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Philips HTS8160B User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Philips HTS8160B

  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at HTS8160B HTS8161B EN User manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Connect audio from TV or other devices Connect and install radio Connect a USB device Connect an MP3 player Connect and install a Philips iPod dock Connect to the internet 5 Use your home theater Before you start Switch on or to standby...
  • Page 4: Notice

    1 Notice Trademarks Copyright ‘AVCHD’ and ‘AVCHD’ logo are trademarks of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd and Sony Corporation. This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims BONUSVIEW™ of certain U.S. patents and other intellectual ‘BD LIVE’ and ‘BONUSVIEW’ are trademarks property rights owned by Macrovision of Blu-ray Disc Association.
  • Page 5 Made for iPod iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in Manufactured under license from Dolby the U.S. and other countries. Laboratories. Dolby, Pro Logic and the “Made for iPod” means that an electronic double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby accessory has been designed to connect Laboratories.
  • Page 6: Important

    Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. bears immediately. Contact Philips Consumer no responsibility for improper wall Care to have the home theater checked mounting that results in accident, injury before use.
  • Page 7: Product Care

    Risk of injury to children! Product care Follow these precautions to prevent the home theater from toppling over and causing injury to • Do not insert any objects other than discs children: into the disc compartment. • Never place the home theater on a •...
  • Page 8: User Manual Cd

    CD supplied with your home theater. For Your product is designed and manufactured a printed copy of the complete User Manual, with high quality materials and components, contact Philips Consumer Care in your country. which can be recycled and reused. To access the User Manual Caution When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol •...
  • Page 9: Your Home Theater

    Disc compartment f Volume control wheel Congratulations on your purchase, and Rotate clockwise to increase volume or welcome to Philips! To fully beneÀ t from the anti-clockwise to decrease volume. support that Philips offers, register your home g Playback buttons theater at
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    RADIO : Switch to FM radio. • AUDIO SOURCE : Select an audio input. • USB / iPod DOCK : Select Philips iPod Dock or a USB storage device. d Color buttons Blu-ray discs only: Select a task or option. ( Home menu ) Access the home menu.
  • Page 11: Audio Sync

    m SOUND MODE Select a sound mode. n Numeric buttons Select an item or setting. o SUBTITLE Select a subtitle language for video. p REPEAT / PROGRAM • Select or turn off repeat mode. • In radio mode, program radio stations.
  • Page 12: Connect Your Home Theater

    DOCK the product for identiÀ cation and supply ratings. • Before you make or change any connections, Connect to Philips iPod dock. ensure that all devices are disconnected from b DIGITAL AUDIO IN the power outlet. Connect to digital audio output on the...
  • Page 13: Connect To The Tv, Subwoofer And Power

    Subwoofer connectors Option 1: Connect to the TV through HDMI FM ANTENNA FM 75 AUDIO IN TO MAIN UNIT AUX 2 AUX 3 MAINS a TO MAIN UNIT Connect to the TO SUBWOOFER Note connector on the main unit. b MAINS •...
  • Page 14: Connect Audio From Tv Or Other Devices

    Option 3: Connect to the TV through Connect the power cord composite video (CVBS) Caution Note • Risk of product damage! Ensure that the power supply voltage corresponds to the • The composite video cable or connector might voltage printed under or on the back of the be labeled AV IN , VIDEO IN , COMPOSITE or home theater.
  • Page 15: Analog Audio Cables

    Option 1: Connect audio through a Option 3: Connect audio through digital coaxial cable analog audio cables (Cable not supplied) Note • The digital coaxial cable or connector might be Connect audio from one device: labeled COAXIAL DIGITAL OUT or SPDIF OUT .
  • Page 16: Connect And Install Radio

    Reinstall radio stations Connect and install radio Press RADIO . Press and hold PROGRAM for 5 seconds. » The home theater searches for and FM ANTENNA stores radio stations. All previously FM 75 stored stations are replaced. Tune radio stations manually You can manually tune radio stations.
  • Page 17: Connect A Usb Device

    Connect a USB device Connect an MP3 player You can play media À les from the following types of USB devices: • Flash drive • Memory card reader • Hard disk drive with an external power source • Digital camera Note •...
  • Page 18: Connect And Install A Philips Ipod Dock

    Connect and install a Philips Connect to the internet iPod dock Connect the home theater to the internet for software updates and BD-Live applications (see ‘BD-Live’ on page 19 ) . Ensure that you have broadband access and that your À rewall is disabled.
  • Page 19: Use Your Home Theater

    5 Use your home • Though your home theater consumes very theater little power when in standby, energy continues to be consumed. When not in use for an extended period of time, disconnect the power cable from the power outlet. This section helps you use your home theater to play media from a wide range of sources, including discs, USB storage devices, iPods, MP3...
  • Page 20: Play A Disc

    Ambisound Description Change sound mode mode Select predeÀ ned sound modes to suit your AUTO Automatically selects the best video or music. Ambisound mode for your video or music. Turned on by default. MULTI- Immersive multi-channel CHANNEL sound for an enhanced movie experience.
  • Page 21 Button Action Use Blu-ray features Access the main menu of a Additional features are available on Blu-ray MENU video disc. discs. Navigation Navigate menus. buttons Bonus View ConÀ rm an entry or selection. Start or resume play. Blu-ray discs that support the Bonus View Pause play.
  • Page 22: Play From Radio

