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Philips Studio 32HFL2808D/12 User Manual

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User Manual
Studio 32/39HFL2808D/12
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 32HFL2808D/12 39HFL2808D/12 User Manual Studio 32/39HFL2808D/12 P a g e...
  • Page 2 For support, please check your warranty card or Studio 32/39HFL2808D/12 P a g e...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Information Notice Sustainability Help and support TV Control switch & Operation Stand Installation/Un-Installation Viewing remote control Viewing the connections Switching On/Off First Time Installation Media Playback via USB input TV Features and Functions Software Upgrade Specifications Supported File Formats and Compatibility TV Menu Professional Mode HotelTV Options Studio 32/39HFL2808D/12...
  • Page 4: Important Information

     disconnect the TV from the power outlet outlet, ensure that the power voltage matches immediately. Contact Philips Consumer Care the value printed on the back of the TV. Never to have the TV checked before use. connect the TV to the power outlet if the Never place the TV, remote control or ...
  • Page 5: Notice

    United States to emit and receive electromagnetic signals. patents. No further warranty is expressed or implied. One of Philips’ leading Business Principles is to take TP Vision Netherlands B.V. cannot be held responsible neither for any errors in the content of...
  • Page 6: Sustainability

    Correct disposal according to scientific evidence available today. of your old product helps to Philips plays an active role in the development of prevent potential negative consequences for the environment...
  • Page 7: Tv Control Switch & Operation

    Important information General Operation TV Control switch & Operation Installing the Batteries to the Remote Lift the cover on the back of the remote upward Up direction gently. Install two AAA batteries. Make sure to match Down direction the + and - ends of the batteries in the battery Program switch compartment (observe the correct polarity).
  • Page 8: Stand Installation/Un-Installation

    Detachable Stand Installation Method 1. TV is laid on a flat surface. Make sure that there are no objects on the table that can damage/harm the TV 2. Position the stand so that it coincides with the stand mounting points (4x) on the TV. Once it is positioned fix the stand with four screws to the TV.
  • Page 9: Viewing Remote Control

    Viewing remote control Teletext / mix Standby Image Size Sleep Timer Info/ Reveal (in TXT mode) Source selection Yellow button/Current language (in DVB Channel) / Mono-Stereo Dual I-II (in Analog Channel) Blue button Green button Red button Navigation buttons / Subpage (in TXT mode) OK / Hold (in Text mod) /Channel List Return /Back /Index page (in TXT mode) Electronic Programme Guide...
  • Page 10: Viewing The Connections

    Viewing the connections Connector Type Cables Device (Not supplied) Scart Connection (back) Connection (back) PC/YPbPr Audio Connection (side) HDMI Connection (back) SPDIFF Connection (back) Side AV Connection (side) Headphone Connection (side) Connection (side) Connection (side) NOTE: When connecting a device via the Side AV input, you must use the supplied connection cables to enable connection. See the illustrations above. To enable PC audio, you will need to use the supplied SIDE AV CONNECTION cable’s WHITE &...
  • Page 11: Switching On/Off

    Switching On/Off IMPORTANT: When you select Country option as France or Italy, you will be asked to set and confirm a PIN number. To Switch the TV On Selected PIN number cannot be 0000. Enter a PIN Connect the power cord to the 220-240V ...
  • Page 12: Media Playback Via Usb Input

    Additionally, for some countries, Network ID option FAT32 and NTFS disk formatting. Note: While will be available. Network ID feature gets the formatting a USB hard disk that has 1TB (TeraByte) Network Information Table. This table provides or more file capacity, you can experience problems information on the selected network.
  • Page 13: Tv Features And Functions

    TV Features and Functions Picture Menu Contents For your viewing requirements, you can set the related mode option. Picture mode can Mode be set to one of these options: Cinema, Game, Sports, Dynamic and Natural. Contrast Sets the lightness and darkness values of the screen. Brightness Sets the brightness value for the screen.
  • Page 14: Using The Channel List

