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Sony PCS-G70P Specifications

High-end videoconferencing system
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Videoconferencing System


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  • Page 1 PCS-G70P High-End Videoconferencing System
  • Page 2 Business is changing. The vision of integrated visual communication is becoming a reality with Sony IPELA – a suite of intelligent IP-based Network Video Monitoring and Videoconferencing products and solutions Sony IPELA Videoconferencing solutions offer customers a complete range of great-looking, affordable and simple-to-use conferencing systems, from compact all-in-one systems to high-end solutions with advanced capabilities.
  • Page 3 PTZ video camera; the EVI-D100P, a PTZ video camera. A total of four video cameras can be connected to the PCS-G70P. PCS-1P * The PCS-G70P supports a maximum of 50 fields per second in ISDN interlaced SIF format. PCS-G70P ■ Multi-Point Videoconferencing at up...
  • Page 4 * Sending data requires the optional PCSA-DSB1S Data Solution Box which is re-joins the other smaller picture insets. however not required for receiving data. ** Please contact your local Sony sales office for information on compatible digital whiteboards. Fixed Site...
  • Page 5 ■ Intuitive Interface and Easy-to-Use Remote Commander Unit The PCS-G70P requires minimal user intervention to easily set up a video conference via the remote commander unit and the intuitive interface. The supplied ergonomic remote commander unit that allows quick, simple on-screen navigation.
  • Page 6: Sample System Configuration

    ‘Private’ phone books can be stored on handy, removable Memory Another great feature of the PCS-G70P is the built-in streaming Stick media. Simply insert a Memory Stick into the PCS-G70P and application. Ideal in situations like large corporate press events,...
  • Page 7 Optional Accessories to further enhance your video communication PCSA-DSB1S PCSA-B768S PCSA-B384S PCSA-PRI Data Solution Box ISDN Unit (6 BRI) ISDN Unit (3 BRI) ISDN Unit PCS-A1 PCSA-A3 PCSA-A7P4 PCSA-CG70P Omnidirectional Microphone Unidirectional Microphone Communication Transducer Standard Camera Unit (4 x Microphones per pack) PCSA-CTG70P BRC-300P EVI-D70P...
  • Page 8: Case Studies

    Case Studies ■ Operating Room Surgeons in an operating theatre can share live audio and video links with doctors at remote location. Surgeons in the theatre sees the far-end doctor on a video monitor as well as the live endoscopical images from the patient. The far-end doctor also sees the images from the patient, hears audio and views DICOM patient data - all in real time.
  • Page 9 ■ Large Venues Scenario 1 - Dual stream from large conference venue to boardroom: Two cameras in the large conference venue capture both presenter and audience simultaneously. The people in the far end boardroom to see both camera views on 2 separate monitors. Scenario 2 –...
  • Page 10 Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. All non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. Sony, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo, and the Memory Stick logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation. Some images in this brochure are simulated.