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Sorting And Loading; Setting The Controls - GE MODEL WA7800R Use And Care Manual

Ge washer user manual
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WARNING—To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using your
appliance, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before operating this appliance.

Sorting and Loading

Sort clothes carefully by fabric
type, weight, color and amount
of soil, according to instructions
in How to Sort Clothes section.
Remove the
Filter-Flo pan
and Mini-
Basket tub.
The underside
of the lid is a
good place to put the pan while
loading or unloading clothes.
Do not use the Mini-Basket tub
when washing regular loads.
You'll find complete details on
how and when to use it in How to
Use the Mini-Basket Tub section.

Setting the Controls

Use the Controls Setting Guide to help you make the
proper selections.
SMALL: Washer is less than 1/2 full of clothes.
MEDIUM: Between 1/2 and 2/3 full.
LARGE: Over 2/3 full.
to Use the Mini-Basket Tub section.
If you want to increase water level after you've made
a selection, turn knob to RESET and select new level.
Add measured amount of
detergent. See Detergents,
Other Additives section for
information on detergents and
other laundry additives.
being careful not to overload.
Clothes should be below
retaining ring. See How to
Load Your Washer section
Position the Filter-Flo pan on
the agitator. Lint will collect in
the pan for easy removal when
the wash is finished.
Select Wash/Rinse Temperature.
Push Cycle Selector knob in and
your selected wash setting.
Pull Cycle Selector knob
out to start the washer.
If you wish to change
setting after washer
has started, push Cycle
Selector knob in to stop
the washer and reset t; the
new position. Setting can be changed at any time.
Do not use the Filter-Flo pan
as a wash basket. Do not put
any items to be washed in the
Filter-Flo pan.
See How to Use Bleach
Dispenser section for information
on the Bleach Dispenser.
For information on bleaches
and fabric softeners, see Other
Laundry Products section.
Close the lid. Washer will fill
but not agitate or spin with the
lid open.
turn clockwise to



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