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GE 681131691642 Owner's Manual page 9

General electric 12 cup digital coffee maker owner's manual
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Barcode: 690 5039 10 000 7 00243
NOTE: The Keep warm temperature is adjustable, is the hottest setting with being
the coolest. will keep your coffee at approximately the same temperature as then you
finished brewing and is the default setting from the factory.
1-4 Button
This function gives your coffee a stronger, more flavorful taste.
1-4 (29) function is a cycle of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. The cycle repeats at
most 10 times or until water tank (10) is empty.
Press 1-4 (29) before pressing (30) or within 25 seconds after pressing (30)
(when the manual brewing already has begun). 1-4 button (29) lights up and the 1-4
function is turned on.
After manual brew cycle is complete, function and button light turn off.
NOTE: Press 1-4 (29) within 25 seconds of starting the manual brew cycle to turn off the
1-4 function.
TSB button (Time Since Brew)
This function indicates the time that has past since the coffee has been brewed. After
brewing is complete and buzzer sounds twice, press TSB (25) to see elapsed time (in
minutes and hours). After 3 seconds the LCD display (31) returns to default view.
Setting and activating the Auto Program Function
Set the brewing time so that fresh brewed coffee is ready when you want it.
NOTE: Program setting is only possible when clock time is set.
Press prog (24) once and operate hr (28) and min (26) buttons (Setting time) to set
the program start time.
Press 1-4 (29) to include 1-4 function in the program. 1-4 button (29) lights up for 3
Press prog (24) or auto (23) to save settings.
NOTE: The program will be stored automatically if no button is operated for 3 seconds
and the clock time is displayed.
To change or view program settings press prog (24) again. The program start time
appears on the LCD display (31) and 1-4 button (29) lights up (if activated in the
program) for 3 seconds. Press hr (28) and min (26) to modify the program (Setting
Press auto (23) to activate the program. auto button (23) lights up and the LCD
display (31) shows program start time for 2 seconds. Brewing will start after the
program start time is reached.
PIL (Wal*Mart)
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