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Troubleshooting - Sharp EJ-CP10BJ User Manual

Slow juicer
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Users might improperly operate the product due to their unfamiliarity with how to use the
product. Check the following items to resolve such issues. If issues cannot be resolved
using these procedures, please contact the service centre.
• Is the power cord connected?
• Is the Juicer assembled
The product is
• Has the power gone off?
not working.
• Have you operated the Juicer
for over 20 minutes?
• Did you assemble the rubber
pad correctly?
• Did you use fresh ingredients?
The juice is too
thick or thin.
• Did you put too many
ingredients or anything else
into the machine?
The Drum cover
• How did you open the Drum
is too hard to
• Did you force food into the
The product
stops while in
• Did you put the ingredients
with hard seeds?
The motor is
• Did you check that all parts
running with
are assembled properly and in
loud noise and
correct position?
The receptacle is
• This is normal to make juice. If the product overheats, contact the local service
vibrating in use.
Check whether the power cord is plugged into
a 230 V to 240 V~, 50 Hz/60 Hz wall outlet.
Assemble the product as described in this
user's manual (refer to p. 6).
Assemble the product as described in this
user's manual (refer to p. 6).
Turn off the product. Wait for a while and
reactivate the product. If you want to use the
product continuously, pause the operation for
1 hour.
Assemble the rubber pad as described in
this user's manual (refer to p. 5 'Rubber pad
Overripe fruits or vegetables may clog in
the motor. If you want to use the overripe
ingredients, use them after soaking in mineral
water for 10 minutes or more.
Do not put too many ingredients or any liquids
into the machine.
We recommend you to clean the machine after
1 kg of juicing.
Disassemble the Drum and wash it.
Press the REV button and open the Drum
toward "OPEN".
* Check directions when opening the drum.
Do not insert too much ingredients.
Press the REV button for 2 to 3 seconds and
then press the ON button again.
* After following the step above, if the
Squeezing Screw does not rotate, stop
using the product. Turn off the product,
disassemble and clean it. Then reassemble
and use your Juicer again.
If the product is assembled properly, it is
normal to make noise in juicing from overripe
fruit and vegetables.
Turn the product off and clean the receptacle.
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