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How To Install And Use Easycam; How To Install And Use The Pc Camera - GE EasyCam 98063 Instruction Manual

Ge web cam instruction manual
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How To Install and Use The PC Camera

There are two ways to install Camera Driver:
1.1 Use Installer to install camera driver (Recommended)
Don't connect the camera to your computer yet!
1.1.1 Install Driver
Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive; the installer screen will automatically come
up. Click the "Install Device Driver" button to start installing.
Note #1: If the installer screen does not come up automatically, click Start,
1.1.2 Install Application Software
Check the box in front of the Software you would like to install, then click the
"Install Application Software" button to start installing, then follow the instructions
to proceed installation.
When installation completes, the Application Software group will appear as a
folder on the Programs Menu. To start the Application software, click "Start", point
to "Programs", and then click the Application software.
then Run and execute the file "launch.exe" on the CD to start the
installer program.

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