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GE 681131689441 Owner's Manual page 4

Electronic blender
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Preparing Fruits Or Vegetables
• Wash or peel the fruit or vegetables you want to process.
• Process seed fruit (such as apples, pears) with peels and cores.
• Fruits and vegetables with thick peels (e.g.. citrus fruits, melons, kiwis, beets)
must be peeled first.
• Grapes can be processed only after separation from the bunch.
• For leafy vegetables (e.g.: cabbage and spinach) and herbs, roll leaves together
• Cut fruits and vegetables into pieces that will fit into the filler cap hole.
• The appliance is easily controlled by the touch of a button.
• The appliance can be operated only when the attachments are correctly assembled
and in place on the base.
• When the appliance is plugged in, the light under the "Stop" button will blink
to indicate the Blender is in "Stand-By" mode.
• Caution: When the light under Stop shines continuously, it means the motor
may be over-loaded or over-heated. Turn the blender off for at least three
minutes before using again.
• To stop the machine, either press the function button just used for a second
time, or press the Stop button.
• The appliance has two main functions: Blender and Mill.
Note: Pulse feature works only with Blender function
1. The Blender jar and cutting assembly should be properly assembled and
securely placed on the blender base (see Jar/Mill assembly on page 3).
2. When the unit is plugged into the wall outlet the light under the Stop button
should blink on and off. The blender is currently in stand by mode.
3. Place all of the ingredients into the Blender jar. For the best results place liquid
ingredients in first and blend using the "stir function" for a couple seconds. Next
place all solid items into the blender jar.
4. Choose the appropriate setting for blending. Each of the following buttons can
be pressed to achieve the desired amount of blending. When the ingredients reach
your desired consistency press the function button a second time to turn off your
Blender or press the stop button. Example: Press the stir button to start blending
at the lowest speed. Press the stir button again to stop blending.
Remember the Stop button will stop the blender no matter what the function.
Stir (slowest speed) to blend peeled fruit like apples into juice
Chop (faster then stir) suitable for preparing milk shakes
Mix ( a little more power then chop) suitable for preparing harder items such as
Grate (fourth most powerful) Suitable for really thick blending of pancake mix
Blend this is the second most powerful speed and should be used to blend
ingredients of different consistency. ie. Cheese with milk
Liquefy perfect for making smoothies with fruits and juice
5. There are two additional functions when using the blender. The first is the Ice
Crush feature. To crush ice cubes, just place the ice cubes into the blender jar and
put the lid on. It is not necessary to add any liquid. Press the "Ice Crush" button.
6. The second feature unique to the blender function is the pulse function. To
utilize the pulse feature, press the Pulse button. The light will blink under the Pulse
button indicating the blender is ready for use. Press any of the other function
buttons (Stir-Liquefy) and the blender will operate only while the button is held
down. Once the button is released the blender will stop. To stop the pulse feature,
press the Pulse button a second time. The light under the Pulse button should no
longer blink.
7. Operate the blender for 3 minutes at a time. After 3 consecutive min. of
operation, let the unit rest for 1 min.
IMPORTANT: Your mill cup and cutting assembly are subject to wear during
normal use. Always inspect the mill cup for nicks, chips, or cracks. Always inspect
the cutting assembly for broken, cracked, or loose blades. If the mill cup or cutting
assembly are damaged, do not use. Call our toll free customer assistance number to
obtain replacement parts. NOTE: Make sure base in UNPLUGGED and mill cup
and assembly are properly removed from base prior to inspection.
1. The Mill jar and cutting assembly should be properly assembled and
securely placed on the blender base (see Jar/Mill assembly on page 3).
2. When the unit is plugged into the wall outlet the light under the stop button
should blink on and off. The Mill is currently in stand by mode.
3. To use the function, just press the Mill button once to turn on. Press the mill
button again to turn off the Mill function, or press Stop to turn off.
4. Some general guidelines for grinding are listed below. However, time will vary
depending upon the amount of coffee used and your personal preference. The
best way to determine how coarse or fine to grind your coffee is to experiment
with different grinds and coffee types to suit your taste. Three and a half ounces
is the maximum capacity of the Mill. Wait 1 minute between batches in the Mill.
Suggested Use
Percolator/French Press
Automatic Drip
• Always unplug the appliance first before cleaning!
• Never immerse the base in water, clean it with a damp cloth.
• All other parts can be washed under the tap, running water is more efficient for
• The cutter blades are sharp. Handle carefully. Rinse, dry, and reassemble
for storage.
• The plastic parts may be stained when processing foods with a high pigment
content. (e.g.: carrots). Use vegetable oil to clean.
• Caution: Do not clean any parts of the appliance in the dishwasher.
Grind Time
10 Seconds
20 Seconds
30 Seconds


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