc-Related Terms

    DVD Recorder Overview (Continued) Disc-related terms Types of Video CDs There are two types of Video CDs: DVD +R (Double Layer) Double layer recording technology offers two recordable Video CDs equipped with PBC (Version 2.0) layers on a single DVD disc, providing nearly double the PBC (Playback control) functions allow you to interact capacity of 4.7GB single layer DVDs.
  • Page 7: About Recordable Discs

    DVD Recorder Overview (Continued) About recordable discs DVD+RW mode recording • 4 different picture quality/recording time settings avail- How are recordable discs different? able (HQ, SQ, LQ, EQ) The essential difference among DVD-R, DVD-RW, • Playable on regular DVD players DVD+R and DVD+RW is that DVD-R and DVD+R are •...
  • Page 8: About Dvd Recording

    DVD Recorder Overview (Continued) About DVD recording Notes for recording • The recording times shown are not exact because the recorder uses variable bit-rate video compression. Notes : This means that the exact recording time will depend • This recorder cannot make recordings on CD-R or on the material being recorded.
  • Page 9 DVD Recorder Overview (Continued) Restrictions on video recording • You cannot record copy-protected video using this recorder. Copy-protected video includes DVD-Video discs and some satellite broadcasts. If copy-protected material is encountered during a recording, recording will pause or stop automatically and an error message will be displayed on-screen.
  • Page 10: Precautions

    DVD Recorder Overview (Continued) Precautions Notes on Discs Handling discs Handling the unit Do not touch the playback side of the disc. Hold the When shipping the unit disc by the edges so that fingerprints will not get on the The original shipping carton and packing materials surface.
  • Page 11: Front Panel

    Front Panel a POWER Point the recorder remote control here. Switches the recorder ON or OFF. j INPUT2 (VIDEO IN/AUDIO IN (Left/Right)) b N (PLAY) Connect the audio/video output of an external Starts playback. source (Audio system, TV/ Monitor, VCR, Camcorder, etc.).
  • Page 12: Remote Control Overview

    Remote Control Overview CHP.ADD: Inserts a chapter marker SKIP (. / >): Go to next when playing/recording. chapter or track. Returns to begin- ning of current chapter or track or CLEAR: Removes a track number go to previous chapter or track. on the Program List or a mark on the Marker Search menu.
  • Page 13: Connections

    Connections Rear Panel Connections a AERIAL h RF. OUT Connect the aerial to this terminal. Passes the signal from the AERIAL to your TV/moni- b S-VIDEO OUT Connect to a S-Video Input on TV. i COAXIAL (Digital audio out jack) Connect to digital (coaxial) audio equipment.
  • Page 14: Connections To Your Tv

    Connections (Continued) Connections to Your TV Tips Depending on your TV and other equipment you wish Make one of the following connections, depending on to connect, there are various ways you could connect the capabilities of your existing equipment. the recorder. Use only one of the connections described below.
  • Page 15: Connecting To An Amplifier

    Connections (Continued) Connecting to an Amplifier Rear of the recorder Connecting to an amplifier equipped with two channel analog stereo or Dolby Pro Logic ll/ Pro Logic Connect the Left and Right AUDIO OUT jacks on the DVD Recorder to the audio left and right in jacks on your amplifier, receiver, or stereo system, using the audio cables (A).
  • Page 16: Accessory Audio/Video (A/V) Connections

    Connections (Continued) Connecting to the INPUT 1 or INPUT 2 Connecting a Digital Camcorder Jacks Using the front panel DV IN jack, it is possible to Connect the input jacks (AV1, AV2) on the recorder to connect a DV digital camcorder and digitally transfer DV the audio/video out jacks on your accessory compo- tapes to DVD.
  • Page 17: Pre-Operation Setup

    Pre-operation Setup Initial Settings General In this menu system, there are several ways to cus- Auto Programming tomize the settings provided. Most menus consist of This DVD Recorder is equipped with a frequency three levels to set up the options, but some require synthesized tuner capable of receiving up to 88 TV greater depth for the variety of settings.
  • Page 18: Program Edit

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Program Edit Press RETURN (O) repeatedly to exit Program List menu. You can edit a channel manually (add, delete, name, move, etc.). Program Edit Press SETUP. You can perform a search to select and store TV chan- The Setup menu appears.
  • Page 19 Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Program Edit (Continued) Sorting TV channels manually You can sort the program’s position on the Program List Station Rename menu. You can name stations independently. Names can be 1. Use v / V to select a program on the Program List up to 5 characters long.
  • Page 20: Clock Set

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Clock Set Display Mode Press SETUP. Display Mode setting works only when the TV Aspect The Setup menu appears. Ratio is set to “4:3”. Use v / V to select the General menu. You can choose: - Letter Box: Displays a wide picture with bands on the upper and lower portions of the screen.
  • Page 21: Pbc

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Language The PBC setting can be changed. Set Playback Control Display Language (PBC) to ON or OFF. - ON: Video CDs with PBC are played according to the Select a language for the Setup menu and on-screen PBC.
  • Page 22: Audio

