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Nokia Purity Pro User Manual page 7

Bluetooth stereo headset by monster
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When the battery is empty, you can still use a wired connection without active noise
cancellation (ANC).
Tip: The battery indicator light tells you the level of battery charge whenever you
switch the headset on or off. A green light means there is enough power. If the light
is yellow, you may need to recharge the battery soon. If the light is red, recharge the
Switch the headset on
There's no power button to press – just unfold the headset, and it automatically
switches on.
The headset beeps, and the battery indicator light flashes once, showing you the
battery charge. The headset automatically connects to the last connected device. If
you've never paired the headset with a device, or you've cleared the pairings, the
headset goes into pairing mode.
Switch the headset off
Fold the headset. The headset beeps, and the battery indicator light flashes once. All
connections close.
If the headset is not connected to a device within 10 minutes, it switches to standby
mode. To wake the headset up, switch it off, and switch it back on again.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents