Calibration - Sharp TOUCH DISPLAY Operation Manual

For mac version 1.0
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Touch Panel Settings


If black bands appear at the top and bottom or left and right of the screen, perform position adjustment so that the mouse cursor
correctly moves to the point that is touched.
* If black bands appear both at the top and bottom and at the left and right, the touch position is not correct. In this case, change
the display.
nCalibration Method
Follow the steps below to configure the setting.
1. Click the touch display driver icon (
) on the menu bar.
2. Click "Calibration".
If black bands appear on the screen, position adjustment is automatically performed.
Select "Auto" and click on "Apply".
If the automatically adjusted touch position is not correct, enter the display resolution (width, height) and click "Apply".
In the case of PN-K322B, please check the menu screen. In addition, in the case of LL-S201A, please check by touching [Input
Select] on the menu screen.
For details, see the LCD MONITOR manual.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents