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Lenovo A600e User Manual

Cdma2000 digital mobile phone.
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Lenovo Mobile Phone
User's Manual
Model: Lenovo A600e
Read this manual carefully
before operating the phone


   Summary of Contents for Lenovo A600e

  • Page 1

    Lenovo Mobile Phone User’s Manual Model: Lenovo A600e Read this manual carefully before operating the phone...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Technical parameters ..................1 Initial setup procedure ..................2 Charging the phone ..................2 Inserting the SIM card ................. 2 Inserting the memory card ................2 Key layout ......................3 Key tips ....................... 3 Powering on/off ....................5 Powering on ....................5 Powering off ....................

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Application menu ....................15 Opening the Application menu ..............15 Browsing the Application menu ..............15 Creating an application shortcut to the Home screen ........ 15 Removing an application shortcut from the Home screen ......15 Phone status bar and notifications ..............16 Checking notifications and current activities ..........

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Email ......................28 Multimedia ......................31 Camera ...................... 31 Music ......................32 FM Radio ....................35 Gallery ....................... 36 Sound recorder ..................37 Browser ......................38 Opening the web browser ................38 Managing bookmarks ................38 Browser options ..................38 Changing browser settings ................

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Schedule power on & off ................49 Accessibility ....................49 Developer options ..................49 About phone ....................49 Precautions and tips for the A600e ..............50 Recycling and environmental information ............51 General recycling statement ..............51 Important WEEE information ..............51 Recycling information for India ..............

  • Page 7: Technical Parameters

    Technical parameters Product: CDMA2000 digital mobile phone Model: Lenovo A600e System: Android 4.0.4 Size: Approximately 124.5 mm × 64 mm × 11.9 mm Weight: Approximately163.8 g (including battery) Standby time: Maximum 663 hours * Battery capacity: 2500 mAh *may vary depending on local signal strength SAR Information 0.664W/Kg@1g(HEAD) 0.943W/kg@1g(BODY)

  • Page 8: Initial Setup Procedure, Charging The Phone, Inserting The Sim Card, Inserting The Memory Card

    Initial setup procedure Charging the phone Inserting the SIM card Inserting the memory card...

  • Page 9: Key Layout, Key Tips

    Key layout Key tips Power key When the phone is off, press and hold the Power key to turn on the phone.  When the phone is on, press and hold the Power key to enter phone options.  (Power off, Airplane mode, etc.) To save your battery charge, prevent accidental touches or when you want to ...

  • Page 10

    To wake up the touch screen, just press the Power key again, then drag the  Lock icon to the right on the screen to unlock, according to the dialog on the screen. Menu key Opens a menu with items related to the current screen/application. ...

  • Page 11: Powering On/off, Powering On, Powering Off

    Powering on/off Powering on Press the Power key until the phone vibrates. Note: You may need to enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) or draw the unlock pattern if you have set a PIN or unlock pattern. Powering off Press and hold the Power key to display the phone options menu, then select Power off.

  • Page 12: Gravity Sensor And Multi-touch

    Gravity sensor and multi-touch This feature automatically rotates the screen according to the orientation of the phone. You can lock the A600e screen in the current direction by turning the rotation lock downward. To lock or unlock the screen direction, select Launcher >...

  • Page 13: Using The Multi-touch Function, Opening An Application, Scrolling

    Using the multi-touch function The multi-touch function enables you to perform various operations on the screen. Opening an application To open an application, touch the icon of the application on the screen. Touch the Home key to return to the Home screen. Scrolling Scroll the screen by dragging up or down on the content.

  • Page 14: Zooming In Or Out

    Zooming in or out You can zoom in or out of a map or web page. To do so, just touch the screen with two fingers and move them apart or together.

  • Page 15: Home Screen, Quick Start, Working With Menus

    Home screen Quick start The Home screen gives you all your latest information in one place. It is the equivalent of the desktop screen on a computer and is displayed when you turn on the phone. It is your gateway to the main features in your phone. You can customize your Home screen with shortcuts, widgets, folders, and wallpapers.

  • Page 16

    Options menus Options menus contain tools that apply to the activities of the current screen  or application; not to any specific item on the screen. You can open the options menu by touching the Menu key. Not all screens have options menus. If you touch the Menu key on a screen ...

