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Honeywell HEGS5BLX User Manual

Keyboard controller.
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Keyboard Controller

User Guide

900.0799 – June 2006 - Rev 1.01


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   Summary of Contents for Honeywell HEGS5BLX

  • Page 1: User Guide

    HEGS5BLX Keyboard Controller User Guide 900.0799 – June 2006 - Rev 1.01...
  • Page 2 ISSUE DATE REVISIONS 900.0723 May 2006 Initial Release 900.0799 Correct controller power supply part #/add power supply June 2006 part # to converter; correct RS232 RX/TX terminals on terminal block 1.01 June 2006 Revise connections to power connector Rev. 1.01 900.0799 20-Jun-06...
  • Page 3: Fcc Compliance Statement

  • Page 4 Rev. 1.01 900.0799 20-Jun-06...
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS READ INSTRUCTIONS – All safety and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operated. RETAIN INSTRUCTIONS – The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. HEED WARNINGS – All warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions should be adhered FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS –...
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS POWER-CORD PROTECTION – Power supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them, paying particular attention to cords and plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the monitor. OBJECT AND LIQUID ENTRY –...
  • Page 7 EXPLANATION OF GRAPHICAL SYMBOLS The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.
  • Page 8 Notes: Rev. 1.01 viii 900.0799 20-Jun-06...
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    LCD Function Keys F1-F10.................... 12 SECTION 4. HEGS5BLX CONFIGURATION ..................13 SYSTEM PARAMETERS ......................13 SECTION 5: DOWNLOADING NEW FIRMWARE TO THE HEGS5BLX..........14 INTRODUCTION ......................... 14 CONNECTING THE HEGS5BLX TO YOUR PC ................14 SECTION 6: TROUBLESHOOTING AND MAINTENANCE ..............19 TROUBLESHOOTING.........................
  • Page 10 LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1: Connecting to the VideoBloX CPU Module..................3 Figure 2. Controls and LCD Display ......................4 Figure 3. LCD Display and Soft Keys......................8 Figure 4: Ultrak Code Server Window ......................15 Figure 5: CommPort Properties Window ....................... 15 Figure 6: Enabling the CommPort .........................
  • Page 11: Section 1: Introducton

    Refer to the associated CPU and Protocol Interface Translator (PIT) manuals for specific operation of peripheral devices. The HEGS5BLX only works in slave mode and cannot be used to control telemetry equipment in stand alone mode. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION...
  • Page 12: Section 2: Installation And Equipment Setup

    A 6-conductor crossover cable is provided for connection between the HEGS5BLX and the terminal block. Plug one end of the crossover cable into the connector on the back of the HEGS5BLX and the other end into the jack on the terminal block.
  • Page 13: Installation Diagram

    +12VDC RTS+ (B) Pin 5, GND RTS- (A) CTS+ (B) CTS- (A) SGND Part #849518-0419 6x6 Crossover Cable 12-30 VDC Power Supply Part #849193-0089 Multiplexer HEGS5BLX VideoBloX Controller Figure 1: Connecting to the VideoBloX CPU Module Rev. 1.01 900.0799 20-Jun-06...
  • Page 14: Section 3: Operation

    OPERATION CONTROLS AND LCD DISPLAY The functionality and operation of the HEGS5BLX is dependent on the installation and configuration of the VideoBloX switching system. The functionality of the DVR (device) key and DVR AUX key is dependent on the device (multiplexer, DVR, VCR, etc.) database defined and selected in the VideoBloX configuration software.
  • Page 15 Icon Usage Description Used to select the previous device depending on the Minus Key operation mode (camera, monitor, sequence, DVR.) Camera Key Camera Mode Monitor Key Monitor Mode Enter Key Used to confirm a selection The operation of Keys 7 to 14 is dependent on the controller mode of operation and on the system configuration defined in the VideoBloX CPU module.
  • Page 16 3.1 CONTROLS AND LCD DISPLAY, CONTINUED Icon Usage Description Clear. Used to exit menus, clear Normal: an alphanumeric entry, abort an Refer to operation. Description by Mode DVR: Frame advance Auxiliary: Auxiliary 6 Places the controller in Sequence Sequence Mode. Sequences are Mode programmed in the VideoBloX Refer to...
  • Page 17 3.1 CONTROLS AND LCD DISPLAY, CONTINUED Icon Usage Description Users 1 and 2 are defined in the VideoBloX Configuration Software under the User Tab (Configurable Keys) or the Keyboards Tab (Configurable Keys). The programming in User 1 / 2 the Users tab has priority over the Keyboards tab. Pressing User 1 / 2 triggers the sequence or group assigned to User 1.
  • Page 18: Figure 3. Lcd Display And Soft Keys

