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Troubleshooting Tips - GE 364B7130P001 Owner's Manual

General electric gas dryer owner's manual
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Before you call for service...

Troubleshooting Tips

Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages,
or visit You may not need to call for service.
Dryer shakes or
makes noise
Clothes take too long
to dry
The DRy dryness level
was chosen but load is
still damp
Control pads not
Dryer doesn't start
No numbers displayed
during cycle, only lights
Possible Causes
Some shaking/noise is normal.
Dryer may be sitting unevenly
Improper or obstructed ducting
Improper sorting
Large loads of heavy fabrics
(like beach towels)
Controls improperly set
Lint filter is full
Blown fuses or tripped circuit
Overloading/combining loads
Load consists of a mixture
of heavy and light fabrics
Exhaust system is blocked
Controls accidentally put in
service mode
Controls accidentally put in
lock mode
Controls performed an
incorrect operation
Control panel is "asleep"
Dryer is unplugged
Fuse is blown/circuit breaker
is tripped
Dryer was accidentally paused
when starting Delay Start
Dryer is continuously
monitoring the amount of
moisture in the clothes
What To Do
• Move dryer to an even floor space, or adjust leveling legs
as necessary until even.
• Check the Installation Instructions to make sure
the dryer venting is correct.
• Make sure ducting is clean, free of kinks and unobstructed.
• Check to see if outside wall damper operates easily.
• Separate heavy items from lightweight items (generally,
a well-sorted washer load is a well-sorted dryer load).
• Large, heavy fabrics contain more moisture and take
longer to dry. Separate large, heavy fabrics into smaller
loads to speed drying time.
• Match control settings to the load you are drying.
• Clean lint filter before every load.
• Replace fuses or reset circuit breakers. Since most
dryers use 2 fuses/breakers, make sure both are
• Do not put more than one washer load in the dryer at
a time.
• If you are drying only one or two items, add a few items
to ensure proper tumbling.
• When combining heavy and light fabrics in a load,
choose MORE DRy.
• Inspect and clean exhaust system.
• Press STOP.
• Hold the lOCk button for 3 seconds to unlock the dryer.
• Reset the in-house breaker.
• This is normal. Press POWER to activate the control panel.
• Make sure the dryer plug is pushed completely into
the outlet.
• Check the building's fuse/circuit breaker box and
replace fuse or reset breaker. NOTE: Electric dryers
use two fuses or breakers.
• If the light on the DElAy START pad is flashing, the
dryer is paused. Press START to restart the countdown.
• This is normal. When the dryer senses a low level of
moisture in the load, the dryer will display the dry time

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Table of Contents

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