  • Page 17: Opening And Closing The Launcher, Applications

    Opening and closing the Launcher Touch the Launcher, you can slide the screen left or right to view more applications. After opening the Launcher, touch an icon to enter the desired application. Touch the Back key to return to the previous screen. Touch the Home key to return to the Home screen.

  • Page 18: Widgets, Shortcuts, Arranging Home Screen

    Widgets A widget is small application on the Home screen that displays as an icon, such as a music symbol, an analog clock, etc., which you can use directly from your Home screen. For example, the Music widget allows you to start playing audio files directly from Home screen, and the Analog clock widget shows the current time.

  • Page 19: Changing The Background Of Your Home Screen

    Adding a folder to the Home screen Touch and hold the Home screen, touch Folders, enter the name of the folder, select the applications you want to add to the folder, then confirm. The new folder will be created and added to Home screen. Organizing your applications with folders To make a new folder on your Home screen, stack one application on top of another.

  • Page 20: Google Play, Accessing Google Play, Adding A Google Account In Your Phone

    Google Play Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, is a digital application distribution platform, which provides a world of applications and games, and allows users to browse and download music, magazines, books, games, and applications. Accessing Google Play From the central Home screen, touch the Play Store.

  • Page 21: Opening The Application Menu, Browsing The Application Menu

    Application menu The Application menu, which you open from your Home screen, contains the applications that come installed with your phone. The Application menu extends beyond the screen width. Slide the screen left and right to view all content. Opening the Application menu Touch the Launcher.

  • Page 22: Checking Notifications And Current Activities, Phone Status Bar And Notifications

    Phone status bar and notifications The status bar at the top of the screen contains icons that alert you about new messages, missed calls, signal strength, battery status, and other information. Checking notifications and current activities Drag down the status bar to open the Notification panel and get more information. For example, you can see missed calls, and which applications are running, such as the Music.

  • Page 23: Toolkit, Status Icons

    Toolkit In the Toolkit you can quickly start common applications such as Bluetooth, WLAN, etc. Status icons The following status icons may appear on your screen: Icon Statement No cards Failed search for Card1 Network Failed search for Card2 Network Card1 "CDMA1x only"...

  • Page 24

    Icon Statement Silent WLAN is connected Roaming USB debugging Airplane mode Full battery Low battery Vibrate on GPS searching GPS is connected Card1 EVDO Data connection Card1 1x Data connection Card2 EDGE Data connection Card2 GPRS Data connection...

  • Page 25: Making A Call, Answering A Call, Making And Answering Calls

    Making and answering calls Making a call Directly making a call Touch the Phone to display the dialing keypad. Touch the numeric buttons of the telephone number, then touch the Dial button to make the call. Making a call from Contacts Touch Launcher >...

  • Page 26: Rejecting A Call, Ending A Call, Adjusting The Volume, Turning The Speaker On Or Off

    answer the call. Rejecting a call If you want to reject an incoming call, slide towards the left side according to the dialog on the screen. Ending a call Touch the End button to disconnect the call. Adjusting the volume You can raise or lower the volume by pressing the Volume key.

  • Page 27

    Call options End: End a call. Touch Press the Volume key to adjust the call volume.

  • Page 28: On-screen Keyboard, Android Keyboard Input Method, Entering Text, Entering Other Characters, Editing Text, Text Entry

    Text entry On-screen keyboard Touch the keys of the on-screen QWERTY keyboard to enter text. You can open this keyboard by touching the text field. Android keyboard input method Entering text Touch the keys on the keyboard to type.  Use the Delete key to erase characters to the left of the cursor.

  • Page 29: Selecting Text, Cutting/copying/pasting Text

    Selecting text You can select text for cutting or copying. The selected text is highlighted in blue. Touch and hold the portion that contains the text. Some options open with  icons. Move the cursor to select the text.  Cutting/Copying/Pasting text Touch the Cut or Copy.

  • Page 30: Messaging, Communication

    Communication Messaging Touch Launcher > Messaging. You can compose, send and receive text messages from your phone, and also compose, send and receive multimedia messages, which contain media files such as pictures, videos and audios. When you view your messages, they appear as conversations, which means that all messages to and from a particular person are grouped together.