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Audio DRC (Dynamic Range Control) With the DVD format, you can hear a program’s sound- Each DVD disc has a variety of audio output options. track in the most accurate and realistic presentation Set the recorder’s Audio Output according to the type of possible, thanks to digital audio technology.
  • Page 23: Lock (Parental Control)

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Lock (Parental Control) If you forget your 4-digit code If you forget your password, to clear the current pass- Set Password word, follow the procedure below. Changing the 4-digit code 1. Press SETUP to display the Setup menu. 2.
  • Page 24: Area Code

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Area Code Enter the code of a country/area whose standards were used to rate the DVD video disc, referring to the list (See “Area Codes”, page 51.). Press SETUP. The Setup menu appears. Use v / V to select the Lock option. While the Lock option is selected, press B to move to the second level.
  • Page 25: Recording

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Recording Auto Chapter When recording, chapter markers are put in at the Record Mode Set specified interval. You can set this interval to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes. If you select None, it switch- You can set the picture quality for recording; HQ (High es automatic chapter marking off, no separations.
  • Page 26: Disc

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Disc Caution Initialize If you want to change the disc format, everything recorded on the disc will be erased. If you load a completely blank disc, the “Initialize” menu will appear. Select “Ok” then press ENTER. The Disc Protect Recorder will initialize the disc.
  • Page 27: Finalize

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Finalize Disc Label Finalizing ‘fixes’ the recordings in place so that the disc Use this to enter a name for the disc. This name can be played on a regular DVD player or computer appears when you load the disc and when you display equipped with a suitable DVD-ROM drive.
  • Page 28: Overview For The On-Screen Display

    Pre-operation Setup (Continued) Overview for the On-Screen Display Disc Information On-screen Display You can display various information about the disc This manual gives basic instructions for operating the loaded on-screen. DVD Recorder. Some DVDs require specific operation or allow only limited operation during playback. When Press DISPLAY repeatedly to display/change the this occurs, the symbol appears on the TV screen,...
  • Page 29: Dvd Or Video Cd Playback

    DVD and Video CD Operation DVD or Video CD Playback General Features Playback Setup Note : Unless stated otherwise, all operations described use Turn the TV on and select the video input source con- the Remote Control. Some features may also be avail- nected to the DVD Recorder.
  • Page 30: Time Search

    DVD and Video CD Operation (Continued) General Features (Continued) Time Search The Time Search function allows you to start playback Slow Motion at any chosen time on the disc. 1. Press PAUSE/STEP (X) during playback. 1. Press DISPLAY during playback. The On-Screen The Recorder will enter PAUSE mode.
  • Page 31: Camera Angle Dvd

    DVD and Video CD Operation (Continued) General Features (Continued) Camera Angle Marker Search If the disc contains sequences recorded from different camera angles, the angle icon appears briefly on the TV You can start playback from a memorized point. Up to screen.
  • Page 32: Subtitles Dvd

    DVD and Video CD Operation (Continued) 3D Surround PIP (Picture-in-Picture) Video This unit can produce a 3D Surround effect, which simulates multi-channel audio playback from two This function enables you to view the stored stations in conventional stereo speakers, instead of the five or the sub picture during playback.
  • Page 33: Audio Cd And Mp3/Wma Operation

    Audio CD and MP3/WMA Operation Playing an Audio CD or MP3/WMA Notes on MP3/WMA Recordings file MP3 / WMA disc compatibility with this player is lim- ited as follows: Using this DVD Recorder you can play back MP3/WMA • Sampling frequency: within 32 - 48 kHz (MP3), within files on the CD-R/RW or DVD±R/RW.
  • Page 34 Audio CD and MP3/WMA Operation (Continued) Pause 1. Press PAUSE/STEP (X) during playback. 2. To return to playback, press N (PLAY) or press PAUSE/STEP (X) again. Track Selection Press SKIP . or > briefly during playback to go to the next track or to return to the beginning of the current track.
  • Page 35: Programmed Playback

    Audio CD and MP3/WMA Operation (Continued) Repeat Programmed Tracks Programmed Playback You can play a track/all on a disc. The program function enables you to store your favorite 1. Press REPEAT when playing a disc. The repeat icon tracks from any disc in the recorder’s memory. A pro- appears.
  • Page 36: Jpeg File Operation

    JPEG File Operation Viewing a JPEG file Notes on JPEG Recordings • Depending upon the size and number of JPEG files, it Using this DVD Recorder you can view JPEG files on could take a long time for the DVD Recorder to read the CD-R/RW or DVD±R/RW.
  • Page 37: Jpeg File Operation

    JPEG File Operation (Continued) Slide Show JPEG Use v V b B to highlight the (Slide Show) on the JPEG menu then press ENTER. Slide Show starts from the selected file if Speed option is not II (Off). While viewing a file, you can press STOP to move to the previous menu (JPEG menu).
  • Page 38: Recording

    Basic Recording Basic Recording from TV channels Instant Timer Recording Follow the instructions below to record a TV program. Instant Timer Recording allows you to make a recording Recording starts immediately and continues until the easily of a preset length without using the program disc is full or you stop the recording.
  • Page 39: Timer Recording

