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Need More Help - Acer FP855 User Manual

Lcd color monitor 18.1” (45.9cm) lcd panel size


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The microphone doesn't work.
Audio cable. See if the audio cable is connected to PC's "LINE-IN" port and
monitor's microphone port.
There is noise from speakers when using the microphone.
Set microphone item of volume control function in Windows 95 or
Windows 98 to "MUTE".
Please adjust as following steps:
1. Double click the speaker icon in Windows 95 or Windows 98
2. In the volume control window, set the microphone item to "MUTE".
I key does not function properly and "unsupported" message shows.
In some non-full-screen patterns, the i-key function couldn't work properly
and an "unsupported" OSD will pop up. In this situation, you need to use the
fly wheel to adjust your screen rather than i key.
The sound of speakers distorts and the screen flashes when using speakers.
Check whether the audio cable is connected to " Line Out" port of PC rather
than the " Speak Out" port.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents