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Fill Water Tank; Operation - GE 681131691086 Owner's Manual

General electric espresso maker owner's manual
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Before first use:
We recommend:
Turn the steam knob to the steam position "
coffee "
buttons. This will flush out any moisture in your espresso maker.
After the water has been flushed from steam nozzle, press the power
"and coffee buttons to turn appliance off. Switch steam knob to the
off position.
With the unit unplugged, get familiar with all parts of your espresso
maker before operating.
Fill the water tank using option A or option B.
Note: do not fill the water tank below "min" or above "max" markings.
Important: This espresso machine does not stop brewing automatically.
When the desired amount of espresso has been brewed, use the
"coffee" button to stop brewing.
Option A
a. Select the desired filter; 1, 2, or Pod and place into filter holder.
b. Use included spoon to scoop espresso into filter.
c. Tamp espresso grounds using the back end of the included spoon.
d. With filter lock in the open position, securely insert the filter holder into the
espresso machine using an up and over motion.
e. Plug in espresso maker.
f. Place a 1-2 ounce coffee cup under the filter holder. To brew two cups of
espresso at the same time, place two 1-2 ounce coffee cups side by side under
the filter holder.


". Press the power "
Option B
" and

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