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Consumer Services; Repair Service - GE MODEL WA7800R Use And Care Manual

Ge washer user manual
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With the purchase of your new GE appliance, receive the
assurance that if you ever need information or assistance
from GE, we'll be there. Ml you have to do is cdl—toll-free!
In-Home Repak
A GE Consumer Service professional
will provide expert repair service,
scheduled at a time that's convenient
for you. Many GE Consumer Service
company-operated locations offer you
service today or tomorrow, or at your
convenience (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
weekdays, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Satur-
days). Our factory-trained technicians
know your appliance inside and out—
so most repairs can be handed in just
one visit.
Service Contracts
feeling that
You can have the secure
GE Consumer Service will still be
there after your warranty expires. Pur-
chase a GE contract
while your war-
ranty is still in effect and you'll receive
a substantial discount. With a multiple-
year contract, you're assured of fi~re
parts or accessories sent directly to
their home. The GE parts system pro-
vides access to over 47,000 parts. ..and
all GE Genuine Renewal Parts are
fully warranted. VISA, Mastercard
dures intended to be performed by
any user. Other servicing generdy
vice personnel. Caution must be
exercised, since improper servicing
may cause unsafe operation.
Whatever your question about any G
major appliance, GE Answer Cente#
information service is available to
help. Your cdl—and your question–
will be answered promptiy and
courteously And you can cdl any
time. GE Answer Cente@ service is
7 days a week.
open 24 hours a day,
Device for the Deaf
For Customers Wfih
Special Needs...
Upon request, GE will provide Braille
controls for a varie~ of GE appliances,
and a brochure to assist in ~ianning a I
barrier-free kitchen for per;ons wi~
limited mobility To obtain these items,
free of charge, cdl 800.626.2000.
or speech who have access to a TDD- ]
or a conventional teletypewriter may
to request information or service.



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