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Nokia Purity Pro User Manual page 9

Bluetooth stereo headset by monster
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With some devices, you may need to make the connection separately after pairing.
When you switch your headset on, it automatically connects to the device it was used
with last. If the last connected device can't be found, the headset connects to the
next device on its paired devices list.
When the headset is connected to a device, the Bluetooth indicator light flashes
Tip: Can't connect the headset to a compatible device? Make sure the headset is
charged, switched on, and paired with the device.
Pair and connect with NFC
With Near Field Communication (NFC), you can pair and connect your headset to your
compatible device easily.
If your device supports NFC, switch NFC on.
Switch the headset on.
Touch the NFC area on the headset with the NFC area on your device. The headset
connects to the device automatically.
You can also disconnect the headset using NFC. For details on NFC, see your device
user guide.
If the device does not support NFC, pair the headset manually.
Pair and connect with Bluetooth
Make sure the headset is switched off.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents