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Hot Key; Key Guide; Customize Setting - NEC MultiSync EA224WMi User Manual

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When this function is activated, ECO MODE, BRIGHTNESS and VOLUME can be adjusted without entering the OSD
menu by using the front keys.
ON: The "ECO" touch key on the bezel is enabled and can toggle among ECO settings.
The Left/Right key adjusts the brightness level.
The Up/Down key adjusts the volume level.
OFF: The HOT KEY function for "ECO", "Left/Right" and "Up/Down" functions are disabled.
If you select "ON", monitor displays "VIDEO INPUT MENU" after changing the input.
If you select "OFF", monitor doesn't display "VIDEO INPUT MENU" after changing the input.
If you select "ON", monitor displays "HUMAN SENSOR ON" message. If you select "OFF", monitor doesn't display
"HUMAN SENSOR ON" message.


If you select "ON", the Key Guide appears on screen when the OSD control menu is accessed.
To initiate data copy from the master monitor to the sub monitor(s), select "DATA COPY" and touch "SELECT".
A "PROCEEDING..." indicator will appear on the screen.
NOTE: This function is only intended for the master monitor in ControlSync.
All of the settings specifi ed in the ControlSync chart (see page 23) will be copied from the master monitor to
the sub monitor(s).


Store the current settings for easy recovery.
To store current settings: Touch "SELECT". After a warning message appears, touch "RESET", current settings are
To restore settings: Hold "MENU" for 3 seconds or more while the OSD menu is off.
ECO Information
CARBON SAVINGS: Displays the estimated carbon savings information in kg.
CARBON USAGE: Displays the estimated carbon usages information in kg. This is the arithmetic estimation, not
actual measurement value.
COST SAVINGS: Displays the electricity cost savings in balance.
CARBON CONVERT SETTING: Adjusts the carbon footprint factor in the carbon saving calculation. This initial setting
is based on the OECD (2008 Edition).
CURRENCY SETTING: Displays electricity pricing in 6 currency units.
CURRENCY CONVERT SETTING: Displays electricity savings in kW/hour (US Currency is default).
NOTE: This model's initial setting is "Currency = US$" and its Currency Convert setting = $0.11.
This setting can be changed by using the ECO information menu.
If you want to use the French setting, please refer to steps below:
1. Touch the Menu key and select the ECO information menu using the "LEFT" or "RIGHT" key.
2. Select CURRENCY SETTING item by touching the "UP" or "DOWN" key.
3. The French currency unit is Euro ( ). You can adjust currency setting to Euro icon ( ) from US dollar ($)
by touching the "LEFT" or "RIGHT" key in Current setting item.
4. Select CURRENCY CONVERT SETTING by touching the "UP" or "DOWN" key*.
5. Adjust CURRENCY CONVERT SETTING by touching the "LEFT" or "RIGHT" key.
* This initial Euro ( ) setting is Germany of OECD (2007 Edition).
Please check receipt of French's electricity prices or OECD data for French.
French of OECD (2007 Edition) was


Table of Contents

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