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GE 681131691642 Owner's Manual page 8

General electric 12 cup digital coffee maker owner's manual
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Barcode: 690 5039 10 000 7 00243
Press min (26) and hold for 3 seconds. The LCD display (31) flashes. Press again to
set minutes.
NOTE: The time setting will be deleted if you unplug coffee maker from the outlet and do
not plug back in within 14 seconds.
Starting brewing
Press (30) once to start the manual brewing cycle. (30) lights up. The brewing
NOTE: To interrupt brewing, press
When buzzer sounds twice, the brewing cycle is complete. The keep warm cycle
starts. Remove carafe (14) to serve coffee (ill. h ). Return it to the keep warm plate
(12) to keep it warm.
CAUTION: Do not touch keep warm plate (12)! Do not open coffee-filling lid (2) during
brewing! Risk of burn injury.
If not used for 2 hours, the buzzer sounds 5 times and coffee maker shuts off, the
LCD remains on.
After the brew cycle is complete, wait a minimum of 5 minutes before opening the
coffee-filling lid (2). Steam builds up under the coffee-filling lid (2). There is a risk of
injury from hot steam.
Extra features
The drip stop valve (18) function allows you to remove carafe (14) during the brewing
cycle to serve a cup of coffee (replace carafe (14) within 30 seconds) (ill. h ).
Condensation control (5) allows water that has accumulated under the coffee-filling
lid (2), to flow into the filter area when the lid (2) is raised.
Water filter holder (19) with charcoal filter (17).
Cord storage (11) for easy storing of the power cord (13) (ill. f ).
Button (keep warm function):
This coffee maker is provided with an adjustable keep warm plate (12) to control coffee
temperature after brewing.
Press and hold (27) for 2 seconds. The digits to are flashing for 2 seconds.
Press (27) once more to change the heating temperature level from to .
After 3 seconds the LCD display (31) goes back to time view (default view) and the
new setting is saved.
Keep warm function can be adjusted at any time. Default setting is .
PIL (Wal*Mart)
Language: EN
flashes on LCD display (31).
(30) once more.
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