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Summary of Contents for Husqvarna QN 4025

  • Page 1 Instruction Book Bruksanvisning Käyttöohje MICROWAVE OVEN QN 4025 QN 4026...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Important safety instructions ......... . .2 - 3 Oven &...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Do not attempt to replace the oven lamp yourself or the cookery book section. allow anyone who is not authorised by HUSQVARNA to do so. If the oven lamp fails, please consult your dealer or an authorised HUSQVARNA service agent.
  • Page 5 WARNING: Only allow children to use the The exchange must be made by an authorised oven without supervision when adequate HUSQVARNA service agent. instructions have been given so that the child To avoid the possibility of explosion and is able to use the oven in a safe way and sudden boiling: understands the hazards of improper use.
  • Page 6: Oven & Accessories

    • To avoid turntable damage, ensure dishes or containers are lifted clear of the turntable rim when removing them from the oven. NOTE: When you order accessories, please mention two items: part name and model name to your dealer authorised HUSQVARNA service agent...
  • Page 7: Control Panel

    CONTROL PANEL 1 Digital Display 2 Indicators The appropriate indicator will flash or light up, just above each symbol according to the instruction. When an indicator is flashing, press the appropriate button (having the same symbol) or carry out the necessary operation. Stir Turn over Weight...
  • Page 8: Before Operation

    BEFORE OPERATION Using the STOP button Plug in the oven. 1. The oven display will flash: Use the STOP button to: 1. Erase a mistake during programming. 2. Stop the oven temporarily during cooking. 3. Cancel a programme during cooking, touch twice. 2.
  • Page 9: What Are Microwaves

    WHAT ARE MICROWAVES? Microwaves are generated in the microwave oven by a magnetron and cause the water molecules in the food to oscillate. Heat is generated by the friction which is caused, with the result that the food is thawed, heated or cooked.
  • Page 10: Tips & Advice

    TIPS & ADVICE TIME SETTINGS amount of food which you would like to thaw, heat In general the thawing, heating and cooking times or cook. This means that small portions cook more are significantly shor ter than when using a quickly than larger ones.
  • Page 11: Standing Time

    TIPS & ADVICE STANDING TIME acquires a brownness, although this is not Keeping to the standing time is one of the most comparable to the deep brownness and crispness important rules with microwaves. Almost all foods, obtained through conventional cooking. In order which are thawed, heated or cooked in the to obtain an appetising brown colour you can use microwave, require a certain amount of time to stand,...
  • Page 12: Tips & Advice

    TIPS & ADVICE TURNING/STIRRING After cooking allow the vegetables to stand for Almost all foods have to be turned or stirred from approx. 2 minutes, so that the temperature time to time. As early as possible, separate parts disperses evenly (standing time). which are stuck together and rearrange them.
  • Page 13: Microwave Power Levels

    MICROWAVE POWER LEVEL Your oven has 5 power levels. To choose the power level 400 W for dense foods which require a long cooking for cooking, follow the advice given in the recipe section. time when cooked conventionally, eg. beef dishes, it is Generally the following recommendations apply: advisable to use this power setting to ensure the meat will be tender.
  • Page 14: Other Convenient Functions

    OTHER CONVENIENT FUNCTIONS 1. MULTIPLE SEQUENCE COOKING A maximum of 3 sequences can be input, consisting of manual cooking time and mode. Example: To cook: 5 minutes on 800 W power (Stage 1) 16 minutes on 240 W power (Stage 2) STAGE 1 1.
  • Page 15: Other Convenient Functions

    OTHER CONVENIENT FUNCTIONS 2. ADD 30 SECONDS FUNCTION The START/+30 button allows you to operate the two following functions: a. Direct start You can directly start cooking on 800 W microwave power level for 30 seconds by pressing the START/+30 button. NOTE: To avoid the misuse by children the START/+30 button can be used only within 3 minutes after preceding operation, i.e., closing the door, pressing the STOP button or cooking completion.
  • Page 16: Automatic Operation

    AUTOMATIC OPERATION The AUTOMATIC function automatically works out the correct cooking mode and cooking time. You can AUTO PROGRAMMES choose from 7 AUTO COOK menus and 5 AUTO button DEFROST menus. What you need to know when using this automatic function: 1.
  • Page 17: Automatic Charts

    AUTOMATIC CHARTS AUTOCOOK BUTTON WEIGHT (Increasing PROCEDURE Unit) / UTENSILS AC-1 Cook 0,1 - 0,6 kg (100 g) • Add 1 tbsp water per 100 g and salt as Frozen Vegetables (initial temp -18° C) desired. (For mushrooms no additional water Bowl and lid is necessary).
  • Page 18 AUTOMATIC CHARTS BUTTON AUTOCOOK WEIGHT (Increasing PROCEDURE Unit) / UTENSILS AC-6 Cook 0,4 - 1,2 kg* (100 g) • See recipes for Fish Fillet with Sauce on page Fish fillet with (initial temp fish 5° C, sauce Sauce 20° C) Gratin dish &...
  • Page 19: Recipes For Automatic Ac-6 & Ac-7

