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Notice - Philips SPA7355 User Manual

Multimedia speakers
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Hearing safety
To avoid hearing damage, limit the time you use the
headphones at high volume and set the volume to a safe level.
The louder the volume, the shorter is the safe listening time.
Be sure to observe the following guidelines when using your
Listen at reasonable volumes for reasonable periods of time.
Be careful not to adjust the volume continuously upwards as
your hearing adapts.
Do not turn up the volume so high that you can't hear what's
around you.
You should use caution or temporarily discontinue use in
potentially hazardous situations.
Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones
can cause hearing loss.


Any changes or modifications made to this device that are not
expressly approved by WOOX Innovations may void the user's
authority to operate the equipment.
This product complies with the radio interference requirements of
the European Community.



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