  • Page 31: Contacts

    Forwarding a message Touch Launcher > Messaging. Touch the conversation containing the message you want to forward. Touch and hold the message you want to forward. Touch Forward in the menu that opens. To add a recipient, touch , then find and mark the contact name. To add more than one recipient, mark the contact name(s) for the other recipient(s).

  • Page 32

    Contacts screen overview Adding a contact Touch Launcher > Contacts. Touch Select account to which you want to add this new contact. Enter the information for the contact. Touch DONE. Searching for a contact Touch Launcher > Contacts. Touch Input the first character of the name you are searching for. All records having a contact name beginning with that character will be displayed.

  • Page 33

    be available to you; for example, Import/export, Share contact, etc. Contacts to display: To select which contacts to display in the contacts list.  Import/export: Import/export contacts from one account to other one.  Delete contacts: You can mark more than one contact, then delete these ...

  • Page 34: Call Log, Email

    Favorites You can set contacts as favorites to access to them from the Contacts application. Only the contacts stored in phone memory can be set as favorites. Setting a contact as a favorite Touch Launcher > Contacts. From contacts list, touch the contact which you want to set as a favorite. Touch to set the contact as a favorite.

  • Page 35

    When you are prompted, enter a name for your email account, so that it is easily identifiable. The same name shows in the emails you send from this account. Touch Next. Creating and sending an email Touch Launcher > Email. Touch Enter recipients’...

  • Page 36

    Touch to select Forward. Enter recipients’ addresses. Touch to send the email. Viewing all folders Touch Launcher > Email. Touch at the top of the screen, then select Show all folders. You can also touch at the bottom of the email inbox.

  • Page 37: Camera, Multimedia

    Multimedia Camera Touch Launcher > Camera. Take a photo or record a video with the camera in your phone. You can hold the camera horizontally or vertically. Share a photo or a video with your friends, or upload your photos and videos to a web service. Camera control overview Camera controls Preview your pictures or videos you captured...

  • Page 38: Music

    Taking a photo Adjust your picture size, picture quality, color effect, and other settings if you  wish. Frame your subject on the screen. You can zoom in or out by touching the  Zoom icon. Touch the Shutter icon on the screen. ...

  • Page 39

    Music library The Music library offers the following multiple categories that you can select. Categories Artists: Songs classified by singers Albums: Songs classified by albums Songs: Display all songs Playlists: Display playlists If you touch and hold an artist, a song, or an album, some options will be available to you;...

  • Page 40

    Music player You can return to the Music library screen from the Music player screen in the Music applications by touching Menu key, then touching Library. Music player controls Play/Pause Touch Previous/Next Touch Rewind/Forward Touch and hold Volume adjust Touch Volume key Now playing Touch Shuffle...

  • Page 41: Fm Radio

    Touch the Menu key, some additional options such as Library, Party shuffle and Add to playlist will be available to you. FM Radio Touch Launcher > FM Radio. The phone comes with an in-built FM Radio. You can listen to FM Radio stations, and add them to channel list.

  • Page 42: Gallery

    FM Radio controls Touch an unused button to save the current frequency to the frequency list, then you can touch it to play. Touch and hold the button, some additional options are available to you. Touch the Menu key, some additional options will be available to you: Edit local frequency, Delete frequency list, Search, Enable speaker, and Exit.

  • Page 43: Sound Recorder

    albums. You can share via Bluetooth, Email, Messaging, etc. Sound recorder Touch Launcher > Sound recorder. Record sound and play sound file. Sound recorder controls To start recording Review and play recorded file after recording To stop recording Recording file list...

  • Page 44: Opening The Web Browser, Managing Bookmarks, Browser Options, Browser

    Browser Use your web browser to view and navigate web pages, add pages as bookmarks, and save pages for offline reading. You can open several windows at the same time and switch among them easily. Opening the web browser Touch Launcher > Browser. Searching and address bar Managing bookmarks Bookmarks let you access your favorite and frequently visited web pages quickly.

  • Page 45: Changing Browser Settings

    your bookmark list, Save for offline reading which allows you to store the current page in memory so that it can be read later even if you lose your internet connection. Changing browser settings You can change the browser settings and customize your browser view, such as set homepage, clear locally cached content and data bases, override a website’s request to control zoom behavior.

  • Page 46: Calendar, Clock, Tools

    Tools Calendar Touch Launcher > Calendar. Your phone has a calendar for managing your time schedule. You can use the calendar to keep track of important events. After entering the calendar function menu, you can select year, month and date. Setting the calendar view Touch Launcher >...

