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GE 400 Series Maintenance Manual

Water conditioning control system
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Brand 255 Valve / 400 Series Controls
Water Conditioning Control System
Home Owner Installation, Operation, and
Maintenance Manual
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for GE 400 Series

  • Page 1 ® Autotrol Brand 255 Valve / 400 Series Controls Water Conditioning Control System Home Owner Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual For sales or service questions please contact your local dealer: Your Local Dealer Is:...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Safety Information .............2 Valve Illustration .
  • Page 3: Valve Illustration

    Valve Illustration Autotrol 255 Valve Control Module 400 Series Control Variable Brine Control Injector Access Plug Tank Adapter Module Brine Line Fitting Connection 1/4-inch NPT Air Check Tank Thread 2-1/2-inch - 8 male Standard L-Lid Cover Optional i-lid Cover Air Check...
  • Page 4: System Regeneration Cycles (7-Cycle Operation)

    System Regeneration Cycles (7-Cycle Operation) Service (Downflow) — Cycle C0: Untreated water is directed down through the resin bed and up through the riser tube. The hardness ions attach themselves to the resin and are removed from the water. The water is conditioned as it passes through the resin bed. Backwash (Upflow) —...
  • Page 5: Installation

    SERVICE BACKWASH C1 and C6 REPRESSURIZE FAST RINSE C5 and C7 Installation All plumbing must conform to local codes. Inspect unit carefully for carrier shortage or shipping damage. Location Selection 1. The distance between the unit and a drain should be as short as possible. 2.
  • Page 6: Water Line Connection

    6. Do not install unit near acid or acid fumes. 7. The use of resin cleaners in an unvented enclosure is not recommended. Water Line Connection The installation of a bypass valve system is recommended to provide for occasions when the water conditioner must be bypassed for hard water or for servicing. The most common bypass systems are the Autotrol (Figure 4) and plumbed-in globe valves (Figure 5).
  • Page 7: Overflow Line Connection

    2. If the unit is located more than 20 feet (6.1 m) from drain, use 3/4-inch (1.9-cm) tubing for runs up to 40 feet (12.2 m). Also, purchase appropriate fitting to connect the 3/4-inch tubing to the 1/2-inch NPT drain connection. 3.
  • Page 8 (Figure 6). Brine Tank Low Voltage Transformer Use only the included transformer for powering the 400 series timers. Connect the plug of the transformer secondary cable to the mating socket on the control (see Figure 8). Be certain that the transformer is plugged into a correct voltage source that is not controlled by a wall switch.
  • Page 9: Disinfection Of Water Conditioners

    Increasing the Length of the Transformer Cord If it is necessary to extend the length of the transformer cord, an optional 15-foot (4.6- m) extension is available (see Figure 9). Disinfection of Water Conditioners The materials of construction of the modern water conditioner will not support bacterial growth, nor will these materials contaminate a water supply.
  • Page 10: Placing Conditioner Into Operation

