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Before You Call For Service - GE 364B7130P001 Owner's Manual

General electric gas dryer owner's manual
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Before you call for service...

Time Remaining
jumped to a
lower number
Cannot make a
selection and the
dryer beeps twice
Dryer is running but
00 is displayed in
Time Remaining
Clean lint Filter (message) POWER button was activated
Dryer doesn't heat
Inconsistent drying times
Glow at the rear
of the drum
Clothes are still wet
and dryer shut off
after a short time
Clothes are wrinkled
Possible Causes
The estimated time may change
when a smaller load than usual
is drying
or OPTION that you are
trying to select is incompatible
with the chosen dry cycle
option was chosen
Fuse is blown/circuit breaker
is tripped; the dryer may tumble
but not heat
Gas service is off
LP gas supply tank is empty
or there has been a utility
interruption of natural gas
(gas models)
Type of heat
Type of load and
drying conditions
Heaters behind the drum
The door was opened mid-cycle.
The load was then removed from
the dryer and a new load put in
without selecting a new cycle
Small load
Load was already dry except
for collars and waistbands
Dryer is not level
Letting items sit in dryer after
cycle ends
What To Do
• This is normal.
• This is normal.
• This is normal. During extended tumbling, the time
remaining is not displayed. The extended tumbling
option lasts approximately 20 minutes.
• Press START to begin a dry cycle and the message will
• Check the building's fuse/circuit breaker box and
replace both fuses or reset both breakers. Your dryer
may tumble if only one fuse is blown or one breaker
• Make sure gas shutoff at dryer and main shutoff are
fully open.
• Refill or replace tank. Dryer should heat when utility
service is restored.
• Drying time will vary according to the type of heat used.
If you recently changed from an electric to a gas
(natural or LP) dryer, or vice versa, the drying time
could be different.
• The load size, types of fabric, wetness of clothes and the
length and condition of the exhaust system will affect
drying times.
• This is normal. Under certain drying conditions and
room ambient lighting, the glow of the heaters may be
visible at the rear of the drum.
• A dry cycle must be reselected each time a new load
is put in.
• When drying 3 items or less, choose SPEED DRy or
• Choose SPEED DRy or TIMED DRy to dry damp collars
and waistbands. In the future, when drying a load with
collars and waistbands, choose MORE DRy.
• Move dryer to an even floor space or adjust leveling legs
as necessary until even.
• Select a shorter drying time.
• Remove items while they still hold a slight amount
of moisture. Select a lESS DRy or DAMP setting.
• Remove items when cycle ends and fold or hang
immediately, or use the EXTEND TuMBlE option.
• Separate large loads into smaller ones.

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Table of Contents

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