  • Page 47: Calculator, Es File Explorer

    Calculator Touch Launcher > Calculator. Keep your calculations on your finger tips with the calculator. Using this application allows you to make calculations. The calculator provides the basic arithmetic functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can also use an advanced panel. How to use the calculator Touch Launcher >...

  • Page 48: Determining The Network You Are Using, Editing Or Creating New Access Points, Wlan Networks

    Connecting to networks and devices Your phone can connect to a variety of networks and devices, including WLAN, Bluetooth. You can also transfer files to/from your PC through the data cable. Determining the network you are using Touch Launcher > Settings. Touch More...

  • Page 49: Bluetooth

    Connecting to WLAN network Touch Launcher > Settings >WLAN. Check WLAN to turn it on. The phone scans for available WLAN networks and displays the names of those it finds. Secured networks are indicated with a Lock icon. Touch a network to connect to it If the network is secured, you are prompted to enter a password or other credentials (Ask your network administrator for details) Receiving notifications...

  • Page 50: Tethering & Portable Hotspot, Connecting Hands-free Kit

    If the device you want to pair with is not in the list, touch SEARCH FOR DEVICES. Touch the ID of the desired device in the list to pair it. Connecting hands-free kit You are provided with a hands-free earpiece set with your phone, which can be used to listen to your MP3 songs and listen and speak while on a call.

  • Page 51: Connecting To A Computer Via Usb, Pc Sync Software

    How to enable/disable CD-ROM mode Open handset menu [Settings > Developer options]. Touch CD-ROM mode to enable/disable CD-ROM mode. How to install Lenovo tool Connect your handset to the computer, click LenovoTool_*.*.*_os.exe to install Lenovo tool. How to install handset USB driver Click [HandsetDriver\DriverInstall.exe] to install handset USB driver.

  • Page 52: Wlan, Bluetooth, More, Settings, Airplane Mode

    Settings Get to know the settings in your phone so that you can personalize them to your own requirements. Go to Settings to configure how your phone looks, sounds, communication, privacy, and operations in a variety of ways. WLAN Turn WLAN on or off, scan available WLAN networks, or add the WLAN network. The detailed information is available in the section named Connecting to networks and devices.

  • Page 53: Dual Sim Settings, Call Settings, Audio Profiles, Display, Storage

    Dual SIM settings Set preferences on how you use SIM/UIM inserted in your phone. Call settings Let you configure phone call settings, such as voicemail service, and other special features offered by your carrier. Voicemail service When you are unable to answer a call, you can let the caller leave a message for you to listen to later.

  • Page 54: Accounts & Sync, Location Services, Security, Battery, Apps

    Copying files between a PC and your SD card, you should set the SD card as USB mass storage. Connect your phone to your PC with the USB cable. Drag the Notification bar downwards. Choose USB connected, to turn on USB storage. During this time, you can’t access the SD card from your phone.

  • Page 55: Language & Input, Backup & Reset, Data & Time, Schedule Power On & Off, Accessibility

    Language & input Let you select the language for the text on your phone and for configuring the onscreen keyboard. Backup & reset Manage your personal data. Data & time You can set the format of date and time. Schedule power on & off Set powering on/off of the phone automatically.

  • Page 56: Precautions And Tips For The A600e

    Precautions and tips for the A600e Never drop, strike, scratch, twist, knock, vibrate or push the A600e or place any heavy objects on it. Gently touch the A600e. Keep the A600e away from any magnetic substances, mobile phones in conversation, electrical appliances or speakers.

  • Page 57: General Recycling Statement, Important Weee Information, Recycling And Environmental Information

    General recycling statement Lenovo encourages owners of information technology (IT) equipment to responsibly recycle their equipment when it is no longer needed. Lenovo offers a variety of programs and services to assist equipment owners in recycling their IT products. For information on recycling Lenovo products, go to:

  • Page 58: Recycling Information For India, Battery Recycling Marks

    Recycling information for India Recycling and disposal information for India is available at: Battery recycling marks...

  • Page 59: Restriction Of Hazardous Substances Directive (rohs)

    Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) India RoHS RoHS compliant as per E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011. Version number: V1.0 70112729...

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