Touch Panel Settings; How To Configure Settings - Sharp TOUCH DISPLAY Operation Manual

For mac version 1.0
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The touch display driver starts automatically and the icon (
• If PN-K322B (or PN-K322BH) and LL-S201A are connected at the same time, a screen for selecting the model will appear
each time you select a setting.
• Depending on the connected model, the screen image is different.
How to configure settings
nConfiguring settings from the menu bar
1. Click the touch display driver icon (
2. Click a menu to change a setting.
• Current Screen Resolution: The model currently being used and the current screen resolution appear.
• Calibration: See page 7.
• Properties: See page 8.
• Hardware Information: S elect this to specify "Rotate Mode".
- Rotate Mode:
To correct the touch position when the screen is rotated, select the screen angle from the following:
Standard (0°) / 90° / 180° / 270°
• Version Information: Shows the version of the touch display driver.
• Disable TD Driver:
Select to disable the touch panel function.
To disable a single touch panel function, see "Function Setting". (See page 9.)
nConfiguring settings from System Preferences
1. Click "System Preferences" from the Apple menu (
2. Click "SharpTouchDisplay".
3. Click the menu and select settings.
• If the "Show Setting Utility in menu bar" checkmark is removed, the touch display driver icon (
menu bar.

Touch Panel Settings

) on the menu bar.
) appears on the menu bar.
) does not appear on the

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Table of Contents

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