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Casio 3073 Operation Manual


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Thank you for purchasing this CASIO product. To ensure that it can
provide you with the years of service for which it is designed, be sure to
read this manual carefully and follow the instructions contained herein.
Pay particular attention to the Safety Precautions on the following pages.
Be sure to read the Safety Precautions before trying to use this product.
Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

Safety Precautions

Never use this product if you are wearing a cardiac pacemaker.
Do not use this product in the vicinity of anyone who is wearing a
cardiac pacemaker or any other type of medical device.
Should you ever feel any discomfort or any other abnormal
feeling while using this product, immediately stop using it and
contact your physician.
Do not use this product inside of an aircraft.
Do not use this product during scuba diving or other type of
diving that requires special equipment.
• This product is not a diving watch. Improper use can lead to
serious accident.
Do not use this product in the vicinity of a microwave oven, TV,
computer, or cell phone, or while inside of an automobile or train.
This product may not produce correct readings if used in the
vicinity of a TV or radio transmitter.
Do not leave this product on the dashboard of an automobile or in
any other location that is subject to very high temperatures.
Never put on the chest strap after it has been in a very hot
location for a long time. Doing so creates the risk of burn injury.
If you do not have the stamina to exercise for long periods, if you
are suffering from any type of ailment, or if you are unsure of your
physical condition, consult a physician before using this product.
Should you ever start to feel discomfort or any other abnormal
feeling while using this product, immediately stop using it and
remove the chest strap.
Always take care of the situation around you whenever operating
or using this product.
Keep the chest strap out of the reach of young children.
Whenever removing the button type battery that powers the
watch or sensor bar, take care to ensure that the battery is not
swallowed accidentally. Special care is required where young
children are present.
Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. Should a battery
ever be swallowed accidentally, contact a physician immediately.
Operation Guide 3073
For Safe Operation
Handling Batteries
Skin Irritation
Should you ever experience any skin irritation or any other
abnormality while wearing the chest strap, immediately take it off.
Since the watch and the chest strap come into direct contact with
the skin, the following conditions may cause irritation of the skin.
• When a wearer is allergic to metal or leather
• When the watch or chest strap is rusty dirty, sweaty, etc.
• When the wearer is in poor physical condition
• Tightening the chest strap too tightly can cause you to sweat,
and can make it hard for air to pass under the strap, which can
lead to skin irritation. Do not over-tighten the chest strap.
• Should you ever notice any abnormality, immediately stop
using the product and consult a physician.
Caring for This Product
To clean the product, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth, or with a cloth
that has been moistened in weak solution of water and a mild
neutral detergent. Wring out all excess liquid from the cloth
before wiping. Never use thinner, benzene, alcohol, or any other
volatile agent to clean the product.
Use of the Product
When putting on or taking off the chest strap, make sure you do
not twist, bend, or stretch it excessively.
Take care not to drop the product or otherwise subject it to strong
To avoid unexpected accidents, always check around you to
ensure you are in a safe place before looking at the display of the
watch. Looking at the watch while marathoning or jogging on the
open road, while riding a bicycle, or operating a motor vehicle
can lead to accidents.
Takes care to avoid running into others.
Should the watch stop running, have the battery replaced as
soon as possible.
Take care to avoid breaking your fingernails when fastening and
unfastening the band. Particular care is required by people with
long fingernails.
To avoid skin irritation due to unexpected injury or allergy, do not
wear the watch while sleeping.
When picking up or otherwise coming into contact with a child,
remove the watch from your wrist to avoid injury to the child or
causing irritation of the child's skin.
Never try to take the watch apart!
Never try to take the watch apart. Doing so creates the risk of
personal injury and malfunction of the watch.
Battery Replacement
When the watch's battery is replaced, foreign matter adhering to
contact surfaces can cause a loss of water resistance. In order to
ensure water resistance is maintained and the watch performs at
the level for which it is designed, make sure you always request
battery replacement from your dealer or CASIO distributor.
Keep backup copies of data!
Make sure you always keep separate written copies of important
data to protect against its loss. Malfunction, repair, and battery
replacement can cause memory contents to be deleted.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Casio 3073

  • Page 1: Safety Precautions

    Caution! Skin Irritation Thank you for purchasing this CASIO product. To ensure that it can provide you with the years of service for which it is designed, be sure to Should you ever experience any skin irritation or any other read this manual carefully and follow the instructions contained herein.
  • Page 2: Read This First

    Operation Guide 3073 Monitoring Your Heart Rate in the Water Features • Never operate the buttons of the watch while it is immersed in water. • Using this product under any of the following conditions can make it I Heart Rate Monitor...
  • Page 3: Modes And Display Screens

    Operation Guide 3073 I Recording Lap/Split Times Modes and Display Screens • Stop • Reset (Data to memory) Start Lap/split Lap/split Timekeeping Mode Day of the week Stop Reset Hour, minute, second The watch will exit the lap/split screen automatically after about eight seconds.
  • Page 4: Configuring Personal Information

    Operation Guide 3073 I Age Configuring Personal Information Use the E (+) and B (–) buttons to change the displayed value in the range of Before the watch can calculate the energy you consume and your 15 to 70. exercise intensity, you need to configure a number of personal information settings.
  • Page 5 60 seconds. Is the sensor bar’s battery dead? • If so, contact your dealer or CASIO Timekeeping Mode Stopwatch Mode distributor to have the battery replaced.
  • Page 6 Operation Guide 3073 To recall memory contents Memory 1. In the Timekeeping Mode, press the D button twice to enter the Data Recall Mode. The watch maintains exercise records that contain a wealth of 2. Use the A button to scroll through the exercise records currently in information about each workout.
  • Page 7: Using The Timer

    Operation Guide 3073 4. Use the C button to scroll through the data for the currently Clearing Memory Data displayed exercise record. To clear a specific exercise record 1. In the Data Recall Mode, display the Title Screen exercise record whose data you want to...
  • Page 8: Using World Time

    Operation Guide 3073 To configure timer settings To use the timer 1. In the Timer Mode, check the display to Before measuring heart rate and exercise (2 seconds) • Stop make sure the timer is stopped and intensity, be sure to first configure your •...
  • Page 9: Using The Alarms And Hourly Time Signal

    Operation Guide 3073 To turn summer time on and off To display an alarm screen 1. In the World Time Mode, use the E and In the Alarm Mode, use the E (+) and B (–) buttons to scroll through B buttons to select the city whose the alarm screens.
  • Page 10: Configuring Home Time Settings

    Operation Guide 3073 Configuring Home Time Settings • When setting the hour, make sure you specify AM (no indicator) or PM (P) correctly, or that you specify the correct 24-hour time. • You can set a date in the range of January 1, 2000 to December (2 seconds) 1.

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