GMC PCH37 Instruction Manual

37ccpetrol chain saw.
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Code: PCH37
Date: 060426
Edition: 04


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  • Page 1

    37CC PETROL CHAINSAW PCH37 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Black Magenta Code: PCH37 Cyan Yellow Date: 060426 Edition: 04 Op: DCR...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Additional safety rules for petrol chain saws Unpacking Contents of carton Know your product Installing the guide bar and chain Filling up with fuel and oil Starting the chainsaw Stopping the chainsaw Checking the oil supply Adjusting the carburettor Chain brake Bucking spikes...

  • Page 3: Description Of Symbols

    Dear Customer If you require any help with your product, whether it is a Warranty claim, spare part or user information, please phone our Help Line for an immediate response. Phone 1300 880 001 in Australia or 0800 445 721 in New Zealand. Introduction Your new GMC power tool will more than satisfy your expectations.

  • Page 4: Symbols On The Machine, Specifications

    Symbols on the machine Fuel inlet. (Position: under the fuel tank cap.) Chain oil inlet. (Position: next to the oil tank cap.) On/Off. (Position: on the on/off switch.) Setting the on/off switch to Off, stops the engine immediately. Run position. Start position (when engine is warm.) Start position (when engine is cold.) Choke control...

  • Page 5: General Safety Instructions

    General safety instructions WARNING. Read and understand all instructions. Failure to follow all instructions listed below may result in fire and/or serious injury. Save these instructions 1) Work area a) Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered and dark areas invite accidents.

  • Page 6: Additional Safety Rules For Petrol Chain Saws

    4) Service a) Have your power tool serviced by a qualified repair personnel using only identical replacement This will ensure that the safety of the power tool is maintained. Additional safety rules for petrol chain saws NOTE. For safety reasons the chain saw is shipped with the chain brake fully engaged.

  • Page 7: Unpacking, Contents Of Carton

    If you find anything wrong, do not operate the tool until the parts have been replaced or the fault has been rectified. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury. Contents of carton The GMC Petrol Chainsaw is supplied with the following accessories as standard. • Chain •...

  • Page 8: Know Your Product

    Know your product 1. Guide bar 2. Chain 3. Chain tensioning screw 4. Chain drive cover 5. Chain drive cover nuts (x 2) 6. Cylinder cover 7. Ventilation slide cover 8. Air filter 9. Front guard (chain brake) 10. Top handle 11.

  • Page 9: Installing The Guide Bar And Chain

    Installing the guide bar and chain WARNING. The chain has sharp edges. Use work gloves for safety. 1. Pull the front guard (9) towards the rear of the saw until there is a “click” to make sure that the chain brake is released. 2.

  • Page 10: Filling Up With Fuel And Oil

    6. Make sure that the container is clearly labelled that it is 2-stroke mixture. Fuelling the chain saw 1. The engine must be stopped and cool. Place the chainsaw on its side with the fuel tank cap facing upwards. 2. Make sure that the fuel mixture is well mixed.

  • Page 11: Starting The Chainsaw

    The choke control will fully retract to the RUN position, your chainsaw is now ready for use. 8. When restarting the engine when it is still warm, set the choke control to the START position.

  • Page 12: Stopping The Chainsaw, Checking The Oil Supply, Adjusting The Carburettor, Chain Brake, Bucking Spikes

    CAUTION. Check that the chain brake is operating correctly each time the chain saw is used. Bucking spikes The Chainsaw has bucking spikes to assist with cutting and reduce the chance of kickback, use them as follows: 1. Fit the bucking spike in the bark at point A.

  • Page 13: Operating In Cold Temperatures, Operation, Helpful Hints

    Operating in cold temperatures The ventilation slide cover (7) is factory set for use of the chain saw in normal temperatures. It can be changed for use in temperatures around or below freezing point. In this case the position of slide cover (7) is reversed to allow the air entering the carburettor to be first warmed by the engine to increase the efficiency of the operation.

  • Page 14: Guard Against Kickback, Felling A Tree, Limbing

    • Position your body to the left of the chainsaw so if it kicks back uncontrollably, it goes over your right shoulder, never stand in the cutting line of the saw.

  • Page 15: Bucking, Pruning, Maintenance

    WARNINGS. Always keep a balanced stance. Do not stand on the log. Be alert to the fact that the log may roll over. When working on a slope, always stand on the uphill side of the log. Bucking Bucking is cutting a log into lengths for easier handling.

  • Page 16

    Chain sharpening Sharpen the chain regularly to maintain optimum performance of the saw. Signs of a dull chain are: • The sawdust becomes powder-like • Extra force is required to execute a cut • The cut does not track in a straight line •...

  • Page 20

    Carefully read the entire Instruction Manual before using this product. Before returning this product for a Warranty Claim or any other reason Please Call 1300 880 001 (Australia) or 0800 445 721 (New Zealand) When you make your call, please have the following information at hand: GMC Product Type GMC Product Code A GMC Service Engineer will take your call and, in most cases, will be able to solve your problem over the phone.

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