    Button Action Access BD-Live Select a preset radio station. In the Blu-ray disc menu, press the Search for a radio station. navigation buttons to select the BD-Live Fine tune a radio frequency. icon. Press and hold to erase the Press OK . preset radio station.
  • Page 23: Play From An Ipod

    Skip to the previous or next home theater (see ‘Connect and install a track, chapter or À le. Philips iPod dock’ on page 16 ) . Fast backward or fast forward. Turn on and dock the iPod. Press repeatedly to change the Press iPod DOCK .
  • Page 24: More Play Features

    • [Picture Settings] : Select a More play features predeÀ ned picture setting. These settings are also available in the Several advanced features are available for video home menu (see ‘Select a color or pictures play from a disc, USB device or iPod. setting’...
  • Page 25 Use audio options Synchronize audio with video play Access several useful features while audio is If the audio and video are not synchronized, played. you can delay the audio to match the video. When audio is played, press Press AUDIO SYNC . »...
  • Page 26: Change Settings

    6 Change settings Change video settings Select audio, subtitle or menu This section helps you to change the settings of language for a disc your home theater. Note Caution • For some discs, you must use the disc menu to •...
  • Page 27 Select an option for Deep Color, then Set HDMI video resolution for your press OK . • [Auto] - Display images in over a billion colors if your TV supports Caution Deep Color. Display images in 24-bit • By default, the home theater automatically colors if your TV does not support selects the best video resolution for your Deep Color.
  • Page 28: Change Audio Settings

    Select a color setting Select audio format for your TV Press , select [Settings] , and then press Note OK . • Select [Video Setup] > [Picture Settings] , Your TV must be connected through HDMI. then press . Select a predeÀ ned color setting, then Press , select [Settings] , and then press press OK .
  • Page 29: Change Preferences

    Set or change a PIN Change preferences Press , select [Settings] , and then press Select the menu language OK . Select [Preference Setup] > [Change Press , select [Settings] , and then press PIN] , then press OK . OK .
  • Page 30: Set Up Easylink

    Turn the content menu on or off Set up EasyLink You can choose to skip or display the content Your home theater supports Philips EasyLink, menu for VCD and SVCD discs. which uses the HDMI CEC (Consumer Press , select [Settings] , and then press Electronics Control) protocol.
  • Page 31 Enable one-touch standby Philips TV Aux1 When you press and hold ( Standby ) for Recorder Aux2 at least three seconds, the connected HDMI DVD player Aux3 CEC devices switch to standby. Coaxial Note Optical • When one-touch standby is turned off, the...
  • Page 32: Change Advance Settings

    Change advance settings Change BD-Live settings Find the DivX VOD registration code Restrict access to BD-Live for your home theater Press , select [Settings] , and then press OK . DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) is a digital video delivery service that allows you to Select [Advanced Setup] >...
  • Page 33: Update Software

    (if available) on the • Search for your model and click on Philips web site. ‘software&drivers’. Create a folder named ‘UPG’ in your USB device. Check software version Download the software into ‘UPG’...
  • Page 34: Wall Mount The Home Theater

    8 Wall mount the home theater Position the supplied bracket on the wall, drill the screw holes and insert the rubber wall plugs (not supplied) into the holes. • If you mount the home theater • To manage cables from the TV, you below a TV, leave at least 4 inches can remove the door insert on the between the TV and the bracket.
  • Page 35: Product Speci√† Cations

    9 Product Disc • Laser Type: Semiconductor specifications • Disc diameter: 12cm / 8cm • Video decoding: MPEG1/ MPEG2 / DivX / DivX Ultra • Video DAC: 12 bits, 148 MHz • Signal system: PAL / NTSC Note • Video S/N: 56 dB •...
  • Page 36 Main Unit Laser SpeciÀ cation • Dimensions (WxHxD): 999 x 189.24 x • Laser Type: 158.74 (mm) • BD Laser Diode: InGaN/AIGaN • Weight: 8.4 kg • DVD Laser Diode: InGaAIP • Center speaker: • CD Laser Diode: A IGaAs •...
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    No high-deÀ nition video signal on the TV. • Ensure that the disc contains high- If you contact Philips, you will be asked for the deÀ nition video. model and serial number of your product. The •...
  • Page 38 I do not want my home theater to be switched on when I switch on my TV. • This is the correct behavior for Philips Play EasyLink (HDMI-CEC). To make the Distorted sound or echo. home theater work independently, turn •...
  • Page 39: Index

    11 Index radio subwoofer connectors contact us Ambisound 26 , 18 ampliÀ er audio bass Deep Color connect audio from TV 12 , 20 disc connection content menu format for TV language language play map from connected devices ratings synchronize with video speciÀ...
  • Page 40 HDMI CEC (see Easylink) parental control Home menu picture format options rotate internet slide show 23 , 22 , 18 BD-Live troubleshooting Bonus View PIN number connect play software update disc iPod iPod connect MP3 player play one-touch play radio USB device power language...
  • Page 41 safety serial number connect settings photo 22 , 20 BD-Live play menu software update parental control user manual CD picture preferences restore factory settings video sleep timer options slideshow 23 , 22 resolution 25 , 25 software search update synchronize with audio version troubleshooting sound...
  • Page 46 © 2009 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. sgpjy_0928/51_Eng...

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