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Philips DCB3270 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Philips DCB3270

  • Page 1 Always there to help you Register your product and get support at DCB3270 Question? Contact Philips User manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Safety 8 Listen to DAB radio stations Know these safety symbols Use for the first time Important safety instructions Tune to a stored station Hearing safety Program radio stations Display DAB information 2 Your micro music system Use DAB menus Introduction 9 Adjust sound What's in the box...
  • Page 4: Safety

    1 Safety Important safety instructions Risk of electric shock or fire! Read and understand all instructions before • Never expose the product and accessories you use this micro music system. If damage is to rain or water. Never place liquid caused by failure to follow the instructions, the containers, such as vases, near the product.
  • Page 5: Hearing Safety

    • If the product is transported in that may have already experienced some temperatures below 5°C, unpack the hearing loss. product and wait until its temperature • Sound can be deceiving. Over time your matches room temperature before hearing 'comfort level' adapts to higher connecting it to the power outlet.
  • Page 6: Your Micro Music System

    Contact Contact Philips Philips Congratulations on your purchase, and Wall Mounting welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the Short User Manual Instructions support that Philips offers, register your product at If you contact the Consumer Care, you will...
  • Page 7: Overview Of The Remote Control

    r FM ANT • Stop the play of music. • Connect to the FM antenna. • Access the playlist of a docked iPod/ iPhone. Overview of the remote • Connect a compatible USB storage control device for music play. • Connect a compatible USB device for charging.
  • Page 8 n PROG • Eject the disc. • Program radio stations. • Program tracks that are stored on a c DOCK/ CD disc or USB storage device. • Switch the source to the connected iPod/iPhone/iPad or the disc in the disc o DISPLAY/RDS compartment.
  • Page 9: Before Use

    3 Before use Connect the radio antenna Note • For optimal reception, fully extend the antenna and adjust its position, or connect an outdoor antenna. • This product does not support AM (amplitude modulation) radio reception. Connect the AC power adaptor to the DC IN socket on the back panel, and •...
  • Page 10: Install The Remote Control Battery

    4 Get started Install the remote control battery Caution • Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure or other unsafe operation. Always follow the instructions in this chapter in sequence.
  • Page 11: Set The Clock

    • Press to switch this product Select a source • between the working mode and the normal standby mode, or On the product, press SOURCE repeatedly to • from the eco power standby mode to select a source. the working mode. •...
  • Page 12: Play From Hard Media

    5 Play from hard Note media • WOOX Innovations does not guarantee compatibility with all USB storage devices. • FAT16 and FAT 32 file systems are supported, and NTFS (New Technology File System) not. Play a disc Note • Make sure that the disc contains playable audio content. Press CD or SOURCE to switch the Connect the USB storage device to the source to...
  • Page 13: Program Tracks

    6 Use the dock Buttons Functions Skip to the previous or next track. Press and hold to rewind You can enjoy audio from iPod/iPhone/iPad a track or search forward through this product. fast. Skip to the previous or Note next album when one or more albums exist.
  • Page 14: Enjoy Audio Through The Dock

    Turn the dock tray to select a connector Enjoy audio through the dock that matches your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Press DOCK or SOURCE to switch the source to Eject the dock. Connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad to the dock. » Once the iPod/iPhone/iPad is recognized, the charging starts.
  • Page 15: Charge Your Ipod/Iphone/Ipad

    7 Listen to FM Play a track on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. radio Tune to an FM radio station Note • Make sure that you have connected and fully extended Buttons Functions the FM antenna. Start, pause, or resume play. MENU/ Access the playlist of iPod/iPhone. Navigate through the playlist of iPod/iPhone.
  • Page 16: Program Radio Stations Automatically

    Program radio stations Display RDS information automatically RDS (Radio Data System) is a service that allows FM stations to transfer additional Note information. If you tune to an RDS station, an • RDS icon is displayed. You can program a maximum of 20 preset radio stations.
  • Page 17: Listen To Dab Radio Stations

    8 Listen to DAB Tune to a stored station radio stations Switch the source to » The last listened station is broadcast. Note Press to select a station, and then press OK to start listening. • For optimal reception, fully extend the antenna and adjust its position.
  • Page 18: Display Dab Information

    Display DAB information Press OK to access the station list. Press DISPLAY repeatedly to cycle through the Press to select a station from following information (if available). 5A to 13F. • Dynamic label segment (DLS) Press OK to confirm the option. •...
  • Page 19: Adjust Sound

    9 Adjust sound 10 Other features Use the alarm timer The following operations are applicable to all supported media. This product can be used as an alarm clock. You can select the disc, iPod/iPhone/iPad library, Select a preset sound effect FM radio station, DAB radio station, or .mp3 files stored on a USB storage device as alarm source.
  • Page 20: Use The Sleep Timer

    Deactivate/Re-activate the alarm Listen to an external device timer You can also listen to an external audio device, In standby mode, press SLEEP/TIMER. for example, MP3 player, through this product. » If TIMER disappears, the alarm timer is deactivated. » If TIMER is displayed, the alarm timer is activated.
  • Page 21: Charge Your Usb Device

    11 Use system Charge your USB device menus You can charge your USB device, for example, smart phone, with this product. Use the system menus to Note • check the version of current software of this product, • The output voltage through the USB socket is 5 V with output currency 0.5 A.
  • Page 22: Upgrade The Software

    12 Product Upgrade the software information Go to Note Search for support information about this product with "DCB3270/10" as the • Product information is subject to change without prior keyword. notice. » When an upgrade packet is available, the link of "Installation instructions"...
  • Page 23: Usb Playability Information

    Disc USB playability information Laser type Semiconductor Compatible USB devices: Disc diameter 12 cm • USB flash memory (USB 2.0 or USB1.1) Support discs CD-DA, CD-R, • USB flash players (USB 2.0 or USB1.1) CD-RW, MP3-CD • Memory cards (requires an additional card Audio DAC 24 Bits, 44.1 kHz reader to work with this unit)
  • Page 24: Maintenance

    After prolonged use, dirt or dust may 15 minutes after the product stays accumulate at the disc lens. To ensure good inactivity. play quality, clean the disc lens with Philips No sound Adjust the volume. CD lens cleaner or any commercially or poor Disconnect the headphones.
  • Page 25 Problem Solution Problem Solution Remote Before you press any function Clock/ Power has been interrupted or control button, select the correct source timer the AC power adaptor has been does not with the remote control instead of setting is disconnected. work.
  • Page 26: Notice

    14 Notice When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is Any changes or modifications made to this attached to a product it means that the product device that are not expressly approved by is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/ WOOX Innovations may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 27: Trademark Notice

    Apple Inc. Copyright 2013 © WOOX Innovations Limited. All rights reserved. Philips and the Philips’ Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and are used by WOOX Innovations Limited under license from Koninklijke Philips N.V. ”...
  • Page 28 WOOX Innovations, and is the manufacturer of the product. WOOX Innovations is the warrantor in relation to the product with which this booklet was packaged. Philips and the Philips Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

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