    TV Menu Features and Functions Sound Menu Contents Volume Adjusts volume level. Equalizer: In equalizer menu, the preset can be changed to Music, Movie, Speech, Flat, Classic and User. Press “OK” to enter the menu. Press the “MENU” button to return to the previous menu.
  • Page 15 TV Menu Features and Functions Settings Menu Contents Conditional Access Controls conditional access modules when available. Configures language settings (-may change depending on the country selected) Preferred Language and current settings will be available. Current settings can be changed only if the broadcaster supports.
  • Page 16 Store mode If enabled will store changes to channels are made. Power Up Mode Power up of TV will be Standby mode or Last Status at moment of power down. TV Menu Features and Functions Install and Retune Menu Contents Displays automatic tuning options.
  • Page 17: Software Upgrade

    Get software updates from your dealer or Around 5 minutes later TV restarts with new software activated. The TV may start in first time installation Check the current software version of your TV using mode.
  • Page 18 4. Is the antenna cable damaged? Troubleshooting & Tips 5. Are suitable plugs used to connect the antenna? Image persistence – ghosting 6. If you are in doubt, consult your Please note that ghosting may occur while displaying dealer. a persistent image (still or paused image). LED TV’s image persistence may disappear after a short time.
  • Page 19: Specifications

    75 Ohm (unbalanced) OPERATING VOLTAGE 220-240V AC, 50 Hz. AUDIO German + Nicam Stereo AUDIO OUTPUT POWER (WRMS) (10% THD) 2 x 5W 39HFL2808D/12: 32HFL2808D/12: POWER CONSUMPTION POWER CONSUMPTION EU energy label: t.b.c. EU energy label: 41W PANEL PANEL 16:9 display, 16:9 display, 39”...
  • Page 20 Supported DVI Resolutions PC Typical Display Modes When connecting devices to your TV’s connectors by The following table is an illustration of some of the using DVI to HDMI cables (not supplied), you can typical video display modes. Your TV may not support refer to the following resolution information all resolutions.
  • Page 21: Supported File Formats And Compatibility

    Supported File Formats for USB Mode Format Remarks Media File Extension Video codecs (Maximum resolution/Bit rate etc.) .mpg, .mpeg, .dat MPEG1,2 .vob MPEG2 .mkv H.264, MPEG1,2,4 MPEG2, H.264, VC1, AVS, MVC Xvid 1.00, Xvid 1.01, Xvid 1.02, Xvid 1.03, .avi Xvid 1.10-beta1/2 MAX 1920x1080 @ 30P 20Mbit/sec H.264...
  • Page 22 AV and HDMI Signal Compatibility Source Supported Signals Available PAL 50/60 NTSC 60 EXT (SCART) RGB 50 RGB 60 PAL 50/60 Side AV NTSC 60 480I 60Hz 480P 60Hz 576I 50Hz 576P 50Hz 720P 50Hz YPbPr 720P 60Hz 1080I 50Hz 1080I 60Hz 1080P...
  • Page 23: Tv Menu Professional Mode

    TV Menu Professional Mode Features and Functions Hotel Setup RC (22AV8573) Standard RC Enter Hotel TV Menu To exit the Hotel TV menu with standard RC: It is only possible to enter the Hotel TV Menu press Menu key  for the Professional Mode using the optional HotelTV SetUp Remote Control (22AV8573).
  • Page 24 Hotel TV Menu settings Feature to enable or disable the Hotel TV Menu features. • When enabled the TV will follow configured feature settings. Hotel Mode [Off] Note: Access to the Hotel TV Menu is by the use of <Help/Menu> on the HTV Setup RC or on the standard RC using key sequence: Menu 7 9 3 5.
  • Page 25 Hotel TV Menu settings Feature to hide menu items when the Remote Control Menu key is pressed. • Disable All Menus ○ all menu icons are hidden. OSD Disable • Disable Setup Menus [Disable All Menus] ○ picture, sound, settings and media browser menu icons are displayed. When [Hotel Mode] is set to Off, all TV menu items will be displayed (picture, sound, settings, install and retune, channel list, media browser) Feature to hide Teletext display.
  • Page 26: Hoteltv Options

    HotelTV Options Service Menu Welcome Picture Store in a welcome_image directory on a USB Enter Service Menu device a picture file with the name: hotel_wel.png. It is only possible to enter the Service Menu if the Hotel Mode is disabled, <USB>:/welcome_image/hotel_wel.png Hotel Mode set to <Off>.

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