    3.1 CONTROLS AND LCD DISPLAY, CONTINUED Icon Usage Description Use varies based on the mode of the controller. Camera Provides 3-axis proportional control of the Mode: current dome or PTZ. Alt + Left = Previous Sequence Alt + Right = Next Sequence Sequence Mode: Alt + Up = Start Sequence...
  • Page 19: Power Up

    POWER UP When power is applied to the HEGS5BLX, the LCD displays the following messages: Boot Mngr MMDDYY 519685-1980 A (counts down to 0) Booting in 5s After 5 seconds, the application starts HEGS5BLX 030106 922.0255 Rev.A Then the address of the controller is displayed.
  • Page 20: Modes Of Operation

    3.3 LOGIN/LOGOUT, CONTINUED Logout If you are logged into the system, press the soft key that corresponds to Login to log out. The display returns to the Login screen. Please Login ⏐ Login MODES OF OPERATION After the operator has logged in, he/she can change the mode of operation by pressing the required mode function key.
  • Page 21: Monitor Operation Mode

    3.4 MODES OF OPERATION, CONTINUED 3.4.1 Camera Operation Mode, Continued Storing Presets Should the PTZ unit be equipped with a feedback system, then it is possible to store and recall PTZ preset positions. To store a position move the PTZ to cover the required scene.
  • Page 22: Sequence Operation Mode

    3.4 MODES OF OPERATION, CONTINUED 3.4.3 Device (DVR) Operation Mode, Continued To exit device (DVR) mode of operation, press another mode key (Camera, Monitor, or Sequence). 3.4.4 Sequence Operation Mode In this mode of operation, use the numeric keypad to select the active sequence, and then press Enter.
  • Page 23: Section 4. Hegs5blx Configuration

    SECTION 4. HEGS5BLX CONFIGURATION SYSTEM PARAMETERS The address of the controller and baud rate are configurable. 1. Power down the unit and power it back up. 2. Press the middle soft key below the LCD after the controller counts down, while the application screen is being displayed as shown below.
  • Page 24: Section 5: Downloading New Firmware To The Hegs5blx

    (C:\Program Files\Ultrak Code Server\CCTV\HEGS5BLX). If Code Server was installed to a different drive, select the drive prior to installing. CONNECTING THE HEGS5BLX TO YOUR PC 1. Connect the HEGS5BLX to COM1 or COM2 on your PC. Refer to the diagram below for correct download cable connections. RS-232...
  • Page 25: Figure 4: Ultrak Code Server Window

    5. Press . The controller will clear the memory and, when ready to download, will display the message “Begin Download.” The HEGS5BLX is now waiting for data from the PC. 6. From the START bar on your PC, Select Programs Ultrak Ultrak Code Server.
  • Page 26: Figure 6: Enabling The Commport

    5.2 DOWNLOADING NEW FIRMWARE TO THE HEGS5BLX, CONTINUED 8. Click on the red dot on the right of the dialog box to enable the port. Red Dot Figure 6: Enabling the CommPort If the port is unavailable you will get an “Invalid port number”...
  • Page 27: Figure 9: Send Hex File Window

    10. Click on the Transmit Hex File Icon to bring up the Send Hex File window. Figure 9: Send Hex File Window 11. Double click the CCTV folder and then the HEGS5BLX folder. Figure 10: Selecting the Hex File to Send Rev. 1.01 900.0799...
  • Page 28: Figure 11: Sending Hex File Status Window

    12. Select the latest version (in this example, 922.0255_A_HEGS5BLX.hex) and click OPEN. The Sending Hex File window displays, indicating the file being transmitted and the progress of the download. “Download Busy” appears on the HEGS5BLX LCD. Figure 11: Sending Hex File Status Window 13.
  • Page 29: Section 6: Troubleshooting And Maintenance

    HEGS5BLX controller. DIAGNOSTICS During the 5-second boot period after the controller is powered up, the operator can enter a code to test the joystick.
  • Page 30: Servicing The Controller

    SERVICING THE CONTROLLER If problems still exist after verifying correct installation and the problem has been isolated to the controller, then it must be removed for servicing. THERE ARE NO USER- SERVICEABLE PARTS. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED PERSONNEL ONLY. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Use of preventive maintenance allows detection and correction of minor faults before they become serious enough to cause equipment failure.
  • Page 31: Section 7: Specifications

    SECTION 7: SPECIFICATIONS Input Voltage 9-12V dc Power Controls Push-button switches with backlit LCD display Rate-proportional 3-axis joystick Pan/Tilt Functions Pan left, pan right, tilt up, tilt down Zoom Lens Functions Zoom in, Zoom out, Focus near, Focus far, Iris open, Iris close Control Ports RJ-12 connector with 1xRS-485 and 1xRS-232 port Communication speed...
  • Page 32 © 2006 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without written permission from Honeywell Video Systems. The information in this publication is believed to be accurate in all respects. However, Honeywell Video Systems cannot assume responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use thereof.

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