    Timer Recording This DVD Recorder can be programmed to record up to Enter the necessary information for your timer 7 programs over a period of 1 month. For unattended recording(s). recording, the timer needs to be set with the channels to •...
  • Page 40 Timer Recording (Continued) Reviewing Timer Recording Details Programming can be checked whenever the DVD Recorder is turned on. Press TIMER REC twice. • Use v / V to select a timer recording. • Press ENTER to edit the selected program. Timer Record menu appears.
  • Page 41: Recording From An External Input Source

    Recording from an External Input Source Recording from External Components Recording from a Digital Camcorder You can record from an external A/V device, such as a You can record from a digital camcorder connected to camcorder or VCR, connected to any of the Recorder’s the DV IN port on the front panel of this Recorder.
  • Page 42: What Is Dv

    Recording from an External Input Source (Continued) What is DV? DV-Related Messages You may see the following messages appear on your You can connect a DV-equipped camcorder to this TV screen when using the DV IN port. recorder using a single DV cable for input and output of audio, video, data and control signals.
  • Page 43: Title List And Chapter List Menu Overview

    Title List and Chapter List Menu Overview Using the Title List menu you can edit video content. 1 2 3 The editing features available in the Title List menu depend on whether you are editing video on DVD, and whether you’re editing Original content, or a Playlist. There are two ways to edit VR mode DVD-RW discs.
  • Page 44: Title And Chapter Editing

    Title and Chapter Editing Edits you make to the Original content change the actu- Adding Chapter Markers al content of the disc. For example, if you delete a title or chapter from the Original content (Title or Chapter), that title or chapter is deleted from the disc, freeing up You can put a chapter marker anywhere in a Playlist or extra recording time.
  • Page 45: Making A New Playlist

    Title and Chapter Editing (Continued) Adding Additional Title/Chapters to the Making a New Playlist Playlist Use this function to add an Original title or chapter to the Playlist. When you do this, the whole title is put into You can add an Original title or chapter to a Playlist title the Playlist (you can delete bits you don’t need later —...
  • Page 46: Deleting A Title/Chapter

    Title and Chapter Editing (Continued) Deleting a Title/Chapter Deleting a Part Video You can delete a part which you do not want in the title. Press MENU/LIST repeatedly to display If you erase a title or chapter from the Playlist menu on Title List-Original or Title List-Playlist menu.
  • Page 47: Naming A Title

    Title and Chapter Editing (Continued) Combining Two Chapters Into One Naming a Title Video You can name titles independently. Use this function to combine two adjacent Playlist or On the Title List menu, use v V b B to choose Original chapters into one.
  • Page 48: Moving A Playlist Chapter

    Title and Chapter Editing (Continued) Moving a Playlist Chapter Protect a Title Use this function to re-arrange the playing order of the Use this function to protect against accidental recording, Playlist chapters on the Title List-Playlist menu. editing or deleting of the title. Press MENU/LIST to display the Title List menu.
  • Page 49: Hide A Chapter

    Title and Chapter Editing (Continued) Hide a Chapter Dividing One Title Into Two You can skip playing chapters without deleting from the Use this command to split a title up into two new titles. disc. On the Title List menu, select a title you want to On the Chapter List menu, use v V b B to divide then press ENTER.
  • Page 50: Additional Information

    Additional Information Overwriting Recording To overwrite a new video recording on a previously recorded title, follow these steps. This feature is not available for DVD+Rs, that always record at the end of the Disc. Select input source you want to record (TV channel, AV1-2, DV).
  • Page 51: Language Code And Area Code List

    Language Code and Area Code List Language Codes Use this list to input your desired language for the following initial settings: Disc Audio, Disc Subtitle, Disc Menu. Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Abkhazian 6566 Fiji 7074 Lingala 7678 Singhalese 8373...
  • Page 52: Controlling Your Tv With The Supplied Remote

    LG TV with the supplied remote. You can control the sound level, input source, and power switch of non-LG TVs as well. If your TV is listed You can control your TV using the buttons below.
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Check the following guide for the possible cause of a problem before contacting service. Symptom Cause Solution No power. The power cord is disconnected. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet securely. No picture. The TV is not set to receive DVD Select the appropriate video input mode Recorder signal output.
  • Page 54: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting (Continued) Symptom Cause Solution Can’t play a disc The disc was recorded in Video mode. Finalize the disc. (page 27) recorded using this Some players will not play even a final- No solution. Recorder on another ized disc recorded in Video mode. player.
  • Page 55: Specifications

    Specifications General Power requirements AC 110-240V, 50/60 Hz Power consumption Dimensions (approx.) 430 x 49 x 300 mm (w x h x d) Mass (approx.) 3.5Kg Operating temperature 5˚C to 35˚C Operating humidity 5 % to 90 % Television system PAL I, B/G, I/I, SECAM D/K, K1 colour system Recording format Recording...
  • Page 56 P/NO : 3834RD0064K...