    Sodium or Calcium Hypochlorite Application These materials are satisfactory for use with polystyrene resins, synthetic gel zeolite, greensand and bentonites. 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite These solutions are available under trade names such as Clorox*. If stronger solutions are used, such as those sold for commercial laundries, adjust the dosage accordingly. 1.
  • Page 11 knob to spring back out. 2. Insert screwdriver into slot in indicator knob (Figure 11). Press in and rotate knob COUNTERCLOCKWISE until arrow points directly to the word BACKWASH. 3. Fill resin tank with water. a. With water supply off, place the bypass valve(s) into the “NOT IN BYPASS” position. b.
  • Page 12 Control Valve 5. Put into operation. a. Open water supply valve slowly to full open position. b. Carefully advance indicator knob COUNTERCLOCKWISE to center of FAST RINSE/REFILL position and hold there until air check (Figure 10) fills with water and water starts to flow through brine line into brine tank.
  • Page 13 400 Series Control Settings 440i Control Day Arrow PRESS KNOB AND TURN COUNTER- CLOCKWISE TO "START" - RELEASE Indicator Knob Programming 1. Set days of regeneration on skipper wheel (Figure 11). • Pull all skipper pins outward (away from control).
  • Page 14 460i Control Water Flow Indicator PM Indicator Indicator Knob Programming Plug the wall-mount transformer into a functioning electrical outlet that is not controlled by a switch. Plug the transformer into the transformer plug receptacle on the control. Open the access door by pushing the raised tab on the door toward the left while pulling the tab out (Figure 12).
  • Page 15 Hardness Setting Move the jumper to the set of pins next to the word HARDNESS (Figure 14). Press the black TIME SET button until the hardness of the incoming water supply is displayed. The hardness range is from 1 to 99 grains per gallon. To change water hardness stated in parts per million (PPM) to grains per gallon (GPG) use this formula: Parts per Million...
  • Page 16 Common Features When using the 255 valve with the 440i or 460i controls, there are several features and procedures that are unique to the 400 series controls. They are as follows: Salt Dial Adjustment These models may be adjusted to produce maximum to minimum conditioning capacities by setting the salt dial, which controls the amount of salt used per regeneration.
  • Page 17 Table 1 – Suggested Salt Dial Settings (Pounds of Salt) For Various Size Softeners Capacity Setting 0.5 Ft (Kilograins) — — — — — — — — *This setting requires the use of “XS” (extra salt) cam and doubles the amount of the setting.
  • Page 18: Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance Inspect and clean brine tank and screen filter on end of brine pickup tube once a year or when sediment appears in the bottom of the brine tank. Clean injector screen and injector once a year: 1. Unplug the wall-mount transformer. 2.
  • Page 19 Replacement Parts for Autotrol Brand 255 Control Valve Body Tank Adapter Module...
  • Page 20 255 Valve & Tank Adapter Module Code Part No. 1000232 1031950 1033024 1033025 1033026 1032969 1030501 1031391 1000226 1000209 1000210 1000211 1000212 1000213 1000214 1000215 1030502 1034261 1034263 1032970 1032971 1032972 1000269 1032416 1010429 1010428 1031402 1031403 1031404 1031405 1031406 1031407 1006093 1001580...
  • Page 21 1001404 1040459 1041010 1000250 * Not Shown **Flow control does not use Flow Control Ball (1030502). O-Ring Group: Tank Adapter, 1010117 (1), 1010407 (1), 1010410 (4) O-Ring Group: Piping Boss 1010431 (1), 1010411 (2) 13/16 Rubber Insert (Optional) Valve Discs: Standard...
  • Page 22 Replacement Parts 440i R I N F I L I T I I S E I O N " S T T " Ð R T I M Meter Adapter Piping Boss 460i 256 Bypass Valve Note: Do not use pipe joint compound when threading pipe into the Noryl piping boss.
  • Page 23 255 Series Accessories Part Code 1000810 1000811 1000812 1000813 1000814 1030234 Piping Boss 1040277 1040278 1040281 1040282 1040279 1040280 1040283 1040284 1040339 Meter Adapter 1032350 1032351 Bypass Valve 1040769 1040524 Tube Adapter Kits 1001606 1001670 Description 440i Assembly 460i Assembly Transformer Japanese North American...
  • Page 24 1041210 1040547 1001608 1001613 1001614 1001615 1001769 1001603 1001604 1001605 1001611 1001610 1001612 1-1/4-inch Copper Tube Adapter Kit 90 degree Elbow Adapter Kit 22-mm Copper Tube Adapter Kit 3/4-inch CPVC Tube Adapter Kit 1-inch CPVC Tube Adapter Kit 25-mm CPVC Tube Adapter Kit 3/4-inch NPT Plastic Pipe Adapter Kit 1-inch NPT Plastic Pipe Adapter Kit 3/4-inch BSPT Plastic Pipe Adapter Kit...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The technology upon which the Series 255 control is based is well established and proven in service over many years. However, should a problem or question arise regarding the operation of the system, the control can be very easily serviced. The control module can be quickly replaced or adjustments can be made at the installation.
  • Page 26: 255/440I Troubleshooting

    255/440i Troubleshooting Problem 1. Control will not draw brine. 2. System using more or less salt than regenerant setting. 3. Intermittent or irregular brine draw. 4. No conditioned water after regeneration. 5. Control backwashes or purges at excessively low or high rate.
  • Page 27: 260 Troubleshooting

    260 Troubleshooting Problem 1. No water flow display when water is flowing. 2. Continuous regeneration. Camshaft does not stop at the end of regeneration. 3. Run out of soft water between regenerations. Valve Specifications Working Pressure ..........20-120 psi (1.38 - 8.27 bar) Standard 12 Volt Transformer Input Electrical Rating .
  • Page 28 For service or parts, please contact your local professional water treatment dealer. © Copyright 2007 General Electric Company Printed in the USA P/N 1018075 Rev. L...

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