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GE Profile 3504502P327 Owner's Manual And Installation

Ge wine cooler model number: 3504502p327
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Owner's Manual
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Operating Instructions
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Consumer Support
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Write the model and serial
numbers here:
Model # ____________________
Serial # ____________________
Find these numbers inside the
wine chiller on the left side.
Part No. - 3504502P327
Cat. No. - WR6M460



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  Summary of Contents for GE Profile 3504502P327

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Consumer Support ... . .14 Write the model and serial numbers here: Model # ____________________ Serial # ____________________ Find these numbers inside the wine chiller on the left side. Part No. – 3504502P327 Cat. No. – WR6M460...
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. WARNING! Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this Owner’s Manual. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following: This wine chiller must be properly installed and located in accordance with these instructions before it is used.
  • Page 3 HOW TO CONNECT ELECTRICITY Do not, under any circumstances, cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord. For personal safety, this appliance must be properly grounded. The power cord of this appliance is equipped with a 3-prong (grounding) plug which mates with a standard 3-prong (grounding) wall outlet to minimize the possibility of electric shock hazard from this appliance.
  • Page 4: Installation Instructions

    Installing the wine chiller. Removing the Packaging Before using the wine chiller, be sure all packing materials and tape have been removed, including the protective film covering the control and any film protecting the cabinet. If you are discarding an old refrigeration product, remove the doors to reduce the danger of children being trapped inside.
  • Page 5: Control Settings

    About the control and settings. Control Settings The controls give you three setting options. RED WINE—Use for the storage of red wines. This setting will provide a storage temperature of 55°F (13°C), which is optimum for the storage of red wine. WHITE WINE—Use for the storage of white wines.
  • Page 6: Automatic Humidity Control

    About the controls and settings. Locking the Controls This feature allows you to lock the controls so the temperature settings cannot be changed. The interior light will still function. To lock the controls, press and hold the RED WINE and INTERIOR LIGHT pads at the same time for 3 seconds.
  • Page 7: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning. Cleaning the Outside IMPORTANT: Unplug the wine chiller before cleaning. Keep the outside clean. The cabinet can be washed with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Never use abrasive scouring powders. Use a glass cleaner or mild soap and water and a soft cloth to clean the glass door.
  • Page 8: Replacing The Light Bulb

    Care and cleaning. In the Event of a Power Failure If the power fails, open the door as infrequently as possible to maintain the temperature. A gradual rise in temperature should not have any adverse effect on the wine. If it is extremely hot, you may want to unload the wine from the wine chiller and move the wine to a cooler location until power is restored.
  • Page 9: Reversing The Door

    Reversing the Door. Top cover Remove screws Back of wine chiller Top cover Disconnect power connectors Front of wine chiller Remove screws and move to other side Remove plug button and move to other side Top of wine chiller Remove screws and top hinge, and move to other side Unplug the wine chiller.
  • Page 10 Reversing the Door. Remove right door stop and screws. Install left door stop (packed separately) and screws on other side Remove leveling leg and spacer and move to other side Bottom of Remove leveling wine chiller leg, screws, bottom hinge and washer, and move to other side Remove the bottom hinge by removing the screws and leveling leg.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting Tips

    Before you call for service… Troubleshooting Tips Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service. Problem Possible Causes Wine chiller does not Wine chiller is unplugged. operate and the display The circuit breaker is tripped/ is blank the fuse is blown.
  • Page 12: Before You Call For Service

    Before you call for service… Problem Possible Causes Wine chiller has odor Interior needs cleaning. Moisture forms on Not unusual during periods outside of wine chiller of high humidity. Moisture collects inside Too frequent or too long (in humid weather, door openings.
  • Page 13: Warranty

    Wine Chiller Warranty. All warranty service provided by our Factory Service Centers, or an authorized Customer Care ® technician. For service call 1-800-361-3400. Proof of the original purchase date is needed to obtain service under warranty. For The Period Of: Camco Will Replace: One Year Any part of the wine chiller which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship.
  • Page 14: Consumer Support

    Service Telephone Numbers. Problem Solver For answers call Camco Inc. Repair Service Expert Camco repair service is only a phone call away. Service Contracts Now you can have trouble-free and suprise-free service for as long as you own your appliance. While your warranty is still in effect, you can purchase a CAMCO SERVICE CONTRACT.