    AUTOMATIC CHARTS NOTES: Auto Defrost 1 Steaks and Chops should be frozen in one layer. 2 Minced meat should be frozen in a thin shape. 3 After turning over, shield the defrosted portions with small, flat pieces of aluminium foil. 4 The poultry should be processed immediately after defrosting.
  • Page 20: Recipes For Automatic Ac-6 & Ac-7

    RECIPES FOR AUTOMATIC AC-6 & AC-7 GRATIN (AC-7) Spinach gratin Ingredients Preparation 1. Mix together the leaf spinach with the onion 0,5 kg 1,0 kg 1,5 kg and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. 10 g 15 g butter or margarine (to 2.
  • Page 21: Cooking Charts

    COOKING CHARTS ABBREVIATIONS USED tbsp = tablespoon KG = kilogram DF = deep frozen tsp = teaspoon g = gram MW = microwave l.p. = large pinch l = litre MWO = microwave oven s.p. = small pinch ml = millilitre min = minutes Cup = cupful cm = centimetre...
  • Page 22 COOKING CHARTS TABLE: THAWING Food Quantity Power Thawing time Hints Standing time -Setting- -Min- -Min- Roast meat (e.g. pork, beef, 1500 80 W 58-64 place on an upturned plate, turn 30-90 lamb, veal) 1000 80 W 42-48 half way through thawing time 30-90 80 W 19-23 30-90...
  • Page 23: Recipes

    COOKING CHARTS TABLE: COOKING FRESH VEGETABLES Vegetable Quantity Power Time Hints Added Water -Setting -Min- -tbsps/ml- Leaf Spinach 800 W wash dry well, cover, stir once or twice during cooking Cauliflower 800 W 15-17 1 whole head, cover, divide into florets, stir tbsps 800 W 10-12 during cooking...
  • Page 24 RECIPES Germany 1. Toast the bread and spread with butter. 2. Cut the Camembert into slices and arrange on CAMEMBERT TOAST top of the toast. Put the cranberry jelly in the Total cooking time: approx. 1 minutes middle of the cheese and sprinkle with cayenne Utensil: pepper.
  • Page 25 RECIPES Switzerland 1. Cut the fillet into finger-width strips. 2. Grease the dish all over with the butter. Put the ZÜRICH VEAL IN CREAM onion and the meat into the dish, cover and Total cooking time: approx. 11-15 minutes cook. Stir once during cooking. Utensil: dish with lid (2 l capacity) 7-10 min.
  • Page 26 RECIPES Italy 1. Cut the tomatoes into slices, mix with the ham and onion, garlic, minced meat and mashed LASAGNE tomato. Season and cook with the lid on. Total cooking time 22-26 minutes 7-9 min. 800 W Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 l capacity) 2.
  • Page 27: Recipes

    RECIPES Spain 1. Place the potatoes in a dish, add the water, cover and cook. Rearrange halfway through cooking. BAKED POTATOES 8-10 min. 800 W Total cooking time 12-16 minutes Leave to cool. Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 l capacity) 2.
  • Page 28: Care & Cleaning

    CARE & CLEANING CAUTION: DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL Oven Interior O V E N C L E A N E R S , S T E A M C L E A N E R S , 1. For cleaning, wipe any splatters or spills with a ABRASIVE, HARSH CLEANERS, ANY THAT soft damp cloth or sponge after each use while C O N TA I N...
  • Page 29: What To Do If

    ... the microwave will not switch off? Isolate the appliance from the fuse box. Call an authorised HUSQVARNA service agent..the interior light is not working? Call an authorised HUSQVARNA service agent.
  • Page 30: Service & Spare Parts

    The telephone number can be obtained from the operator. GUARANTEE CONDITIONS Standard Guarantee conditions European Guarantee We, Husqvarna, undertake that if within 24 months If you should move to another country within of the date of the purchase this Husqvarna Europe then your guarantee moves with you to...
  • Page 31: Specifications

    Ecologically responsible disposal of packaging materials and old appliances Packaging materials Husqvarna microwave ovens require effective packaging to protect them during transportation. Only the minimum packaging necessary is used. Packaging materials (e.g. foil or styrofoam) can place children at risk.
  • Page 32: Installation

    INSTALLATION INSTALLING THE APPLIANCE 1. Remove all packaging and check carefully for 4. Fit the appliance into the kitchen cupboard any signs of damage. slowly, and without force, until the front frame of the oven seals against the front opening of the 2.
  • Page 33 THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED The manufacturer declines any liability should this safety measure not be observed. If the plug that is fitted to your appliance is not suitable for your socket outlet, you must call your local Husqvarna service agent.
  • Page 34 Husqvarna Hushållsprodukter S-105 45 Stockholm From the Electrolux Group. The World’s No.1 choice. The Electrolux group is the world’s largest producer of powered appliances for the kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux Group products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx.

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